My blog readers are the smartest — they can read minds

My favorite aspect of blogging is interacting with you guys. I’ve been doing this for years and don’t think I’d still be at it if it weren’t for the interaction in the comments section and in person, as it makes it all the more fun.

Speaking of comments, while 99% of those left on this blog are “legitimate,” there are some that obviously aren’t. With one notable exception I don’t moderate comments, so what you see is what I get. šŸ˜‰

Most interesting has to be the “plants” and “trolls,” either because they’re trying to promote their travel provider, trying to prevent other people from getting in on a deal, or something else. This most commonly comes in a couple of forms:

  • Those that leave a comment intentionally deceiving people in hopes of others not taking advantage of the deal
  • Those from a hotel or airline that will leave a favorable comment months after the review when it’s clear they work for the hotel (a problem TripAdvisor faces on a much larger scale)

But this morning I woke up to a couple of comments that had me literally laughing out loud. When you leave a comment from an IP for the first time it has to be manually approved, and I always try to do that as soon as I can.

This morning one of those comments pending moderation was on my review of the Lufthansa First Class Lounge JFK, which I wrote back in May. In and of itself that’s not strange, since a lot of my old posts get new readers thanks to the Google machine! That comment read as follows:

Okay, fair enough. The grammer iz a bit of, but who m I 2 juge?

Then the next comment in the moderation queue, left just six minutes later, was this one (mind you, the above comment didn’t appear publicly at the time the second one was left, so “Tracy’s” comment wasn’t visible when “Philp’s” was left):

Of course I’m certain this is simply a combination of mind reading and a coincidence…

The only part of this that’s a bit puzzling to me is who compliments themselves (or their friend or family member) and mentions “space teeth?” Unless, of course, I’m misinterpreting this, and her space teeth would go well with my astronaut ice cream…

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  1. It’s all about the space tooth! First it was all about boobs, then all about behinds, now it’s all about large luscious tooth spaces!

  2. I can confirm that Tiffany has a terrible case of Space Bite and dresses extremely sloppy. She’s very rude and obnoxious and it’s hard to understand whatever it is she’s trying to say.

  3. Glad you posted that first link. I always wondered what happened to that clown “frank”, and now I finally know. I guess I missed your original post about him.

  4. LOL
    I agree with BBTBphile.
    Do we know if Swiss is offering space teeth? Otherwise I ainĀ“t travelling with them no more. One more reason to choose Lufthansa

  5. bah, posts about women and space teeth, but no pictures. I wonder if we can email that poster and ask for a pic of this nicely dressed lady and her space teeth.

  6. Even if the commenter were trying to say “nicely spaced teeth”… what on earth does that MEAN? Who compliments somebody on how well spaced their teeth are? Except maybe for orthodontists… does the poster’s ip trace to an orthodontist’s office?

  7. To be fair, it’s still entirely possible that this Tiffany girl is not actually responsible for those posts and that they are either the work of an overactive admirer or the reverse psychology of a detractor.

  8. Some people use the “warm nuts” theory to determine if they will have great service during a flight.

    Myself, I can tell much earlier. At boarding, I always look the FA in the eye and say hello. If I get a good smile then the flight will be good. If Space Teeth are behind the smile then the flight will be fantastic šŸ˜€

  9. This is probably a case of “Link Spam” – the users leave a URL in the “Website” field of the comment – the theory is that having a bunch of links from established sites back to a new site “link juice” can help up the Google Page Rank of that new site.

  10. @ Kevin — The link they were leaving was actually just to So don’t think it was even intentional that they left a link.

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