Ms. Lucky checks into the Le Meridien…


Well this is interesting. The best part had to be that when the agent handed it to me she looked at the envelope, then looked at me… looked at the envelope again, then looked at me… and then still gave it to me without saying anything!

Never mind the hotel’s iPad screen I stood the letter up against. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How many years of comped Starwood Platinum status do you think I should request for this horrible mistake? I’m so distraught I think I’d like to be moved to a Hello Kitty room at the Grand Hi-Lai hotel instead.

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  1. Reminds me of when I stayed with my (same sex male) partner at the Hilton ADT in Paris. Upon arriving to the room, the TV screen welcomed us with “Mr. and Mrs. XXXX”.

  2. Yes, for some reason Le Meridien has a thing with the Ms. My partner and I just visited Le Meridien Angkor Wot in Siem Reap Cambodia. We were welcomed with a similar envelope labeled Mr and Ms Tim Aaron even though both our names were clearly entered on the reservation. We just laughed and asked where the lounge with our free cocktails was located.

  3. As with a few others above, I lost count of the number of times I arrived at hotels with my partner and received a “Mr. and Mrs” envelope. I ignored it a couple of times. Sometimes I handed it back with a polite (given the assumption) word that the handsome man next to me would hardly qualify as a Mrs. On a couple of occasions, I spoke with a manager directly about it. They were always great about it. My experiences always took place, however, in locations where we wouldn’t be hanged for being Mr. and Mr.

  4. Mr. and Mr.? This blog is turning into a homosexual love fest more and more. Just show me the deals and leave the penises out of it.

  5. Oh, didn’t you know? Taipei is a well-known medical tourism destination for sex change operations. They were just trying to be understanding.

    (OK, I’m kidding.)

  6. When I looked at the title for one second I was thinking you either somehow(DKW) get a girlfriend?! or you just call your boyfriend that way… But I guess I was wrong ;๏ผ‰

  7. Just like they always printed “Mr.” On the envelope for my stays in IHG group hotels. Even when I travelled with my ex-bf, they would have put me down as “Mr”.

  8. Woah, welcome to Taiwan!
    Didn’t know that you would be in Taiwan at this time, especially since you are staying quite near from where I am. Remember to try some of the amazing Taiwanes snacks before you leave!

  9. @ A Kimyai — Hah, that’s pretty awesome. Sadly it’ll take a lot more than that to get me back to the UAE anytime soon.

  10. Are u a bottom feeder that needs comped Starwood status? Really? Haven’t the airlines given u enough this year! Maybe just go with the flow.

  11. My name is Mr. A., my GF’s name is Ms. B. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been addressed as “Mr. B”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. As long as the registration form for the hotel matches my passport I could not care less what the envelope of the hotel says.

    Typos happen but it surprises me that the front desk agent did not apologized for the error.

  13. Taipei Taiwan, wonderful place. Worth visiting for kindly people and unforgettable food :)!

  14. “How many years of comped Starwood Platinum status do you think I should request for this horrible mistake?”

    If you are being serious, zero. And if you are not…still zero. I mean, it’s a funny story, but really.

  15. Regardless of who here is or isn’t gay, if there’s going to be a Mrs. Schlappig, surely her first name will be Janesis!

    I’m a bit concerned that Lucky found the Hi-Lai’s Hello Kitty hotel rooms on the other end of the island. He is seriously turning into a Taiwanese teenybopper. ๐Ÿ˜› Otherwise, it’s a good traditional-luxury hotel though, and popular with my Taiwanese family and friends when visiting or hosting others in Kaohsiung.

  16. wow so much animosity. Ben cant even say anything without being attacked. Maybe we need to start a baby-crying-in-an-airplane story. That will get them going.

  17. @Harvey, although you share the same first name with another great man, however I still believe it’s Ben’s freedom to do whatever he wants on his own blog, isn’t it? Why are you attacking a young man who contributed much to his blog like that?

  18. Need to visit Shih-Lin night market if you still have the time. It is on one of the MRT stops.

  19. Harvey, nobody is interested in reacting to homophobic, pea-brained trolls :o) Might I suggest you stick to Fox News for your travel information?

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