Na-Oh Bangkok: Dine In A Kinda Creepy L-1011

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There are a surprising number of aviation-themed dining experiences out there, and here’s another one I didn’t know of until now. And it actually seems to serve decent food.

Na-Oh Bangkok is a restaurant in Bangkok located in a repurposed Lockheed L-1011 Tristar.

According to the restaurant, the name “Na-Oh” comes from “Noah’s Ark,” and the restaurant is described as offering a “futuristic food journey,” with “diaspora” being the main theme. According to the restaurant:

“Diaspora talks about an imaginative scenario after the doomsdays, where all the living creatures has evacuated on to Na-Oh. The story portray sequences of life and emotions, sadness, sorrow, lost celebration and the feeling of adrift inside this gigantic figure through the food.”

So, um, like, that’s quite a commitment to a theme. Was the theme of dining in an airplane in a city not enough, and they had to go for a full-on doomsday scenario where we’re supposed to feel sorrow and sadness, and where the restaurant is full of taxidermy?

The menu at the restaurant is constantly changing. Here’s a three course menu, which retails for 1,199 THB (~40 USD):

Then here’s a five course menu, which retails for 1,800 THB (~60 USD):

Here’s a promotional video about Na-Oh Bangkok (is this an escape room, or an aviation-themed dining experience?):

Here’s a video someone uploaded of their recent dining experience here (and yes, he did say “faux-grass”):

Bottom line

I’d love to dine at Na-Oh if/when I’m ever allowed in Bangkok again… I think. I love the concept of dining in a repurposed L-1011, while I’m slightly less enthusiastic about dining in a taxidermy-filled restaurant that has a doomsday scenario. That part of the experience sounds more like an escape room than a nice restaurant to me. But to each their own, I suppose.

What do you make of Na-Oh Bangkok? Would you dine here?

(Tip of the hat to JRL)

  1. The development the aircraft/restaurant is located in is also pretty cool, full of little hipstery restaurants and art. Though fair warning, I had a hard time getting a Grab to come to that part of town to pick us up when we left, so you might want to pre-arrange a car for your departure.

  2. It’s therapeutic to me to know that, whatever goes on in the world, JRL keeps on doing his own thing. More power to him.

  3. Actually Thailand is supposed to be open to most countries these days. Main requirement is 14 quarantine. After that you are free to explore the country.

  4. There is much talk in Bangkok about waiving the quarantine with a vaccine and negative test. We shall see …

  5. They clearly skipped over a few lines of the narrative. The animals in Noah’s Ark were alive – for a good reason.

  6. Sam,

    I’m not sure it is… anymore! I know a guy that made tens of millions of dollars selling off the old family dairy farm in Suffolk Co.

  7. If you want to watch a doomsday Noah’s Ark movie, watch “Snow Piercer”. It’s by the same director as “Parasite” although a few years earlier.

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