My flight on American Airlines from Miami to Buenos Aires was __________…

Yes, while “comped” is technically a correct answer, that’s not what I’m going for.

Feel free to guess, and we’ll see who’s right when the trip report is up.

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  1. I am going to take a wild guess and say there will be at least one complaint about something. Again, just a stab in the dark….

  2. I don’t think the soup is green. Lucky just needs to make some White Balance (“WB”) adjustments when using his Canon S95 in artificial cabin light.

  3. “pretty awesome considering that you can by a deep discount coach ticket and upgrade to J on some 12 hour flights with an eVIP – unlike any other legacy airline.”

  4. … as ghetto as United.

    BTW, just curious: Why are you routing through EZE rather than SCL (which I think is shorter, and does not require an airport change)?

  5. I just flew this route on F last week. Was surprised at how good AA was as had not flown them in years. On par with BA and UA. Only complaint was that they did not have a 110v power outlet.

  6. Though if you are going to hold it up to business class standards, it can’t be TOO positive as the seats aren’t flat bads. And you just flew Virgin’s business product, I can’t imagine American’s compares favorably.

    I’ll go for:

    “worth what I paid for it”

    “not terrible after factoring in that it was on american”

  7. “not bad”

    but I was wondering the same thing as @crammer. By far the easiest way to get to Mendoza is to fly through SCL not EZE! Then you just have a quick hop over the Andes with a fabulous view!

  8. “Fantastic!” šŸ˜‰

    You had such low expectations going into it, that I’m betting you were pleasantly surprised — but only when comparing to other US carriers, of course!

  9. “Oversold” You took the bump and the photos are two years old šŸ™‚ The soup now 4 years old

  10. “Unimpressive”.. BTW – what’s the stuff on the dinner plate? ‘Creature Feature?”

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