Netflix miles already posted!

About a week ago I blogged about how Netflix was giving 3,000 American miles to new members. It says the miles will post 8-10 weeks after signing up, but I’m happy to report that mine posted this morning, which is about a week after signing up. I never ordered a movie and just cancelled my account, so it cost me a grand total of $8.99. EVERYONE that is eligible and hasn’t been a Netflix member in the past should take advantage of one of these sign-up offers, be it with American or another carrier. These are miles for less than a third of a cent each.

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  1. No need to cancel. Netflix totally rocks. I’m sure with school and travel you might not get the whole value but we love our subscription. We get 3 at a time. They have quick turn around on the mailed DVDs and now you can watch library DVDs instantly on your computer or Xbox (these are older titles and TV shows – there are so so many to choose from).

    I also love the social networking aspect of Netflix where I can see what my friends are watching/rating and get ideas for new movies to watch from their history or queues. I can also leave them messages and suggest movies for them. I am going to try to buy a gift subscription for the in-laws and see if I can get the miles that way. Love Netflix!

  2. My miles were posted this week, too, and I just signed up. That was the easiest 3,000 miles ever. And I already got a movie 🙂 Thanks for the tip, I got the info here first then saw the American email in my inbox a day or so later and signed up. So THANKS!

  3. I will disagree with the Netflix rocks assessment. I signed up through the AA website in the hopes of getting miles, but because someone who lived at my address before me had a Netflix account, even though it was over 5 years ago and NOT someone in my household, I am not eligible for new account promotions, including the American Airlines miles. This is a glitch in their system they are unable (and unwilling) to fix, so I’m just S.O.L.

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