My favorite Singapore Airlines flight attendant spotted in the wild!

Some (hopefully most!) of you may remember the best flight attendant I’ve ever had, Wong Chin/Janesis, who worked my Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Tokyo Narita back in April. As it turned out it wasn’t the first time we had been on the same flight, and we’ve been in contact ever since (and I’ll even be flying with her again very soon!).

With Singapore Airlines having recently released just about all of their first class award space at once, I suspect more than a few of you will have the pleasure of flying with her over the coming months. Reader Harrison flew with her earlier in the week from Moscow to Houston, and here’s what he had to say:

Let’s face it, traveling is stressful. Those of us who are on the road constantly know this better than anyone. Airlines see this as a business opportunity and have tossed us some perks that reduce some of the stress of travel in exchange for our loyalty. On some days, just about everything can go right: your upgrade clears, you breeze past security via the priority lane, and you board smack dab on time. And then, when you enter the aircraft, you’re greeted by a surly crew. And it goes downhill from there. A good cabin crew can make or break a travel experience. Here in the United States, the cabin crews of the major airlines are a mixed bag: some are great and others are downright rude. In Asia, many airlines are known for their great cabin crews.

I have had the great fortune to be able to fly 3 flights on one of the world’s best airlines, Singapore Airlines, in First Class in the past week. My itinerary consisted of flights from Hong Kong to Singapore to Moscow to Houston. Singapore to Moscow to Houston is marketed as a direct flight (SQ 62) with a stopover (Moscow). Although the crews on the Hong Kong to Singapore and the Singapore to Moscow segments were good, it was my last crew that was truly memorable.

The flight started out like any other SQ F flight: greeted at the door and escorted to seat. As I was settling in, the Leading Stewardess came and introduced herself as Janesis and offered me a beverage and a selection of reading materials. After my beverage was delivered, she came around again to offer pajamas, slippers, socks, and an amenity kit. Here’s the difference from my previous flight: the aforementioned items were unwrapped before they were presented. Again, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it’s nice not to be sitting with a bunch of plastic wrap, even if it is for just a few minutes.

After take-off, I decided to get some work done and grabbed my folio and binder out of my carry-on. I was perfectly fine using my binder as a hard surface to write on. But when Janesis came through the cabin, she noticed this and immediately offered to extend my tray table so I would be “more comfortable”. Later on when I was enjoying my main course, she quietly started making my bed in an empty seat (only 3 passengers that day) so I could get some rest immediately after my meal. The same thing was done for the passenger seated behind me in 2F.

I was able to get a few hours of solid sleep. When I returned to my seat, I found a U.S. immigration card, a deck of playing cards, 2 postcards, and a pen neatly arranged on my “shelf” complete with a nice flower. Within 10 minutes of waking up, Janesis came by to offer me something to drink. I ordered a jasmine tea, which was constantly refilled without being asked, I assume the crew didn’t want to disturb by asking me, as I was working. Later on after I went to the lavatory, I returned to find my bed in 1D remade complete with another bottle of water. Additionally, my headphones and other items I haphazardly scattered around had been straighten up and my tea was refilled. I couldn’t have been in the lavatory more than 2 minutes. With 3 hours of flight to go I decided to take a look at what was on offer on the IFE system. One of the other crewmembers came by to ask if I wanted something a little more fun to drink as I was finished working.

It was then when it struck me: it’s the little things that make a great flight. Janesis and her colleague were extremely attentive, personable, and were very good at anticipating passengers’ needs. Don’t get me wrong, the other SQ F crews were good, but this crew took it to a whole new level. In addition to those above, other memorable touches included the dry ice show with dessert for both the lunch service and pre-arrival light meal.

As we began our descent at the Louisiana/Texas border, Janesis came by to chat with each passenger. When she got to me, she asked if I would mind filling out a customer survey. Of course, I answered yes and proceeded heap praise upon her and colleagues. This was without a shadow of doubt the best flight of my trip, which included the 3 SQ F segments and 1 CX F segment, and possibly the best flight I’ve ever been on. Janesis was humble and said they try to please. Offhandedly, she mentioned another passenger who was very pleased with her service on a recent Singapore to Tokyo flight. That statement clicked for me, even in my Dom soaked state. So I asked if this passenger’s name was Ben. She laughed and said, “ Yes, how did you know?” I laughed and said, “So you’re the famous Wong Chin.” She then explained that she did not have her English name tag on that flight, thus that’s why she was identified as Wong Chin. We laughed and shared a good chat about Ben’s blog. Don’t worry Ben, we only said nice things.

I can assure you that Wong Chin is as good as Ben advertised. If you’re lucky (pun intended) enough to have her on one of your upcoming SQ F flights, you will be in for one the best flights of your life. Wong Chin and In Flight Supervisor Ivy, if you’re reading this, thanks again to the entire crew for the most memorable and wonderful flight. I hope to see you again when I take my next trip to Asia in December.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Harrison, and it makes me quite excited about my next flight with Janesis! You can find Harrison’s full trip report here (though it’s still a work in progress).

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  1. StvR said,

    Is this girl hot? She probably doesn’t read your comments. Just tell us!!!


  2. She is a flight attendant on Singapore airlines – THUS – the obvious answer to your question is – yes she is hot!!!!

  3. “but it’s nice not to be sitting with a bunch of plastic wrap, even if it is for just a few minutes.”

    Oh, the inhumanity of it all. #firstworldproblems

  4. @ StvR — I’d say she’s attractive. 🙂

    @ Joe — No, her name is Wong Chin as well (which is the name tag she had on my flight from Singapore to Tokyo), though her western name is Janesis.

  5. “StvR said,

    Is this girl hot? She probably doesn’t read your comments. Just tell us!!!”

    She probably already changed her online name to MrsOneMileAtATime

  6. We really need some pics here. Just so it’s easier to recognize her (and to see how she looks!)

  7. I’d say if she drew a picture with little stickers on, I’d report it to SQ. Utterly unprofessional. Otherwise, sounds like very attentive service!

  8. I have to agree with others…this is getting creepy as hell. Flattery is one thing, but being a creeper is a whole other ballgame.

  9. Clearly some of you don’t read Lucky’s blog enough. Or maybe you should read it less? Regardless, lighten up a little!

  10. You have to love a society which is so socially schizophrenic that showing affection toward the opposite sex is justification for being called a creep while showing affection for the same sex is justification for being called a sinner or worse.

    The only thing that’s consider completely safe is breathing and dying, and sometimes even the breathing part is questionable. I’ve thought about this and, for the most part, it’s the comments from readers that have struck me as creepy while the comments from Lucky struck me as mostly harmless, even if they’re a little forward.

    So he didn’t forget this girl after she showed him some kindness and ended up striking up a friendship. So what? I’ve ended up with cherished friendships that began with nothing more than a kind word on a rough day.

    If this was a young girl I could understand the suspicion, but this is a grown woman in the year two thousand and twelve that we’re talking about here. If she didn’t want the attention she could have simply asked to be left alone and I trust that Lucky would have respected that wish.

    Singapore may not be the most forward thinking country on earth, but neither is it the most oppressive and we’re talking about someone who by all indications is a world traveler who interacts with all manner of other travelers. My guess is that this is not the sort of lady we need to fret about.

  11. @ Creeper? Maybe I’m completely lost, but two adults willingly exchanging emails and coordinating schedules is considered creepy? Guess I can never host another FlyerTalk Do, because it would be “creepy” to suggest I meet another human being…

  12. All I have to say is you’re only young once. Ball hard, lucky. Ball hard!!!

    Can’t wait for this blog to turn into a Tucker Max style confessional.

  13. I strongly believe everyone is unique here. As long they do things from their sincere heart. That have no intention to harm others, we should encourage more people do good. Service provided maybe vary to different individuals. There is no one type of service to serve all but a tailored make service for every individual. Some will feel personal touch…some may feel intimidated. Highlight to your service provider your like and dislike and shall they make the mistakes, that’s fair to report.
    Example; Please don’t wake me up for breakfast.Communication between others is very important.
    We can make this world a better place for others.

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