New poll question: for what purpose do you primarily travel?

It has been pointed out to me several times over the past couple of weeks that I need a new poll question (the poll is located at the top right of the blog, and if you’re on the mobile site you’re probably out of luck). Anyway, the last poll question was about tipping housekeeping, and out of more than 10,000 votes, here are the results:

Anyway, you can find the new poll question on the top right of the blog, and it relates to whether you primarily travel for work, leisure, or a mixture of both. I’m curious to see whether most readers are full-time mileage hounds like me, or actually have to travel and try to make the best of it. Be sure to vote on the top right of the blog!

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  1. I would put a new poll every week (at most) or month (at least). That way, you get to know more about your readers. You’ll have a ton of data on your hand.

  2. @ St. Ingy — Thanks for the useful feedback. 😉

    @ Dave Op — Definitely planning on it. Thinking I’ll put up a new one every two weeks.

  3. So what do you fill in if you travel 80% for work and 20% for leisure? I think the 50/50 as the only option does not make sense. If you want to stick with 3 questions you could change to
    a) mainly work (>= 80%)
    b) mainly leisure (>=80%)
    c) both

  4. @ German Expat — I wanted to keep it simple for the purposes of making it easy to vote. I put the word “primarily” in there, so the intent is that if you travel “mostly” for work you’d choose that, if you travel “mostly” for leisure you’d choose that, and if it’s a pretty fair split (60/40 or so) then you’d choose the third option. Make sense? 🙂

  5. Thanks for the change, and I “vote” for weekly poll changes as well. You’d better keep us happy or we may turn on you some day like dear old Frank! 😉

  6. @ Dax — Hah, in that case I guess the decision has been made. Maybe I’ll post a new poll every Sunday, starting two Sundays from now.

  7. Looking forward to the weekly poll. Some suggestions:

    – Demographics: age, income, location. Be sure to use wide enough brackets and easy to read. For example, ages 30 to 39, not 30 to 33.
    – Travel patterns: international or domestic; Asia or Europe/etc; mostly travel alone, with spouse, with kids; when paying personal money – go for economy, buz, F; how many times of travel a year. Favorite U.S. airline. There are tons and tons of combinations here.

    – Some seasonal themes: Thanksgiving for instance – not traveling, driving, flying.

    – Suggestion theme: What polls/write up we like to see?

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