Mastercard Adds Benefits For Postmates, Lyft, And More

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Mastercard has just announced some awesome new perks for those in the US with a World Mastercard or World Elite Mastercard.

Effectively immediately, eligible cardmembers will automatically enjoy new benefits and experiences with merchants they use regularly.

So, what are the new benefits?

Mastercard Lyft benefit

Mastercard World Elite cardholders will receive a $10 credit for every five rides taken in a calendar month, which will automatically be applied to the next ride. This benefit is capped at once per month.

Mastercard Postmates benefit

Mastercard World and World Elite cardholders will receive $5 off every Postmates order of $25 or more. There’s no limit to how often you can take advantage of this.

Mastercard Fandango benefit

Mastercard World Elite cardholders will receive double Fandango VIP+ points for the movie tickets they buy. This means cardholders will receive 500 VIP+ points (worth $5) for every two movie tickets they purchase via the Fandango app or

Mastercard Boxed benefit

Mastercard World Elite cardholders will earn 5% cash rewards on Boxed purchases, which can be used towards future purchases with Boxed.

My take on these new benefits

These are some really cool new perks, especially for Lyft and Postmates. I’m also impressed that these perks are automatic, so you don’t need to register or anything.

For example, I just tested this out with Postmates, and the $5 discount shows on the order page as long as you have a Mastercard linked to your account (I have $8.99 in credits because I have delivery credits for $3.99, plus the $5 discount).

The new Lyft perk is cool, and potentially translates to $2 off per Lyft ride for five rides, assuming you’re taking five rides per calendar month.

That’s cool, though personally I’m most excited the Postmates benefit. I basically survive on Postmates, so to save $5 per order is an incredible new perk that will (unfortunately?) save me hundreds of dollars per year.

As a reminder, if you don’t yet have a Postmates account you can receive a $100 discount on delivery costs using promotion code BS100. Simply enter it after you download the app on your “Account” page, under the “Enter Promo Code” section.

I use the Citi Prestige for my Postmates purchases since the card offers 5x points on dining, and Postmates codes as that. So to earn 5x points plus get $5 off each order of $25 is fantastic.

Personally I feel this is one of the most exciting new credit card perks we’ve seen added in a long time.

Will you benefit from any of these new Mastercard perks?

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  1. Thank you for this post.
    Currently, I have LYFT attached to my AMEX. I will change that to my World Elite MC, now.

  2. Interesting. This is basically a $10 monthly credit for Lyft on a World Elite Mastercard Citi Prestige, so $120 a year, which reduces the effective annual fee on the Citi Prestige from $245 to $125. Citi Prestige also offers 3x on Lyft. Seems like this is a solid card to combine with the Amex Platinum for any heavy user of Uber/Lyft.

  3. Just an FYI, the American Airlines Aviator Silver (the no fee one), is an World Elite Mastercard. I downgraded my Aviator Red a few months ago to this card to avoid the annual fee.

  4. Sorry, I meant the AA Aviator card, not the Silver. Although I think the Silver may be a World Elite as well. I just added my AA Aviator card to my Lyft profile and it worked.

  5. Has anyone confirmed if the United Presidential Plus (it does say “World Elite” on the front) is part of this promotion, particularly Lyft?

  6. This starts July 1, 2019 – It is NOT effective immediately – Please read the press release again

  7. Anthony: Citi Prestige doesn’t offer 3x on travel/transportation? 5x dining + air travel, and 3x hotels?

  8. @ Mark Elkins — Unless I’m missing something, the above benefits kick in effective immediately, while other perks (which I don’t reference in this post, but will cover in a separate post) kick in July 1, 2019. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. @Lucky, you do have to register for the Lyft benefit in the app. Make sure your app is updated, and you should see the option to do it in the app. Or, you can go to this link if you’re on a mobile device: lyft://enroll_reward_program?reward_program=1

  10. n – You are right, the Citi travel credit applies to all travel, but the 3x does not. My mistake

  11. Can’t stack “Party” free delivery deals with $5 off. You’ll get $5 off at most, not free delivery AND $5 off.

  12. As a heads up, I got an email from Lyft that I get a $5 personal credit after taking 5 “business” rides with Lyft. I setup a business profile awhile back when they had another offer. Anyway, not sure if this is monthly or if this stacks but that would be great if this does..

  13. @ Ben — The $10/mo Lyft credit credit DOES require registration. Your incorrect info likely just cost me $10. I’ll email my address to you for a $10 check.

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