New eAdvantage promo

I’ve blogged about eAdvantage in the past, which had a promo for double base points through May 31. I feared that would be the end of something for nothing from them, but apparently not. They now have a new promotion for 1,000 extra points per stay, which depending on what kind of properties you stay at can be just as good as the previous promotion. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn a $25 iTunes gift card for 15 stays or an iPod for 25 stays. Simply go here to sign up.

With good planning I should be able to get the iTunes gift card, but I doubt I’ll get the iPod. If anyone wants the 1,000 bonus points but doesn’t think they’ll reach either 15 or 28 stays, I’d love to have you join my “company,” and you’d still earn the 1,000 bonus points. Just email me if you’re interested (and it would be greatly appreciated).

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