Nearly six hours on a CRJ and 22B on Ted…. all in one day!

Yes, it was that horrible! I will post details tomorrow. In the meantime I need to see a psychologist and get a massage. 😉

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  1. You must lead a pretty charmed life if you biggest bitch is that you had to sit in a plane seat for six hours, Hope you don’t plan on serving your country cuz you won’t make it

  2. TED happy to see you suffer on a CRJ. Makes TED happy to appreciate him more. RAR! 😉

    No fully can of soda for you lucky! RAR! 😉

  3. TED can haz middle seat!

    I was in 16E ORD-LGA yesterday morning for 4 hours. I feel your pain. Well, most of it, anyway.

  4. When an upgrade doesn’t clear, it does help to keep me ‘grounded’ by sitting in the back. Just like taking a vitamin, sitting in coach can be good for you. It rerminds you to ‘appreciate’ all your past/future upgrades.

  5. I feel that FT’ers (as most of us are, presumably) are generally too pessimistic about such things as CRJs, middle seats, etc. It is perfectly possible to have great flights despite such apparent handicaps. Furthermore, it is just as plausible to experience a seemingly interminable, boring, maddening flight, despite the apparent comforts of an F seat or a prime E+ exit row or bulkhead.

  6. @ Tom — I guess you missed the wink at the end….

    @ Kevincm — Wait till you hear my full can story. Ted love me! 😀

    @ gobluetwo — Ouch!

    @ Dan — I couldn’t agree with you more. For the past couple of years 11C on Ted has been about as bad as it gets, and I’d feel uncomfortable when I didn’t have the middle seat empty. Oh, how I appreciate 11C on Ted now.

    @ ua_to_ord — I agree to a *certain* extent. The issue is that there’s nothing to don a CRJ for six hours. There’s no audio or video entertainment. There are no power ports. The plane feels claustrophobic. I would get anxious even if I were in an F suite for hours, assuming I couldn’t watch TV, recline my seat all the way, etc., I agree about the middle seat, though. The crew happened to be great, but that wasn’t much of a consolation when I had to cram my bag under my seat because there was no more overhead bin space, yet when the person in front of me reclined I couldn’t even get anything out of it.

  7. I didn’t even know that CRJs could fly for six hours at a time. I think the longest I have ever been on one is for about an hour. I can handle that. As for entertainment, I always bring my own.

  8. It didn’t. We sat on the taxiway for hours, refueled, and then finally had a quick 52 minute flight. While I brought my own entertainment, it didn’t have six hours of battery life, unfortunately.

  9. What flight / route were you on that was 52 min long but experienced so much delay on the ground? What was the reason for the delay? A re-route due to WX requiring you to take on more fuel?

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