Marriott Offering New Targeted Promotions

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Marriott seems to be offering a new targeted promotion for Bonvoy members, which is in addition to their current global promotion.

Marriott’s “Unlock More” Global Promotion

Marriott recently launched their new “Unlock More” promotion, which is valid for stays through January 14, 2020.

The promotion isn’t very exciting at all — Marriott is offering 2,000 bonus points after staying two times, and then after that members can unlock further promotions, most of which don’t seem terribly exciting.

Marriott’s New “Member Exclusives” Promotion

In addition to their global promotions, Marriott Bonvoy sometimes offers what they call “Member Exclusives” promotions, where members are eligible for additional bonuses. Marriott has just rolled out their latest such targeted offers, and they seem to at least be pretty widely targeted.

The thing is, you might be eligible for one of these promotions without being aware, because sometimes they launch these before emailing members about them.

To see if you’re eligible, log into your Marriott Bonvoy account, and go to the promotions section.

Once there, see if there’s anything listed in the “Exclusively for You” section.

In my case, I’m eligible for a promotion offering up to 27,000 bonus points:

  • Earn 9,000 bonus points after your third stay, an additional 9,000 bonus points after your sixth stay, and an additional 9,000 bonus points after your ninth stay
  • Promotion is valid for stays through February 29, 2020
  • Bonus will be awarded within three to five business days of the qualifying stay posting
  • Award stays don’t qualify towards the promotion

In other words, this promotion offers an additional 3,000 points per stay in the right increments on paid stays. I value Marriott Bonvoy points at ~0.7 cents each, so to me that’s like an extra bonus of up to $21 per stay.

That’s pretty good for short stays at inexpensive properties, and less good for long stays at expensive properties.

This is just one of the targeted promotions available, though presumably there are other types of offers out there as well.

So make sure you log into your Marriott account and see if you’re eligible for something. While Marriott’s global promotion as such isn’t very exciting, when you combine the promotion with either double points or double elite nights, it’s a lot more lucrative.

Bottom Line

Marriott’s current global promotion isn’t very exciting at all, though perhaps between this new targeted promotion and the personalized global promotion, there will be some points earning potential from stays over the coming months.

Were you targeted for a promotion with Marriott Bonvoy, and if so, will you benefit from it?

  1. I got the same one but careful, by my read, it’s valid at most through Feb 29, but it’s actually valid 3 months from when you activate it, so could be worth strategically waiting a bit to activate depending when you have stays planned.

  2. I received a different targeted promotion (for background I am Plat through CC spend on Bonvoy Brilliant CC and have 36 nights in 2019, when I looked back a majority of my stays have included Friday or Saturday nights):

    Earn up to 18,000 bonus points on weekend stays within three months of registering.

    1st Weekend Stay 4,000pts
    2nd Weekend Stay 6,000pts
    3rd Weekend Stay 8,000pts

    Must register within 3 weeks of receiving email. Weekend nights are defined as a Friday or Saturday night.

  3. Is there a direct link to the exclusive offer page? Or if it’s not on Promos, it’s not offered for me? I can’t find anything on my account and Googling “marriott bonvoy exclusively for you promo” brings me to this post. LOL

  4. I never seem to receive these. I’m a Marriott legacy member. Are those of you who receive these mostly SPG legacy?

  5. @Jonathan – I’m both SPG and Marriott legacy member. My offer came in an email with a link for registration.

  6. I was targeted for this promotion via e-mail, but when I try to register for it, I’m told I’m not eligible. (I earn points, not miles, so that’s not the issue, either.)

  7. I got 45,000 bonus points after 15 stays now through 2/29/20
    15k after 5 stays, another 15k after 10 stays, and another 15k after 15 stays.
    Not too bad

  8. Titanium and LT Plat : targeted for double points on every week-end stay until 02/20/2020.
    Pretty nice as I have 12 week ends already planned, should bring around 30K points

  9. 18000. I haven’t bothered to register as I have stopped collecting nights in this program. They have turned a solid program (SPG) into something like a bad joke now with not much value and have to shoot out frequent promo’s to get people to stay.

  10. @bill

    Go to the promotions section of your account in the app or on the website and register from there. Will work fine.

  11. I was offered the 45k bonus after 15 stays (15k per 5 stays) but also have the unlock more bonus promotions. My unlocked promo was 12k points after 5 stays. So looks like my first 5 stays will result in 27k Bonus points between the two promotions if I’m understanding correctly. Not bad.
    I am platinum. Looking to hit titanium – need 4 more nights this year.

  12. I’m on the unlock more promo currenlty.

    after I got the bonus for the 2nd stay, nothing for the 3rd but then I got the offer for the next one at 20,000 points.

    “Nice work. You’ve earned 2,000 bonus points so far with Unlock More, and unlocked an additional offer:
    Get 20,000 additional bonus points after one more stay,* now through January 14, 2020.”

  13. Hi Lucky,

    Wondering if you could chime in on a Marriott issue. If any two or more reservations are opened up in account together on the website, cancellations on the pages for all reservations will always be applied to the last opened reservation. This can lead to inadvertently cancelled reservations (2 in my case) which Marriott will not resolve. Have you experienced this and if you know whether Marriott has a plan to fix this bug?

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