More Great Business Class Fares From US To Europe This Summer

Last Friday saw a brief whirlwind of low business class fares across the alliances, from many American cities to Hong Kong and various destinations in Europe. Alas, the sale was over fairly quickly.

Ben just posted about fantastic business and first class deals available from Dublin, Ireland to various cities in the United States.

As it turns out, if you’re originating in the U.S. and you have last minute travel to Europe this summer, there are still some terrific fares available, at least as of today. I’d act quick!

Lordy, these premium fare roller coaster rides are giving me whiplash.

To Dublin

Fares aren’t just spectacular from Dublin (although it’s hard to beat a ~$1,650 roundtrip business class airfare from Dublin to Honolulu).  oneworld seems to be offering a tremendous fare sale of sorts to Dublin, Ireland from nearly every major U.S. gateway, although the prices are a few hundred dollars more expensive originating in the U.S. versus originating in Ireland. In some cases, the other alliances are following suit.

From Chicago, fares start at $2,022 in business class, nonstop, on American Airlines. If you’d prefer to fly British Airways via Heathrow, that’s $2,038. If you’re a United loyalist, you can fly business class via Newark for $2,027.

Good deals from Chicago
Good deals from Chicago to Dublin

Remarkably, you can fly in paid First on American from Chicago to Dublin via London for $2,598.

From Charlotte, fares are $2,024 roundtrip and from Dallas, $2,117.

From Los Angeles and San Francisco, business class fares to Dublin can be had for as low as $2,136 roundtrip.

It’s $2,156 roundtrip from many other American cities, including San Diego and New Orleans.

Finally, it’s $2,198 roundtrip in business class from Seattle, Portland, Phoenix and other departure cities.

These fares are, for now, widely available this summer. It’s worth plugging some dates into ITA Matrix or Google Flights to see if any of these fares might work for you. These are really great fares.

From Chicago

Though not quite the bargain the Dublin-bound fares are, there are some fantastic fares to the rest of Europe from Chicago across the alliances and in many cases on nonstops.

To Paris, you can fly nonstop on American for $2,350 in business class roundtrip, or for $2,354 you can fly on United or Delta, with stops.

To Athens, you can fly on SkyTeam for $2,642 roundtrip in business class.

And to Rome, you can fly nonstop on all alliances (via United, American or Alitalia) for $2,665.

From Philadelphia 

From Philadelphia, you can fly nonstop on either Delta or USAirways to Paris for around $2,100.

Lisbon is $2,032 nonstop on USAirways, or $2,030 on United nonstop from Newark but ticketed via Amtrak from 30th Street Station, and $2,081 on Lufthansa from Philadelphia via Frankfurt.

Madrid, too, is $2,030 nonstop from PHL on USAirways, or $2,037 on Air Canada via Toronto.

Amsterdam is $2,092 nonstop from Philly. On SkyTeam with stops, roundtrips start at $2,057, and on Star Alliance, from as low as $2,043.

Istanbul starts at $2,347 on Delta and Air France from Philadelphia, and you can even fly to Morocco (Casablanca and Marrakech) for $2,332 via SkyTeam from PHL.

From Charlotte and Dallas

Charlotte and Dallas, meanwhile, appear to be targeted by SkyTeam.

Charlotte to Brussels is $1,856 roundtrip on Delta via Atlanta. Geneva starts at $1,961 and Zurich at $1,949, all from Charlotte via Atlanta on Delta metal in Delta One. Hamburg is $1,995 roundtrip and Berlin is $2,004.

Good deals from Charlotte
Good deals from Charlotte

Meanwhile, Dallas to Brussels is as low as $1,857, to Zurich as low as $1,914, to Munich as low as $1,977, and to Berlin as low as $1,997. These fares are only available on SkyTeam, which means this is a fare war targeted at American and USAirways hubs.

Good business class airfares from Dallas
Good business class airfares from Dallas

To Paris

There are good fares to be had later in the summer and this fall from nearly every major U.S. city to Paris Charles de Gaulle on American and oneworld, though in some cases the fares must be booked through Iberia.

Additionally, there are nonstop fares from JFK to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on Air France for $2,405.

From Charlotte, USAirways nonstop is $2,359 roundtrip in business class, and from Dallas the fares start at $2,444 (though the nonstop is a couple hundred dollars more).

Fares are between $2,450 and $2,550 roundtrip from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Houston, Denver, Salt Lake City, and many, many others.

Decent business class fares from LAX to CDG
Decent business class fares from LAX to CDG

Other Good Fares

There are some decent business class fares from Milwaukee to various cities in Europe, on each of the alliances, for under $2,500 roundtrip, including a $2,345 fare to Madrid on Delta and a $2,263 fare to Madrid on USAirways.

I should add that these are just the fares I found with a twenty minute search. It goes without saying that there may be equally great if not better deals to be had from other U.S. airports. It’s always worth checking.

Bottom Line

There really do seem to be a lot of great premium fares still available for travel this summer on every alliance to Europe with a little bit of research, luck and ingenuity.

It’s worth playing around with the “Explore Map” tool on Google Flights to see where the best deals are from your home airport.

This is a terrific way to combine a summer vacation with a treasure trove of elite qualifying miles regardless of whether you’re an American, Delta or United loyalist.

Good luck, and bring me back some croissants and a bottle of Burgundy, please! 😉


  1. @Ivan Y: I’m seeing $1999 roundtrip business class on SAS to Stavanger from IAH (that’s a nonstop), and terrific fares around $2,000-2,100 to Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen, Aberdeen (Scotland), and London, all on SAS. You also get the ~$2,100 fare to Dublin on oneworld.

    Those SAS fares are pretty great!

  2. @ Nick — yes, I saw that 🙂 Would be nice if ST and OW matched those. Need to use some Delta credits and BA’s AARP deal is always good.

  3. @Ivan Y: If you don’t mind the stops, there are some ~$2,500 fares from HOU (Hobby) to Europe, e.g., Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, and so on, which are a couple hundred dollars cheaper than from IAH.

  4. @Nick

    Sadly the IAH-Stavanger route is the Private air 737 with angled flat seats, not SK new J product which all of their A330 now have (Last A330 in ZRH for C check and upgrade now).

    If you see and cheap J seats on SK routes operated by the A330 holler, please.

  5. @No Name: The routing doesn’t necessarily have to be through SVG. For instance, I see a IAH-CPH itinerary for $2,048 that’s on Lufthansa on the way out (via FRA) and United on the way back (via AMS).

  6. I’m in Hawaii and am planning a trip to visit Ireland soon so I really wish that RT business class fare for DUB – HNL were the same the other way around!

  7. Just a suggestion for future posts. Can you specify if seats are fully flat. I only fly business class for the bed so don’t want to bother otherwise.

  8. Anything good ex-HNL or ex-KOA? I’m not seeing anything via ITA, but I may be inputting the advanced codes wrong.

  9. I can only find these fares routing either AA nonstop ORD-DUB or US nonstop PHL-ORD. If I try to route via LHR (e.g., to be able to upgrade to first) the fare jumps to over $3k.

  10. Awesome blogs and updates from Lucky, Nick and team. My wife and I were able to get a business r/t from SFO-Paris (ORY and CDG combination) on BA 380, AA 767 (new version) and AA 320 (transcon version) for less than $2500 a piece for a long weekend get away. Plus most (not all) Exec Plat benefits – wont get the long flight bonus and the additional 0.5 EQP, as its booked as Iberia, but superb deal. Thanks for the posts and news – made our long weekend in July plans come together. Much appreciated

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