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Marriott recently announced the details of their next global promotion, which is valid for stays between July 2 and September 16, 2019.

The promotion isn’t very exciting at all — Marriott is offering 1,500 bonus points when you stay two or more nights, and that’s it.

Well, the good news is that Marriott seems to be offering select members targeted promotions for stays over the next few months as well. This is something that Starwood Preferred Guest consistently did back in the day with their “Member Exclusives” promotion, so I’m happy to see Marriott continuing that practice.

The thing is, you might be eligible for one of these promotions without being aware. For example, I’m eligible for an awesome promotion but haven’t received an email about it. To see if you’re eligible, log into your Marriott Bonvoy account, and go to the promotions section.

Once there, see if there’s anything listed in the “Exclusively for You” section.

In my case, I’m eligible for a promotion offering double elite nights on paid stays through September 30, 2019. The double elite nights is only eligible on paid stays, and they say the double elite nights will post within 3-5 days of when the regular elite nights post on eligible stays.

This is an awesome promotion for me. I’m way behind when it comes to requalifying for status with Marriott, so this is useful (though it doesn’t really help me requalify for Ambassador status, since that still has a $20,000 spending requirement).

There are other targeted promotions as well. For example, some members are eligible for double points on paid stays over the same period.

So make sure you log into your Marriott account and see if you’re eligible for something. While Marriott’s global promotion as such isn’t very exciting, when you combine the promotion with either double points or double elite nights, it’s a lot more lucrative.

Were you targeted for a promotion with Marriott Bonvoy, and if so, will you benefit from it?

  1. I have had this promotion for the last 3 months and have made the most of it. I am now at 99 nights and $3000 short of $20,000. I will renew Ambassador status with the stays I have booked for the remainder of the year. This promotion has also allowed me to go for Hyatt Globalist for the first time. I should qualify for that by November.

  2. Useless for me: Double points for stays that include a weekend night. That’s not helpful because I travel for work during the week and then use my earned points when we travel on weekends. So rarely have paid weekend nights.

    I’m close to requalifying for Amnassador already, so I’ll continue shifting my stays for the next couple of months to Hilton who has a double point promo running, unlike Marriott.

  3. Just checked and I’ve been targeted for the double elite nights promo as well. But considering I’m at 169 nights for 2019 already, I can’t say either of these recent promos has gotten the juices in my pants flowing

  4. My promo is 5,000 points, 2,000 for the first stay that includes a weekend night and 3,000 after the second stay that includes a weekend night, through Sep. 30. Better than nothing, I suppose.

  5. I got double elite nights last quarter till June 30th. I don’t appear to have anything new but maybe I will on Monday.

  6. Interesting that when I access my account I have ZERO promotions for me even the new one that starts in July 2nd. Nothing!!!!

  7. My promo is also 5,000 points, 2,000 for the first stay that includes a weekend night and 3,000 after the second stay that includes a weekend night, through Sep. 30. Quite jealous of the double elite night offer. Thanks for posting so I could at least add the promotion I got.

  8. @ Ben — Unless the points earned exceed the value of the stay, there is nothing awesome about staying with Marriott. They won’t be getting my business.

  9. I got a promotion for 9,000 points after 3 paid stays, that can be used three times for 9 paid stays for 27,000

  10. “Earn up to 5,000 bonus points on eligible paid stays that include a weekend night.
    Register today.
    Stay at any of our 6,700 participating hotels and resorts worldwide now through 09/30/2019.
    Get 2,000 bonus points after your first eligible stay* that includes a weekend night** and 3,000 bonus points after your second eligible stay that includes a weekend night.”

  11. Like others I got the 2,000 bonus points after your first eligible stay that includes a weekend night and 3,000 bonus points after your second eligible stay that includes a weekend night, through September 30th.

  12. @ Gene understandable point. My issue however is when you try to use Hilton points and they are routinely charging over 100,000 pts for a night that would cost under $200. So although it is more difficult to accumulate Marriott points, they don’t nearly gouge you as much when you go to redeem awards nights…

  13. As usual nothing on my account. I’m currently Gold and LTS and I’ve not had a targetted promotion since Marriott took over. Husband is Platinum and LTS and he is the same. The Marriott shit show is getting tiring. Their pitiful routine promotions don’t make it worth while putting any business their way and knowing every other man and his dog is receiving continual bonuses does not encourge one to bother with Marriott anymore.

  14. I have the public one plus another: 6,000 bonus after 2 stays, another 7,500 after the 3rd stay, and another 9,000 after the 4th stay (valid through the end of September)

  15. “So although it is more difficult to accumulate Marriott points, they don’t nearly gouge you as much when you go to redeem awards nights…”

    It’s also more difficult for Marriott to truly de-value their program as long as their linked to airline mile transfers, which would then become much more attractive. To me, this is the only thing the differentiates Marriott from Hilton, as the Marriott points are hedged. Of course this feature could go away at anytime, but I feel if Marriott would have gutted this it would have been during the SPG merger.

  16. Like others, I got the lame 2,000 after your first eligible stay and 3,000 after your second…

  17. Earn up to 18,000 bonus points after only three eligible paid stays.

    Get 3,000 bonus points after one stay*, 6,000 additional points after two stays and 9,000 more points after three stays.

  18. This seems to be targeted to the individual’s usage habits and in favor of Marriott (no surprise of course). Either way, we appreciate the bonuses!

    For example, one of our accounts hasn’t shown activity in ~6 months, yet it’s offering double Elite Night Credit.

    However the other account, that’s had a lot of weekday activity in the last two months (17 nights), is offering double points only on weekend stays.

  19. Wow, thanks for this — I have a 5,000 points promotion for two stays that include a weekend night … and I have at least two weekend stays planned before the expiration date! 😀 In fact, one of them is this weekend — perfect!

  20. I went through so much to get my account back. But Marriott stole my points and won’t send my new card.

  21. I got the Double Elite Nights promo as well and it’ll help me to keep the Platinum status easier. I don’t see any value in Titanium/Ambassador thus have no ambitions to push it to the next level.

  22. I’m getting green with envy. Americans get 15 nights gifted by credit cards, several hundred thousand points and even promotions with double nights. And you’ve got companies letting you sleep at Marriott properties.
    I have to sleep the whole 75 nights/year in hotels on my own (and privately paid as well ofc).
    I should stop reading these blogs, the inequity just hurts.

  23. I’m a Titanium elite, with 38 nights so far and no promotion beyond the global one. I’m a legacy SPGer as well with over 90% of my historical nights from SPG. I’ve already qualified as a Hyatt Globalist this year, and this just is another example which proves that I made the correct decision to switch.

  24. Marriott IT strikes again — I went to check the Promotions tab and I have ZERO promotions available, including the 1,500 points global promotion that I know I signed up for a few weeks back.

  25. @derreisende: Blame your politicians for restricting how much the banks can profit from consumers. All of the benefits we enjoy in the US on credit cards is because of how much profit the banks are able to make from consumers who don’t pay their bills on time or in full. Likewise, transaction fees banks charge merchants here are higher. All of this goes to fund our little hobby/game here.

  26. Earn up to 9,000 bonus points after only three eligible paid stays.

    Get 1,500 bonus points after one stay, 3,000 additional points after your second stay and 4,500 more points after your third stay

  27. Marriott continues to disappoint after gutting the wonderful SPG program. I was offered the lousy program with 1500 additional points, spoke with a Bonvoy supervisor. No way to offer me the double elite night promotion! Co-workers on the same trips are going to receive double elite nights through 9/29 and will achieve Ambassador status. My business is not appreciated enough to give me a decent promotion. I’m done with Marriott and will encourage our company to use Hilton next year for more equitable rewards for all of our employees.

  28. My Double Elite Nights promotion expired on 30 June (which earned me 1 bonus night).

    I also had a Double Points promotion but didn’t meet the qualifying stay requirement before that kicked in (as many of my stays in Q2 have been using points).

    My only current promotion is earning 1,500 points for stays of 2 nights or more — but rather unappealing considering I am in the middle of a 23 night stay.

    Today, I am 7 nights away from Lifetime Platinum (and pretty excited about it).

    I did meet the requirement for 15 bonus nights by charging USD $3,000 to my Chase Visa card before 30 June — and I’m waiting for those to post.

    Once they do — plus the rest of my 23 day stay — I’ll be at Titanium until early 2021.

    I probably would have enough points this year to break 100 nights — but it may not be worth it since I will not meet the $20,000 spend requirement (average $200/night) since my hotel stays average closer to $100/night.

  29. Titanium Elite with $13k & 36 nights to go for Ambassador but have never rec’d Amb promo. Earned 20K prs on recent Double Take. Only 1 promo there now:
    Register by September 2, 2019.
    •  Stay at any of our participating hotels and resorts worldwide between July 2 and September 16, 2019.
    •  Earn 1,500 bonus points on stays* of two nights or more. No earning limits.

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