My Hyatt Concierge (Or Lack Thereof)

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Last year Hyatt revamped their loyalty program, as they discontinued Hyatt Gold Passport and replaced it with World of Hyatt. At least in our community the new program hasn’t been popular at all, and it seems clear to me that the program isn’t panning out quite the way Hyatt had hoped either (even though what I’ve heard from them suggests otherwise).

The fact that Hyatt has offered a Globalist fast track promotion and that they’re retroactively counting award nights from 2017 towards status suggests to me that they didn’t reach their elite targets. On top of that, some positive changes have been made to the program, including Hyatt counting award nights towards status and extending the expiration of free night certificates, which seems to be their acknowledgement of the program’s shortcomings.

Now that Hyatt counts award stays towards status I feel much better about the program than I did before, and overall I’m quite happy with it.

However, it still seems like Hyatt can’t quite get things right. One of the new benefits that was introduced as part of the World of Hyatt program was My Hyatt Concierge. Specifically, those who qualify for Globalist status through the nights or points requirement are supposed to receive a single contact point at Hyatt who they can call or email for reservation requests.

I’m a pretty independent traveler, so for the most part I don’t value this as much as others. I do have an SPG Ambassador (which you get for earning 100+ elite nights per year with SPG), who is fantastic. So I don’t expect the My Hyatt Concierge program to be as good as the SPG Ambassador program, though it is nice to be able to send an email rather than have to call for basic requests.

When Hyatt first announced the World of Hyatt program, they said that a My Hyatt Concierge would reach out to you and introduce themselves within 48 hours of earning Globalist status. They’ve since changed the timeline from 48 hours to four weeks. Per World of Hyatt FAQs:

How will I know who My Hyatt Concierge is and how to reach My Hyatt Concierge?

Your My Hyatt Concierge representative will reach out within 4 weeks with their contact details and a brief introduction.

I would’ve loved to be in the room when this conversation happened at Hyatt. “I’m not sure we can do two days, that might be a bit aggressive. Lets do 14 times as long instead.” I could sort of understand this if the benefit kicked in for everyone on the same day, but members have been qualifying for Globalist status at different times, so the qualification should be spread out.

In my case, it has been over a month since I qualified for Globalist status, and I still haven’t had a My Hyatt Concierge reach out to me. It seems that’s not even that bad, as I’ve had some readers report that they qualified for Globalist over two months ago and still haven’t heard from a My Hyatt Concierge.

Based on looking at the FlyerTalk thread on the topic, it seems like most members are proactively reaching out to Hyatt asking to be assigned a concierge, which seems like such a backwards system.

I know World of Hyatt has new management, and I have faith that they’re moving the program in the right direction. They’ve been making positive changes so far, and I expect that will continue. This situation perfectly sums up the frustration I felt when World of Hyatt was introduced, and specifically, how bad of a job they’ve done managing expectations. The timeline for a My Hyatt Concierge goes from two days to 28 days, and then they can’t even stick to that timeline.

I’m curious what experience fellow Globalist members have had. Has a My Hyatt Concierge reached out to you? How long after qualifying did it take?

  1. Same here, requalified in the last few days of 2017 and haven’t heard anything from Hyatt about it. Was debating how long I was going to wait until contact them about it (which I agree with you, is ridiculous).

    In an existential argument with myself about whether to stick with Hyatt or flip back to SPG and just shoot for platinum there.

  2. I have a concierge but she appears to have no juice with Hyatt. Nothing she can do, I can’t do better online. It’s a waste.

  3. Well, I got an email introduction from mine with contact info. Spoke with her once- but reaching her is a bit difficult due to she’s mountain time and I’m eastern time. Even when I tried calling her during her business hours, I was rolled over to another “concierge” since mine was unavailable. Guess I could have emailed her. Easier to just call the WOH number.

    Bottom line: The concierge concept is good – the execution flawed.

  4. I qualified in November and had my Hyatt Concierge reach out within a couple of days of qualifying. She has been great, very responsive and has been great to work with in just two months.

  5. The service is worthless anyway. I was referred to the hotel concierge for a basic request. Easier to just call globalist line if I need help with a reservation

  6. I was reached out to by mine within a few weeks of requalifying. While she is responsive within 24 hours to all my emails, and I appreciate being able to email someone over placing a phone call, I’m not sure that this service is all that much of a value-added.

  7. The original one assigned to me kicked in about 2 weeks after I qualified. She was horrible and literally undermined multiple reservations and rather than being like an advocate for me was just doing the minimum possible.

    I asked for a new one and the new one is solid. When I asked for the new one via the Twitter direct message they told me to put in the request through the old one I wanted to fire. I told them wouldn’t that be a bit awkward and they obliged and setting up the new one within a few days.

  8. I qualified in the middle of 2017. Concierge reached out within a few weeks. Great to work with, really friendly, but i dont particularly put him in testing situations so i cant give a value added perspective beyond “works for me”

  9. Had a ‘concierge’ for a few months. I have had terrible experience and was told by a Hyatt concierge (when I asked for help) to do it myself online when trying to book an award night and a points night. Absolutely no advance notice of ‘promotions’ which was promised in the email. Really sad and worthless.

  10. Qualified via stays in early December – *crickets* from a concierge. Having one would have been nice – WOH Globalist desk royally screwed up a reservation at the SFO Grand Hyatt last week. I had called and scored an upgrade using a certificate weeks prior. I arrived and no one knew anything the upgrade. This would have been a nice test, and even better to have email showing the request and approval. Rather than phone call that isn’t recorded nor logged (I asked when I called WOH to get help – nada).

    As the GH was fully booked, they couldn’t do anything (they’re not the most helpful property to begin with). Fortunately, the Westin St. Francis had suites available at the same price as my non-upgraded room so I just went over there. The GH agreed not to charge me a cancellation fee.

  11. Similar to Walter, I hit 60 nights in May, had my concierge reach out within 2 weeks. I’ve typically been using her to use suite upgrade certs instead of having to call in, sometimes for special request such as a crib that I often forget to mention at the time of booking. She’s been good about responding within 24 hours. Not sure what other value-adds she might be able to provide.

  12. Counting awards stays towards status – ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. No need to copy others… be unique. Instead of allowing more people in as Globalist, make the experience better and keep it exclusive. What the big deal with you check in to a hotel with 10 suites and 40 Globalists are staying there?! Make the lounges better.. the points more valuable.. but NOT more elite members. I do. not think airlines should give Elite miles for award tickets, why should hotels allow them to count as stays

  13. Qualified in August 16th and received my email on August 29th, so a little under 2 weeks for the initial contact. I’ve only tried him once (wanted to use points at a property that was playing games with their basic room only being available as a package rate, and not available as a standard rate). Anyways, only used him one time but he was able to get basic room inventory opened and the room booked for me in less than 10 minutes. It’s a limited sample but I’m really happy with him so far.

  14. They have a saying all over the world
    The check is in the mail
    Just don’t hold your breath waiting for it
    Hyatt has a great group of select agents and a ton clueless working out of their
    homes on laptops that make up the rules as they go along
    Worst of it seems to be on weekends
    Back in the day when they went to work in Omaha there was a more professional tone
    These agents if they exist in any form should have better training and empowerment but in my own experience typically not so much

  15. ^^ I agreed with Ryan.

    As much as I appreciated the recent retroactive award nights being counted towards status (which help me qualified for Globalist last year), I much prefer if they just be unique and not count award nights while significantly improving the Globalist experience. Improve the lounges, allow both lounge access and free breakfast, give 2 category 1-7 award nights for earning Globalist or just points instead, exclusive discounts for elite members, and bring back the point welcome amenity.

    Earning Globalist through both paid and award nights is still better than the 25 stays from Gold Passport as far as making it more exclusive. I just get annoyed when I can’t use my suite upgrade awards; too many Globalists lolz.

  16. I have had a concierge since August and have asked her to do numerous things and she wasnt really successful on anything that couldn’t be done by calling in.

    I have hsked her to try an book stuff when there were cancellations, and that was not done, I saw it and booked it myself without ever getting a call.

    Really not useful at all.

  17. I really don’t see much value i a concierge anyhow. About the only thing I could see it being useful for is being able to email to ask for a suite upgrade and have it be applied properly.

    Lucky how do you make good use out of the SPG conceirge service? How do you think one could make good use out of Hyatt’s concierge?

  18. Reached globalist (aka maintained Diamond) in July. Two weeks went by without contact, so on a regular call to the globalist line I inquired. The next day I got a lame intro email with literally no context about my concierge or her services. Basically just a ‘hello’.

    I tried using her for a while. I inquired about a corporate promotion, which she directed me back to my current property to get clarity. On frequent family stays, id ask her to make sure I had a crib, and she’d only confirm it was listed on the reservation. Great customer service would have meant calling the property 1-2 days before to confirm it would be placed in my room. But that never happened.

    Worst, I had a time sensitiv request to her for a stay 6 days out. After 4 days go by without contact, I just called the globalist line.

    Now I only call the globalist line. Which I actually find more useful, although it doesn’t feel like they route to better agents.

    I will give credit to one call which I was told was routed to Melbourne Australia! Best agent ever. Super friendly, expedient, helpful, etc. I actually asked that agent if she could be my concierge, and she said she didn’t qualify to be a concierge. Ironically, the crappy one I have did.

    This is zero value add. I still like hyatt, but please don’t consider this a benefit.

  19. You aren’t missing anything other than more frustration. Mine sent introductory email – I reached out twice and both times she was zero help. First one I asked for a reservation at a sold out property using the 48hr guarantee. She just said nothing she could do. I called globalist line and they took care of it. Second one I asked for connecting rooms – told her it was very important so please make sure the hotel is aware… again. I like the concept and would use it but so far I’ve seen terrible execution.

  20. Took about a month to receive mine, had to contact and follow up directly with Hyatt multiple times. Mine is somewhat useful, she’s processed upgrades, arranged transportation and organised special requests for me. I’ve been impressed that special requests seem to be proactively applied to future bookings too.

  21. Spoke to mine, she is friendly. Had her for 2 years. I don’t see much benefit to the program. The conceirge’s are really limited to basically dedicated res people – not much added value. No regular check in or suprises or anything.

    The biggest gap though is that they work shifts. So if you email on Friday at 5:01 PM for instance, you might not get a response until Monday afternoon! I would rather they scrapped the program and converted to a “globalist contact center” with dedicated phone number, email address, twitter team, etc. that could really help in a pinch. Copy Delta and learn my phone number so whenever I call there is no wait and the rep knows my name and sees my upcoming travels. I don’t think the personalization potential is worth the slow turnaround for every request and limited ability to make any kind of special / override privelage.

  22. My Concierge has absolutely no pull. I’m a 20+ year Diamond/Globalist. When I asked to extended the expiration of a free night certificate by 2 days, the reply from her was “sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.”

    I won’t be calling her again. Useless.

  23. I have had a concierge for some time. In fact, I have had several. I did use them early on and, in one case they were proactive in signing me up for a promotion that was ongoing. But I lost track of the contact some time ago and no one has reached out to me at all for over a year.

  24. @ DWondermeant I agree! I have a concierge from Omaha that really knows her stuff! She has corrected many mistakes made by less-experienced CSRs and has been extremely helpful with resolving issues. There’s a high level of professionalism and she continues to impress me with what she can do.

    In talking with my concierge about this whole program she mentioned some major staffing issues with the program. Hyatt is having a hard time figuring out how to staff and train CSRs for this kind of work since it varies greatly from person to person. Some Globalists will use their concierge a lot, others almost never. They don’t really know how many people to hire or re-assign to be a concierge. Add to all of this the sense that Hyatt has no idea how many Globalists they will have and we are where we are.

  25. @Noah – I cant agree more. I would value a “Delta” like call center experience more than my current concierge. I already get more value out of the basic call center than I do my concierge.

    @Byron – My concierge gave me a run around about why certificates cant be extended, and then told they couldnt be converted to points anymore. It was during a random conversation with a basic call center agent that I discovered that most globalist certificates could be converted to points (as of the time of that call, and albeit at a lower point value), and then offered me points for my expired certificate. Not sure how a basic CSR was more up to date and more friendly than the concierge.

    @Adam – If they gave the concierge some sort of edge over the routine call center agents, then I bet they’d get a lot more volume. They should run a query for globalists who tried the service a few times then never called back, and proactively move them to a new concierge.

  26. I didn’t even know I should have a concierge! I always contact WOH via Facebook messenger – they normally respond within a few minutes and I’ve found them to be super efficient, helpful and professional. Very easy, particularly when traveling abroad as they can do things like apply Club upgrades that it’s annoying to phone in for.

    @Lucky I qualified via the 20 nights if you have the credit card – do I still get a Concierge?

  27. I have to agree with the many of the folks who haven’t found the concierge that useful or helpful. I was a Hyatt Diamond and have achieved Globalist both years they’ve had it; achieved Globalist circa November 21st but didn’t hear from the Concierge until January 18th – and it was basically the Concierge telling me about himself/herself and nothing about what they could assist with. If I have issues, I generally call the Globalist line. But I haven’t (yet) seen any added benefit to the Concierge. Oddly, though I have been a Hyatt customer and achieved Diamond/Globalist for the past four years I believe? or five? this year was the first I was contacted by the Hyatt Concierge.

  28. Agree with the others did 90 nights by Nov 2017, got an email introduction a few days later. They don’t seem to have any influence so mostly a waste of time calling them, many properties have never heard of the program, especially 3rd party owned sites that license Hyatt name. My stay during Xmas in Scottsdale I used the Hyatt Concierge to book a suite upgrade for 5 days, on the 5th day they tried to get me to move out as they sold the room to someone else -really? So much for being a Globalist.

  29. I’ve been Diamond/Globalist for 5 years and have never received a contact. It is so frustrating when these programs set expectations and don’t execute. Hello denied request for a one hour late checkout at the Andaz Maui (just one example). Ugh!

  30. Qualified on December 29th. No response yet.
    I have reached twice to follow up with no luck or progress made.

  31. I spend well over a 100 nights with Hyatt each year and had a concierge for the last 3. The first one was amazing, but then he got re-assigned and that was unfortunate.

    The current one I have has been unable to take care of several items, instead quoting that this is not possible, not fair to the hotel etc. On every occasion I have reached out either to the hotel directly or on Twitter and had them take care of it without an issue.

    Also since they opened this up officially to everyone the response time has dropped drastically.

    I am very independent in my booking I only ask them to do things that I cannot do myself online. But at this point I end up reaching out to the concierge to get a hotel contact and deal with them directly and on non hotel specific issues I just use the Twitter team (which are the same people really, but you get a random person).

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