You’ve Been Bonvoyed: How To Fix Incorrect Marriott Points Advance Reservations

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In an update that will surprise absolutely no one (unless you work for Marriott, in which case I imagine every day lately is a fresh wave of surprise and horror), Bonvoy is not displaying the correct prices for Points Advance reservations made prior to the March 5th category updates.

Here’s how Marriott Points Advance reservations were supposed to work

Marriott has a policy whereby you can make a points reservation at a hotel even if you don’t have enough points in your account for that redemption. The way it works is that you just make the booking and there’s no reward certificate attached to it.

As long as you earn or purchase the needed points at least 14 days prior to check-in, you’re good to go. If you don’t have the points needed 14 days out, then your booking gets canceled. Obviously, with the category changes being implemented March 5th, many people wanted to make some reservations ahead of time, so they could lock in the lower prices.

In early February, Marriott made what looked like a rather sneaky change to their points advance policy, with a footnote that implied that just because a customer had made a Points Advance reservation, reservations that hadn’t been paid for prior to March 5th would be subject to the new category pricing.

We obviously took issue with that (it’s one thing to modify a very generous policy, and another to do so in a casual footnote), but in a statement to View From the Wing, Marriott assured that there wasn’t actually a change to Points Advance bookings:

There is no change. We included language in the category changes email encouraging members to order redemption certificates before March 5 as a suggestion to help members lock in the rate because having a certificate attached makes it easier to retrieve the original reservation and the original rate. While we can retrieve a reservation without a certificate attached, it is a more involved and time-consuming process requiring the help of a CEC agent.

Gary further emphasizes:

I followed up further, for avoidance of any doubt, and was told that when you make an award reservation using Points Advance “[t]he rate is locked in.” So you just need to have the points in your account 14 days prior to check-in.

So that seems pretty cut and dry, but as it wouldn’t be the first time in the past two years of this merger that Marriott has issued a statement that turned out to be completely divorced from reality, I decided to do some science.

A Points Advance booking at a hotel changing category

In order to see what this process would look like in practice, I made a Points Advance reservation last night at the Fontecruz Lisboa, an Autograph Collection property in Lisbon, Portugal, that was changing from a Category 5 to a Category 6.

And, because I know some people are going to be like “you’re taking advantage of the system and abusers like you ruin things for everyone, wah“, I just want to clarify that at the time of this writing I still have ~1.5 million points in my Marriott Bonvoy account, so could have booked this outright.

But, science.

Making the Points Advance booking

As a Category 5 property, the hotel was 35,000 points per night for a standard redemption, or 140,000 for five nights (with the 5th night free).

I selected the Points Advance option, and the reservation was confirmed at 140,000 points for the stay, but the points weren’t deducted. I did get a message saying “Congrats, you have enough points for this reservation! Click here to redeem, or we’ll take care of it for you automatically 14 days before departure.” which is typical for Points Advance bookings.

The reservation was completed at 5:11PM Pacific time on March 4th — this will be important later. And everything in my account showed the booking confirmed at 140,000 points, as expected.

If the category changed, so has the points cost

Expectedly (or, unexpectedly if you’re the type to take stock in statements from PR people), my reservation this morning does not show at the correct price of 140,000 points, but rather invites me to redeem 200,000 points (the new Category 6 price) for my confirmed stay:

We’ve heard from several readers that their points prices are off as well, so this isn’t just a one-off. But let’s talk about how (or if) you can fix it.

Calling Marriott means never having to say you’re kidding

In theory, this is apparently supposed to be as simple as calling Marriott and having them look at the reservation, and the right agent (or a certain department) should be able to see the history and deduct the correct number of points.

But I think we all know better at this point.

I rang up the Titanium Elite desk, and a friendly agent answered right away. We chatted for a bit, and then she looked up the reservation. She immediately, and without hesitation said that there was no way for her to deduct the old number of points if a property was showing the new category in their system.

(I always prefer an agent who hesitates, if I’m being honest).

I read her the statement Bonvoy made to VFTW, including the bit about “a CEC agent, though I don’t know what that means,” and she put me on hold to escalate to the elite line.

Twenty-five minutes later, she came back on the line with this pronouncement:

“We went ahead and took a deep dive into your account, and it looks like you just booked today, so obviously we can’t honor an old category for a booking you made today.”

I then explained further that no, I’d booked the reservation yesterday, and had a screenshot of when I’d made the booking at 5:11PM.

She put me on hold while she went for a supervisor.

Thirty-seven minutes into the call, the supervisor came on the line, and asked lots of questions about when I booked, what category I felt the hotel should be in, why I had made so many bookings with points yesterday, why I hadn’t redeemed the points for this one when I had them, and so forth. I do feel like these were mostly general curiosity, and not necessarily part of the research process, but I’d be prepared with all those answers before you call.

With a baseline of information established, he put me on hold while he escalated to another department.

This wait was much faster, and forty-eight minutes into the call we had our prognosis:

When I made my booking on March 4th, with the correct pricing displayed on my screen, it was already March 5th Lisbon time, and so the category had already been changed in the hotel system.

Now, this seems like information that would have been helpful to know ahead of time (Bonvoy!), but at least everyone involved thus far agrees it’s a ridiculous distinction. This may also explain why some properties were displaying the new/wrong category yesterday — for whatever reason some things may have been set to local hotel time.

So a case number has been created, and I’m told to expect either an email or phone call in 5-10 business days. Total call time so far? One hour and fourteen minutes.

Bon. Voy.

Recommendations for Points Advance bookings

At this point, and from what I can tell so far, if you made your booking prior to 11:59PM hotel time on March 4th, you may have an easier time resolving this. You’ll still have to escalate to the research department, but my hope for you is that it will just be the 37 Minute Department, not the 1 Hour 14 Minute Plus 5-10 Business Days Department.

In general though, as has been the case with pretty much everything related to this merger, I think this is a time where the early worm gets eaten.

If your travel reservation isn’t imminent (let’s say in the next 30 days), I’d probably recommend waiting a week or so for things to settle out. That will give reservations agents a chance to actually be informed about the situation (though I am of course skeptical that this will be communicated to them), and the various research departments time to develop a process around fixing these bookings.

Who knows, maybe Marriott will even proactively fix all the points requirements for these reservations.


Do you have any Points Advance bookings impacted by the category change? How’s it going?

  1. I seriously dread calling them now.

    I had a five-night Cat 1-4 (formerly Cat 1-5) certificate that I called to use this past weekend. The agent said “That’s only good for 10,000 points since that’s all that’s left on the certificate.”

    WTF! You can’t book a Fairfield Inn in the middle of nowhere for 10,000 for five nights. He wasn’t persuaded by common sense. A supervisor made the booking but it’s just so frustrating.

    And this was also their elite line.

  2. Jeez. Nobody does condescending and arrogant like Marriott. I just have trouble understanding the mindset of the customer as the enemy.

  3. So, I didn’t notice the byline and assumed I was reading Lucky’s prose *until* I read “the early worm gets eaten” and I stopped, scrolled up to the byline and confirmed my suspicion that this was Tiffany’s piece.


    Hilarious. Fills me with a withering sense of dread over my 1 (one) 7-day “cat5 partial” (old chart) certificate and no booking. For most of you, with more points, active bookings at properties that changed last night… sigh.

    I’m in my happy place (repeat after me)

  4. Anyone else wondering what happened to Lucky’s trip reports?

    Did he finally mouth off to the wrong wine steward and get himself kidnapped by a sinister cabal of mean old flight attendants? Sure, they’ve got enough evil in them to kidnap one scrawny blogger, but do they have the upper-body strength? I doubt it.

  5. @ DenB® — Dang, that’s like 98% of the way through! I apparently need to up my game 😉

  6. Thanks for posting this… Just checked my Res for tHe Ritz Carlton Hong Kong – Was booked at 60K now my reservation is showing 85…To call now.. or wait a few days…..

  7. Thanks for this piece! I now know I have to brace myself for all those long call waits for my Points Advance in StR Florence and Gritti Palace, Lux Collection later this September. Interestingly enough, these were all booked last night 8PM EST, and TBH the whole time zone different thing is sounds alot like make up bull. From the looks of it, your rep you encountered is one of those terrible sort that coughs up excuses instead of assisting you to fix your problem. Sometimes it’s best to HUCA.

    Boy, am I glad I locked in the StR Maldives with whatever points we had. That trip is a definite on our bucket list.

  8. Gold Elite. Made points advance reservation March 4 around 5pm from the PT time for a hotel in PT time zone. 60k points per night. Never received a confirmation email but the reservation was showing the in the app.

    Today, reservation says 85k per night. I called Marriott. First agent was confused, 10 minute hold, transfer to “CEC” agent. Second agent typed for 10 minutes, put on hold, transfer. Third agent understood what was happening, put me on hold to get a manager. Agent came back and said they will deposit the difference in points into my account, without changing the reservation.

    I thanked her, and asked if they plan to do this for all points advance reservations with hotel category changes and she said yes, as the computer will not let them change the points required per night as of today.

  9. I had to cancel a points advance reservation last night at Bora Bora Regis (read the review at this site obviously.) And made a new one for NYC regis for thanks giving. Also points advance, now it is showing as 340k instead of 240k which I made the booking under.

    Called the Titanium line, the agent has 0 idea of what I am talking about (the cat change today), he probably thinks I am a mad man.

    I emailed the Bonvoy Lurker last night, didn’t get a response yet. But I think it is probably the best way, as calling Marriott CS is just HORRIBLE. The normal agents have less idea about the program than I do.

  10. Ok so the new Bonvoy Lurker got back to me, she has no idea and is giving me the spin around… Everything Marriott is just horrible..
    Here is what she told me, she is giving me the same BS that my reservation was made TODAY, which is NOT true.

    Hello Mr. Huang,

    Thank you for reaching out regarding your November reservation at St. Regis New York.

    As this reservation was booked today, after the category changed for the property, we are unable to honor the previous nightly award rate.

    We appreciate your understanding and are here to help if you have further questions.

    Kind regards,

    Alexandra Baker
    Specialist, Social Media

  11. Crazy one today – got back from a 12 night award stay and received none of the points or elite nights. I called the plat line and got the points awarded easily, but was told emphatically that award nights don’t generate elite nights. Obviously this is wrong, well documented on the bon-fire site, and based on years of consistent experience. The supposed supervisor knew nothing and could do nothing for me but route me to an email address. I threatened to contest the charges with my CC, move my loyalty elsewhere etc. He didn’t care even a little. HUCA an hour later and got another agent that confirmed what I know to be true, and got the nights into my account. Another hour of my life wasted on calls with nothing but my rightfully earned points and nights to show for it. Thanks bonvoy. This is supposed to be this easy / automated stuff.

  12. You’re so lucky that they didn’t just hang up on you like they did for me when I asked for a manager…

  13. So, to sum up, you wasted over an hour time of call centre agents to do phantom “science” (the term is used loosely), did a reservation you had no intention of following through on, thus potentially preventing some people from actually making a reservation they wanted, and tried to make what seems like 234,865,255 puns based on Bonvoy, none of which was successful. And the whole basis for an article is to research whether it would be possible to abuse the system of “borrowing” points for just few hours more. Well done.

  14. Honestly I legitimately laughed out loud in Starbucks when I read “You’ve Been Bonvoyed” haha…

    But seriously with the SPG Card going from useful to a free night at an airport hotel, along with the category changes, and the partnership… I’m just transferring all my Marriott points to Alaska. No regrets.

  15. Has anyone who booked one of Marriott’s “sneaky hold fees” properties actually been charged the sneaky hold fees? I’ve been charged nada…

  16. @ Drummond — Yep, I had someone sent me a screenshot of alerts from Amex for about a dozen reservations they’d booked yesterday and had the hold fees charged.

  17. @ Andrey Popov — Try reading the post again, and then we can discuss the arithmetic leading to your summation, as by my count every single one of your assertions is incorrect. But I appreciate the praise regardless!

  18. Had this problem yesterday when I called to attach a partial seven day stay redemption category five for a property that move to a category six today… Late in the day it took over two hours of hang up and call back/ escalation etc. when the agent even suggested canceling the reservation and starting all over to Tasha certificate thank goodness I did not listen to her And she was an elite customer service agent. Finally I got transferred over to the loyalty department and they got it straightened out within a matter of a couple of minutes… If you have issues, I would just ask to speak to the loyalty department straight off the bat . I’ve got a burn on my points I’m history no more Marriott for me

  19. Never before have I seen a more perfect matching of article and GIF than the Seinfeld reservation scene. Good work.

  20. The old SPG reps have no clue how the Marriott program works. Either Marriott does not provide proper training or they cannot relearn new rules.

    I now ask the agent whether s/he is from Marriott side or SPG side, if the former then I would attempt to continue the conversation as to what I need to get done. If the latter then I politely ask, if sh/e knows anything about travel package cert etc.

    The most annoying thing is the minutes long Bon Voy spiel we had to endure just like when before and after the merger. So much insult and waste of the customers’ time.

    On the other hand, the point requirement showing new cat cost is NOT anything new. It has been like that. That is why you need to call to have CS to handle ordering the eCert from your pts – they deposit the extra pts into your account then immediately issue the eCert for the reservation. Have been like this for Marriott for AGES.

    Also the time zone of the properties again is a SPG thing. Been discussed each time SPG made its chart change. The cat changes after midnight AT HOTEL’S TIME. Not anything new on the SPG side. I dont remember this is on Marriott side.

    While BonVoy has been FUBR, what you have encountered is really nothing new, both are historical how things work. Seriously.

  21. I’m still upset that Marriott for increasing the category ratings across the board. It is essentially moving the goalpost as we loyally accrue points over the years.

  22. “……The cat changes after midnight AT HOTEL’S TIME…..” might very well be, but than DON’T show the F*CKING old cat points while booking, after reservation and in my app and account!
    Had the same happen to me for a SPG BKK hotel and now just realise, this is the ONLY one of my many reservations over the years, for which I did not get a res-confirm-email. So I have no proof of the old points amount. FU Bonvoy!

  23. Thank you for helping to turn Bonvoy into a verb. I’ve been suggesting it on a few blogs, I want it to catch on. For example, if your passport is stolen, it got Bonvoyed. If bizarre hold fees show up on your credit card for an award stay, your card got Bonvoyed, etc. You get the idea!

  24. Great article and perfect Seinfeld reference. Please keep us updated.

    If Marriott wants to turn Bonvoy into a verb with colorful meanings unanticipated by their marketing team, I can’t think of a better way than to cheat people out of their Points Advance reservations. After all, the whole point of a RESERVATION is that the price is locked in. Normal people are not going to be interested in bizarre excuses about time zones, etc — they’ll just know that they’ve been screwed — excuse me, “Bonvoyed” — by a company that can’t be trusted to keep its most basic promises.

  25. Last August before the Aug. 18 category change, we booked the Marriott Park Lane in London for a stay later this month. We booked a 3-night stay for 45,000 points a night, but after the category changes, it showed in my wife’s account as 60,000 points per night. We called and got Marriott to correct the points on the phone (and go ahead and issue the e-certificates so we don’t have to deal with any more issues before our stay), but our call also took an hour to resolve. What a mess!

  26. Being Bon-voyed is definitely a thing! I was bon-downgraded last weekend. Booked my bon-stay in Philly on Saturday as a Platinum elite. Arrived at the hotel the next day and suddenly a bon-downgrade to bon-Gold appeared. Not cool bon-people. I spent 30 minutes holding with bon-customer service until I gave up. I’m saying Bon-bye to Marriott. Honestly, the bon-lounge is just a bon-feeding frenzy of fat Americans I won’t bon-miss.

  27. I called to attach a 7-night travel package certificate to a property that moves down to category 4 today. Prior to the call, I did a mock booking to make sure the total points required reflected the category change and it did. However, twithin a minute into the call the agent informed me it could not be done as the property was listed as category 5 in her system. I thanked her and ended the call since I did not see the point of arguing with her. Shall I say at least Marriott is consistent in handling the category change, meaning if the property goes up on the category, the customer is subject to pay higher points of the two categories; and if the property goes down on the category, the customer is also on the hook of paying higher points? LOL!


  29. Going through the exact same issue, at the exact same hotel (Fontecruz) right now. Two days ago it was 140k points for my reservation. I had 137k so held the reservation then transferred 3k UR over. When that posted (took a day) I went back in to finish deducting the points. The website kept giving me an error so I called. After over an hour, multiple people, being put on hold multiple times, I gave up. Logged in today and it’s now 200k points.

    I really wanted to give Marriott a chance after the SPG merger, but they are making it very hard to not just go back to Hilton. Between Marriott’s buggy website, inept customer service reps, and just a general sense of not caring, this is probably my last booking with them, assuming I can get this fixed for this reservation. Hilton isn’t perfect, but I’ve never had this many problems just trying to book a room.

    Currently on hold for a supervisor, 16 minutes and counting.

  30. I ran into the same timezone issue with SPG a few years ago. I was booking over the phone when the category changed 🙁

  31. @John

    Good advice. Unfortunately too late for me.

    Booked a 7 night and flight award August 5 before rate increase. Huge problem post August 18. High level escalation Rep cancelled and rebooked. At the highest rate! Never let them cancel when they don’t know how to fix it.

    Took until December to (hopefully) fix the booking. I check in Friday and will find out then if all is well. I don’t have enough points left to pay a higher rate so they can’t steal much.


    Burn baby burn

  32. I have two nights at Al Maha on points advance and just saw that it has gone up to 85000. I will wait a few days for other updates and more info before calling.

  33. I have two nights at Al Maha on points advance and just saw that it has gone up to 85000. I will wait a few days for other updates and more info before calling.

  34. I had 2 reservations at the Residence Inn in Maui which was a Cat 5 until today. I made my reservations back in December. I called before reading this post and the agent I got on the Titanium line said there was nothing they could do. I hung up found this blog post, called back and stated that they needed to honour the old redemption rate of 35000 points a night as I made the points advance reservation months ago. I told him that either a supervisor or a CEC rep had to make the changes. He went away and not 10 minutes later said that they would manually credit my account the 15000 points needed to make up for the points differential and then book the reservation for me. All told, I was on the line less than 20 minutes.

  35. I called Marriott today and they fixed it by adding additional points to cover the differente. Problem was solved in 30 min 🙂

  36. Have 5 nights at the st Regis Punta Mita in October; did advanced reservation last week for 240k now showing as 340k. on the phone now…

  37. Have 2 five night stays back to back booked with Starwood in July 2018 -nat at old rate AND STARWOODS SENT CFM E/M same day – RATE 28K Star pts =84 k Marriot – ALL ALONG IT HAS SHOWED CORRECT INFO ON MY ACCOUNT–looked yesterday — shows points not pulled and NEW rate 140K–spent 1 1/2 hours on call – told everything I said is correct they opened a case file gave me number –BUT told it will continue to show at 140k online and will need to give case number at check-in

    I believe since it shows points not pulled and I do not have enough points to cover –the reservation will be canceled 14 days b4 arrival

    Hotel is a resort and will not open for another 6-7 weeks -cannot speak to them

    I will go back to speak with M. AND SPEND ANOTHER 2 HOURS ON THE PHONE to see if they can correct on my account –real PITA

  38. I have a reservation coming up in Shanghai Mar 24-26 that changed categories. I have three stays coming up between now and then that will get me the points needed but I do not currently have the points in my account and won’t before the 15 day cut off as the stays go through March 15th…Am I SOL in this situation?

  39. This is ridiculous! All my reservations are now showing the higher points category…

  40. I had the exact same thing happen and didn’t know this was a thing until it was pointed out elsewhere. I made the reservation on Monday night EST and the hotel is in Paris.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I just spent over an hour on the phone with Marriott and was told there’s nothing they could do other than open up a case number.

  41. Also, per a user on Reddit:

    “Marriott never sends confirmation emails for Points Advance reservations, which reflects the fact that they are not actually confirmed reservations. It might be a good idea to save screenshots of the reservation details before a category change, although from my experience I have never needed to use them.”

    This is terribly convenient for Marriott, especially in cases like this when a guest cannot prove the exact date and time (local) when they made the reservation. It also doesn’t tell you when you’re making the reservation that you will not receive an email confirmation. How in the world would a guest know that they won’t receive confirmation for an upcoming stay? My hair stylist, spa, dentist, dog walkers all send email confirmations for everything (even changes) and they aren’t billion dollar corporations.

  42. Folks,
    Unless your stays are in the upcoming days / weeks, there is NO REASON to call because the only fix is they deposit the difference of the pts into your account and then deduct the pts at the NEW level, for an eCert to attach.

    If you dont have the old pts level in your account to begin with, calling does not do you any good as the remedy is to redeem the booking immediately at the old level.

    Again, this is nothing new, been like this Every Year. Just because the SPG folks dont know because SPG did not have the Point Advance feature, or the new comers to the Marriott program, it does not change the fact that, in this case, you are not BonVoyed as it is just the same old, standard practice for the past 5 or 6 years I have had PA reservations. ALWAYS need to call to finalize it, ALWAYS encounter some reps who have no clue what to do. ALWAYS someone eventually was able to take care of it, BY WAY OF DEPOSITING THE ADDITIONAL PTS INTO YOUR ACCOUNT AND PROMPTLY ISSUED THE E CERT.

    Save your brain cells / energy / time, until you actually will stay at those Point Advance reservations.

    It is interesting someone got all his PA reservations canceled based on bookings are made on speculative basis. I wonder why the poster does not tell us HOW MANY nights he has booked? PA bookings still take up the hotels award nights therefore if it is out of the size of an ordinary stay period / times, I dont really blame the hotel to cancel such spec bookings. The speculator also takes up the award inventory from those who are willing to pay the higher 85K pts when they actually need a stay that they have not anticipated before. Just sayin that outrageous spec bookings are very selfish act to all other parties.

  43. My 240,000 points plus no cash points advance reservation for Venice has been changed to 50 Euros now plus 340,000 points. At least I have 3 months to sort this out.

  44. Just took another look at the reservation. It says “Great. You have earned all of the points you need. Deduct them now . . . etc”. I am actually about 120,000 points short. I am tempted to click on the link to see if it will show as paid, but I am more concerned that this will just cancel the reservation. You can’t make this stuff up Bon Fire indeed!

  45. I have an upcoming trip to Japan at the end of March and booked 5 nights at Tokyo Ritz. The rate went up to 340K from 240K. The agent I got on my 1st phone call said they would not honor the 240K rate since I used the points advance feature. I asked her to escalate my call to her supervisor. She said she was the supervisor. I just hung up and called back. The 2nd agent solved my problem in less than 20 minutes by depositing the 100k difference to my account first and then issued the e-certificate.

  46. E-mailed the Marriott Lurker and got the following back:

    “Our apologies for any inconvenience, but, once category changes go into effect all systems are going to show an increase in the number of points. There is just no getting around that part. However, there is a workaround that would allow you to get a refund of the difference under certain conditions. Based upon what you’ve told me here, you should qualify.

    So, when you get ready to order the e-certificate for this stay, please call the nearest loyalty program support center for assistance. This cannot be done via email for security reasons. If you should reach someone who is unfamiliar with this process, ask them to pull up KM article 6115 and follow the instructions listed there.”

    So guys when you talk to the phone agent save yourself some time as refer them to KM article 6115, and as mentioned above don’t do this until you are ready to book the e-cert!

  47. So if you made a lot of speculative points advance bookings and the phone rep manually credits your account the difference, you could cancel the bookings and keep the additional points. Touche Bonvoy…

  48. I had a night booked in London at 35K, booked in mid Feb for November. Looked March 6 and it’s now 50K. Tweeted, emailed, etc and spent too much time on hold and said the heck with it. Cancelled and will stay at a non US hotel. Not worth it anymore. Marriott’s customer service no longer exists.

  49. I used the old category 6 travel package (prior to the Marriott/SPG merger) and booked 7 nights for January of next year. The reservation was booked on 3/1. The agent converted the old package to the new 1-7 night partial package, refunded me 30,000 point, and extended the new partial package certificate for 1 year. However, the new partial package certificate did not get attached to the reservation. The rep explained that due to the category change on 3/5 the system automatically detached some rewards reservations that did not match to the new category. She said she escalated my case to the loyalty rewards team and I should get an answer in a few days. She also mentioned that most likely Marriott will add points to my reservation in order to get the new partial certificate attach to this reservation. Not sure if my case is unique but I’d like to share my experience in using the old travel certificate prior to the 3/5 change.

  50. Have a 35k hotel room in London honored. Somehow they increased my points by 15k. Though I don’t see that in my activity section. I would assume if I cancelled the booking, I would only get 35K back and not 15K. But likely wont test that out as I don’t have a reason to cancel.

  51. I booked the W Maldives for 5 nights at 240K points. I only had 228K in my account. When the category changed, the reservation now stated 340K point required. I sent an email to customer service on March 4 and got a reply of somebody will look into it and a case number. After over two weeks without a reply, I called customer service. The rep took about 15 minutes but attached an e-cert to the reservation and deducted my 228K points. So I saved 12K points of the original 240K required.

  52. Now that we are solidly into April, are there more data points on Point Advance reservations and attaching e-certificates based on pre-March 5th point bookings?

    Thinking to call for a couple of reservations but would like to find out if the situation has improved somewhat vs. calls made days after category changes went into effect?

    Thank you.

  53. Very disappointing phone call just now with Bonvoy. We booked a hotel at the 35K rate before the category change using points advance. It is now 50K points. Our 35K free night certificate just hit our account, so I called to have it applied. Marriott refused to apply it, saying that they won’t honor the 35K rate we locked in with our points advance reservations if we are using a free night cert. They will only honor the 35K rate with points, and they do that by adding the difference in points between the old rate and the new rate to your account balance. Obviously that does nothing to help us since we only have the free night cert, not 35K points sitting in our account. Just really disheartened–the representative and supervisor were not helpful at all.

  54. Just called Bonvoy elite line and transferred to loyalty line after describing the increases in points issue.

    Despite initial resistance from the agent, i was able to convince him to follow the instructions on “KM article 6115”. After 30 minutes on hold, he was able to work around a few roadblocks, “fix” the reservation by issuing a e-certificate, and only deduct the old number of points required.

    Thanks for the posts above

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