My new favorite hobby: browsing hotel websites for ridiculous pictures

Admittedly I’m pretty easy to entertain. But I think I’ve actually found my new favorite hobby. Yes, as the title suggests it’s browsing hotel websites for truly ridiculous pictures. When a good chunk of hotels’ bookings are made directly on their website, it would seem worthwhile to hire a professional photographer (or “animater”) that actually makes the hotel look good.

But then there are hotels like the InterContinental Puerto Vallarta, which have this as one of the rotating pictures on their homepage:

Maybe it’s just me, but this blurry picture really hasn’t sold me on the “view from [the] hotel.” Is it just me?

Then I stumbled upon The Castle Hotel, which is a Luxury Collection hotel set to open in Dalian, China in 2013. The hotel looks seriously awesome based on the picture on the homepage.

I’m totally sold on staying at the hotel after seeing that picture. I wonder what other renderings they have of this hotel which is supposed to open next year?

Ah, so this is what a croissant will look like at the hotel in 2013? Good to know. Might as well post a picture of me in my American Airlines pajamas while they’re at it, because it’s equally relevant.

And then there’s just about every Hyatt Regency hotel in the world which has this as one of their pictures:

Ahhh, so that’s what a sink looks like (worry not, the irony isn’t lost on me, being the guy that posts pictures of water bottles, hot towels, and Diet Coke with lime with every trip report).

Hopefully nobody actually takes what I’m writing here seriously, as it’s merely one of the less destructive activities a 22 year old can do at 2AM on a Thursday night.

If anyone is as entertained by hotel pictures as I am, let’s have a little contest and see who can find the most ridiculous/out of context/bad picture on a hotel’s website. First prize is a Lucky Gold Star, which can be redeemed for a Diet Coke with lime and ramekin of hot nuts when our paths cross.

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  1. Just do a TripAdvisor search for <$25 hotels in Bangkok, you'll have plenty of nice options:

    Nothing like coffee and a smile on my toast in the morning!

    Pic #17 – Elephant keychain? Now I really want to stay there!

    Nothing says safety like emergency lights!

    Be sure to swipe your room key card lightning fast!

  2. I was going to make fun of Erawan House touting that it’s only 15 minutes from Khao San Rd but then I realized that was a function of it being posted on most likely.

    The photo of the room at Watana is pretty funny too. Just an uncomfortable looking bed in a dark room. But since they haven’t updated their website in 3 years you have to wonder what it’s really like.

  3. Ben..check out this one from Hotel Spectra in Istanbul….they used to have a picture of a topless woman in a Turkish bath, by accident of course

  4. Thanks for the post, seriously. It’s been a peeve of mine for awhile. I have the misfortune of staying in places where Starwood is building a lot of new properties, so there’s very little out there. Can’t they have a few renderings on what the rooms look like?

    Close ups of the food and sinks drive me nuts.

  5. @ Antonio

    You should win the gold star for your third link. LoL, it says CCTV and Safety. Then router and security camera. The hotel must be at the a rough part of town. And that is suppose to entice guest to stay at that hotel?

  6. @ Antonio

    Your fourth picture is funny as hell too. Lighting fast key card. It’s like these hotels don’t even try.

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