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American has just announced some route additions as well as expansions for travel to the Caribbean and Latin America. It’s the routes out of New York that I find most surprising (but also logical).

I say these routes are surprising because American has very much been shrinking at New York JFK. They’ve made it clear that JFK is an airport where their primary goal is to serve select premium markets that are frequented by business travelers, and that’s about it. Now they’re doing the opposite, though in all honesty this expansion is logical enough.

American’s new routes to the Caribbean & Latin America

American has announced some new routes to the Caribbean and Latin America for this winter, with the most interesting additions being out of New York, in my opinion.

American is adding the following routes from New York JFK:

  • A new daily flight between New York JFK and Montego Bay, Jamaica as of November 21, 2019
  • A new daily flight between New York JFK and San Jose, Costa Rica, as of November 21, 2019
  • A new once weekly flight (Saturdays only) between New York JFK and Liberia, Costa Rica, as of December 21, 2019

These routes will all be operated by Boeing 737-800s.

On top of that, American is extending or increasing frequencies on the following routes:

  • American is extending their daily flight between New York JFK and St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda, beyond November 21, 2019
  • American is extending their once weekly flight (Saturdays only) between New York LaGuardia and Aruba, beyond December 21, 2019
  • American is increasing flights between Dallas and San Juan from 1x daily to 2x daily as of December 18, 2019
  • American is making their Dallas to San Salvador route year-round rather than just seasonal as of January 7, 2020

Here are the full details of the schedules on these flights:

The expansion out of Dallas isn’t that surprising or interesting, given that it’s a mega-hub for American.

What I find most interesting are their additions out of New York. This does represent a shift for American, given they’ve been so focused on almost exclusively offering business routes out of New York, and cutting everything else.

But clearly these are leisure routes where they see potential, both due to the fares they can attract, and because they think they’re underserved. The winter can be a tough time for airlines otherwise, so adding more sunshine routes makes sense.

Bottom line

American will either be expanding or increasing service to several airports in the Caribbean and Latin America. This includes new routes out of Dallas and New York. Given American’s strategy out of New York as of late otherwise, I’d say that’s the most interesting update here.

Anyone plan to take one of these American Airlines flights?

  1. Nonsense of a ’boutique airline’ in NYC was just some justification of looking at short-term spreadsheets on the chop board.

  2. I would love to see an airline offer more leisure routes departing NYC late in the day (~7pm) esp Thurs/Fri in winter to accomodate weekend trips without taking days off of work. Maybe I’m in the minority.

  3. That DFW-SJU-DFW route’s timing is almost as bad as the Spirit FLL-IAG-FLL you posted about awhile back. Talk about torture.

  4. You forgot about the new PHX adds (ICT, CID, and MSY). Important, as people still seem to think PHX will be de-hubbed…it won’t be.

  5. Could the SJU addition be for better conection times to Asian destinations? I mean, since there are no non-stops to LAX ( a route they used to serve).

  6. AA lost any claim of “business traveler” the moment they sent ZRH to PHL, surrendered BRU a while back, not flying to actual business destinations like TLV/FRA/MEX, not serve Houston or Denver from LGA, and when they needed scapegoats for 737max grounding and for JFK runway capacity pruning, they picked JFK-SEA/SAN transcons.

    But somehow JFK-BWI exists even though Amtrak Acela can get you NY Penn to Baltimore Penn in 2:16. (the rival fortress excuses are thoroughly lame considering DL sending their spanking new A220 LGA-DFW, while all of IAH/HOU/DEN could be served from LGA).

    So I took the effort to get the consolidated airline shares using official PANYNJ stats, all full-year at year-end. (The * are FYI only since those have been lumped into merged carrier for that specific year pro-forma). The differential from ’14-’18 is stark. Share growth for others are either modest (DL, +80bps) or minor trims (UA/B6, both -20bps). AA, on the other other hand, gave away -290bps.

    Before people jump on how Conti has always been huge”, keep in mind before 2006 EWR is considered the junk airport for the ugly stepsister airline that is Houston-based compared to the Dallas-based behemoth. Absolutely no one took them seriously back then – after all, they’re the successor of PeoplExpress. Think of those earlier CO market share figures in the same perspective as how you would view share counts from London LTN, Orlando SFB, and Phoenix AZA.

    With all that in mind, these Caribbean adds are merely token service to meet slot usage requirement, nothing more to that.






  7. Are they reducing or shifting capacity from Miami with any of these route additions and frequency expansions at JFK/DFW?

  8. 305

    No one complains if JetBlue were to operate the flights at the same red eye times so why is it a problem for AA to do it?


    no need to be so negative. if you really understand the market, AA is largest airline by far into MBJ with flights to DFW ORD MIA PHL CLT & BOS so it would only make sense to add JFK. You also must acknowledge that AA has strong point of sale from the Caribbean end, much more so than Delta or United for example. They have served MBJ for more than 45 years.

    They are also largest US airline into ANU SJO and LIR following the same logic.

    it is unfortunate that a lot of commentators and bloggers lack the analytical knowledge to thoroughly research when it comes to aviation.

  9. Folks, New York has a huge Caribbean community. Really, really big. Heck, I swear most of the Delta Sky Club workers at JFK are Caribbean because they have the accent. They definitely aren’t African-American. I’m not surprised to see additional flights to these islands. I’m somewhat, however, surprised the Latin America destinations are from New York, though. I think the Caribbean community is bigger.

  10. Actually Ryby- they will be reducing frequency from MIA to MBJ and SJU this winter when the new routes start.

  11. @HenryLAX interesting numbers. Most would assume United was bigger than Continental. Also United had to pull out of JFK entirely and retreat to middle of nowhere EWR where they belong. They knew they couldn’t compete with American’s transcon Jfk lax/sfo ps routes.

  12. Aside from this SJU-DFW route, are there any other markets where AA is scheduling 2:30 AM departures? Seems wacky for any of the Big Three.

  13. Chris,

    I am still seeing the following:

    MIA – MBJ 3 X DAILY 738
    MIA – SJU 6 X DAILY 738 X 4 763 X 2

    These have been the historical norms. what information do you have differently?

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