My “Travel Style” interview with Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is my hero. He’s been doing travel full time since before it was cool. So I was honored that he chose to interview me for his “Travel Style” series. Check it out to find out what my least favorite country in the world is, as well as my favorite hole in the wall restaurant… for the two of you that care. šŸ˜‰

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  1. lucky – How do you compare the views of the InterContinental HK and the Ritz? The perspectives are very very different, looks like. I haven’t stayed at the Ritz yet, and I’m just a little curious.

  2. @ cyby — That’s about as loaded of a question as I’ve ever seen (and a great one at that).

    I’ll have the Ritz report out very, very soon (I promise), so you’ll want to wait for the full review.

    That being said, I don’t know the answer just yet. At the InterContinental you’re literally on top of Victoria Harbor and you feel like you’re in a boat overlooking the city. At the Ritz you feel like you’re constantly in a plane overlooking the city. The issue is that Hong Kong can be quite foggy/smoggy, so sometimes you can’t see anything from the Ritz. But when you can see something, it’s damn impressive. Stay tuned for more…

  3. lucky – I can absolutely attest to the amazing views from the InterContinental – I go to the lounge all the time – although I’ve been there when the weather sucks so bad that you can’t even see across from there (i.e. most of the last two months). Judging from the weather the last few days, I say you’re already in luck!

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