Is “Marriott Bonvoy” The Name Of Marriott’s New Loyalty Program?

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While Marriott officially acquired Starwood over two years ago, the two companies have been slow to merge their loyalty programs.

They finally merged the programs as of August 18, 2018, though that process has been rocky, to put it mildly. We also know that the process isn’t even done. While they’ve officially merged Marriott Rewards, Starwood Preferred Guest, and Ritz-Carlton Rewards, they’ve maintained the individual names of the programs for the time being.

We know that in early 2019 Marriott will create a single name for their loyalty program. It looks like we may now have a clue of what that is.

Reader Chris points me to this site, which seems to have details of Marriott’s new loyalty program. Note that it’s entirely possible that this is just an earlier version of the program they were working on, so it’s possible that the program name and details may change once again between now and whenever it actually launches.

However, this seems pretty likely to me, so I’d put the odds as being pretty good that this is the name of the new program.

If this is to be believed, Marriott’s new loyalty program will be called Marriott Bonvoy. This is further supported by the fact that a federal trademark registration number was filed for Marriott Bonvoy on October 30, 2018.

As far as I know that’s not a real word, so I’m not sure if it’s short for “bon voyage,” or what. If they’re going to come up with a creative name then I guess that’s not that terrible, but what I can’t figure out is why they don’t just keep the Marriott Rewards name (and I say that as a former Starwood loyalist).

This website contains all kinds of information about the new program as well, though it seems to me like nothing major is changing. The only thing I notice is that they’re renaming two of the elite tiers.

They’ll maintain Silver, Gold, and Platinum Elite, but:

  • Platinum Premier Elite will become Titanium Elite
  • Platinum Premier Elite with Ambassador will become Ambassador Elite

What do you make of Marriott’s new loyalty program potentially being called Marriott Bonvoy? Do you notice any other changes based on the new site?

  1. Seems pretty legit to me. I personally can’t stand the name, but makes sense that it’s the new choice of the single program.

  2. So now I’m a a Tit at Starriott
    And a Glob @ Hyatt ?
    I’m feeling quite elite after thousands of nights (roll eyes)

  3. Ugh. They could use an image of Ronald Reagan in pajamas in bed with a chimp to advertise the program. Oh, wait, that’s “Bedtime for Bonzo”…


  4. The name has to be a joke right? Thats the best they could come up with. For all of us that thought World of Hyatt was bad branding welcome to Marriott Bonvoy?

    This merger is a joke i still have not received all my nights and missing some of my suit night awards.

  5. Titanium might not be a great name, but I’m pleased for the clearer delineation between Platinum and Platinum Premier. As a PPE, I feel like properties often don’t realize or recognize a difference between levels of platinum. The new name should make it clearer to desk agents that I’m kind of a big deal! (Jk of course, but you get the point)

  6. @Rob. Agreed. AA should do something similar. Three levels of Platinum doesn’t make a lot of sense in the AAdvantage program either.

  7. @ Ben — What a joke. Marriott and SPG are so lame. I realize that you and Ford market for them, but I am always treated like dirt unless I raise hell, and I am Platinum (very soon to be nothing as I have zero nights YTD). I will not miss them one bit.

  8. US Trademark Search Reveals:


    Goods and Services IC 035. US 100 101 102. G & S: Advertising, business management, business administration; office functions; incentive award programs; promoting hotel, resort, airline, car rental, time share, travel, and vacation services through an incentive award program; organization, operation and supervision of loyalty programs

    IC 036. US 100 101 102. G & S: Insurance, financial affairs, monetary affairs, real estate; real estate timesharing services featuring an incentive award program; real estate listing, rental and leasing services for residential housing, apartments, rooms in homes, vacation homes, and villas featuring an incentive award program; credit card services

    IC 043. US 100 101. G & S: Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation; hotel services featuring an incentive award program; hotel reservations

    Standard Characters Claimed
    Mark Drawing Code (4) STANDARD CHARACTER MARK
    Serial Number 88174329
    Filing Date October 30, 2018
    Current Basis 1B;44D
    Original Filing Basis 1B;44D
    Owner (APPLICANT) Marriott Worldwide Corporation CORPORATION MARYLAND 10400 Fernwood Road Bethesda MARYLAND 20817
    Attorney of Record Lindsay R. Kaplan
    Priority Date April 30, 2018
    Type of Mark SERVICE MARK
    Register PRINCIPAL
    Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

  9. What happened to the Platinum LIFETIME category? It took a great deal of effort, dedication, and money to reach this level.

    What does LIFETIME mean? Someone else’s lifetime? We are shocked and disgusted.

  10. It’s a horrible name. I guess they are trying to be “hip” but it just comes across as lame.

    Personally, I don’t see what’s wrong with “Marriott Rewards” for the combined program.

  11. Someone at Marriott figured that “World of Hyatt” was not dumb enough and was really determined to outdo the competition? What’s next? Hilton HHHHHHHonors?

  12. I will join the chorus of voices saying Bonvoy is an awful, awful name.

    Truly distinct names for the tiers is a sensible step. Personally I think Diamond Elite would have been better than Titanium Elite, but Titanium isn’t outright terrible.

    But Marriot if you are listening: think again on Bonvoy. Various people will have cracked bottles of champagne at how clever they have been (I know how it works) but clever is often a mistake. Do customer research. I think people will largely tell you they hate it.

  13. Lol. I mean, seriously LOL. Who on earth thought that would work globally. I’m sure that was many hundreds of thousands of $ in consultants. ‘I’m “Bonvoy” Titanium’ sounds like you’ve got issues that need resolving. Doesn’t exactly convey something you’re keen to say you’re part of.

  14. With all the mess they have going on now right now, really doubt they would file a trademark for something they are not planning to use.

    So…Marriott Bonvoy. Guess that’ll be.

  15. How can they call the level above Platinum Titanium? It’s way cheaper than Gold and Platinum, not even half the price of Silver. They could have used Diamond, or maybe Black or whatever, but Titanium? That’s like Copper.

  16. Wish they would just concentrate on fixing the mess they have made. Customer Service sucks after the merger.

  17. What’s the name Bon Bon rewards ?
    Who ever thought that the name World of Hyatt could seem brilliant ny comparison
    with a far worse name Bon-void Rewards
    Welcome Bonvoy elite members from Bombay

  18. Stupid program name that may not translate. Don’t forget legacy Marriott and legacy SPG had strong loyalty programs in Japan and elsewhere.

    It’s obvious they recognized that the stupid platinum, platinum premier and platinum premier ambassador names don’t make sense and only confuse people. Making it worse is the fact that Marriott credit cards are called “premier.”

    Titanium sounds kind of ridiculous. Silver, gold, platinum, diamond and ambassador would be more logical.

  19. Bonvoy??? Seriously? And I’ll bet they paid a lot for it too…

    I guess I don’t really care since I’m not Marriott loyal, WOH and I will enjoy yet another bad name.

  20. Agree. Bonvoy is a stupid name. Also Titanium as the level after Platinum doesn’t make sense… titanium metal is less valuable than platinum metal isn’t it? Why not go with Rhodium or even better (I think) Iridium. Or make the top two levels diplomatic: Envoy and then Ambassador.

  21. Wow this must be April fool’s because it’s just too cringe to be true. And wow again at the stupidest names for loyalty levels ever. Titanium is just dumb but I guess they didn’t want to straight up copy Hilton. I hope Marriott gets hit hard by the new loyalty program, it’s been a total joke since the merger and Marriott is ridiculously uncompetitive now that they feel like they’re number one. The merger should never have been allowed to happen.

  22. Marriott is being run by knuckleheads. The good ol’ days at Marriott are long gone, and they are going down hill as fast as a big snowball. Now they have a disastrous merge between SPG and Marriott Rewards. Members on both programs lose out big time and there is great unhappiness. In a few more years Marriott will have categories one thru twenty five, LOL. They are thinking a fancy, and goofy sounding new name is in order for their program, ‘Bonvoy’……….
    I have a new name for where I stay at this time also…….’Hilton”.

  23. Marriott could not call Platinum Premier – Diamond – as Hilton, Diamond is the level above Gold. With the next stop being Platinum (you might say Hilton Diamond equivalent), then they need a new name above Platinum – so Titanium is logical, although the 4 syllables make it a bit more complex to say. Ambassador is 4 but easier to say.

  24. I think Silver and Gold should be called Paper and Plastic since they are so worthless. Then you can kick into heavy metals. And yeah, I’d must rather have a bar of silver, than a bar of titanium in terms of value.

  25. @ Rich lol elite status Envoy

    “I finally qualified as a Bonvoy Envoy (and all I got was this lousy t shirt).”

  26. Who cares about the name? Apart from the folks in Marriots rebranding team and, the advertising agency currently banking a huge cheque?

  27. Marriott Bonvoy? This will have the folks at World of Hyatt smiling as people will stop talking about all the silly terms they use. “Marriott Bonvoy” is beyond terrible. It’s an embarrassment.

  28. I think Bonvoy is a stupid name, and I don’t like the sound of it or the ring to it. I also don’t like World of Hyatt or the names of their tiers at Hyatt.

    I’m less bothered with the new names that Marriott chose for their top tiers, that actually makes some sense, and it has a good ring to it; that is, the tier names only.

  29. Will they replace the Book of Mormon with the BonVoy of the Vanities, or will it be the Book of BonVoy? I would rather be a BonVoy Rhodium. Anyway, I guess one should save one’s points for the BonVoyage of one’s life. It may be a Westin, but it it will be a Heavenly BonVoy. Au BonVoy!

    Now, Bon Voi (same pronunciation, presumably) would mean Good Elephant in French/Vietnamese and elephants mean good luck to many in the world.

    Sill, I agree @Greenfish–Oh veh.

    Still, assuming this is the correct new name, I am sure that by this time next year, with the ad campaigns they have planned, the word will seem second nature. Still, it could always be a NoVa.

  30. Terrible idea. Gold Starwood member for close to 15 years, somehow, ended up “lifetime silver”, not that there is any significant difference between “silver” and “gold” with no lounge access for either. I have two credit cards with them that I only keep for free nights. Last time I tried to book a free night, though plenty standard rooms were available, they refused to book reward night for me. Room went unsold, I went to a nice Hilton property instead. I just wish other chains expanded their offerings. I think Feds made a huge mistake allowing for Marriott-Starwood marriage.

  31. Hahaha Bonvoy? That is so cringe-worthy, just such an embarrassing and awkward name, who in earth would want to talk about being part of “Marriott Bonvoy”??

    They’ve maned to outdo World of Hyatt in terrible rebranding!

  32. Makes “Globalist” sound good.

    I see what they’re trying to do, but it’s really bad.

    And “titanium”? What’s next, “latnum”? “Antimatter”?

  33. The silly names are a mild annoyance. As the saying goes, “I don’t care what you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner.” The proof of the pudding will be if we actually receive the benefits to which Marriott says we will be entitled such as suite upgrades, using SNAs, Your 24, and good ambassador service (please don’t transfer me to the China call center). Those benefits, as well as lifetime status names and benefits, are omitted from the chart in the post b/t/w.

  34. I just hit PPE, er, Titanium. Oye. While the program needed distinct tiers and a fresh name overall, this is just horrible branding across the board (as the many hilarious comments above illustrate). IDK, maybe ask your elites what they think of this before rolling it out???? Never mind, the website survey would certainly crash anyway.

  35. Bonvoy sounds like you’re departing (and as many are leaving the program… maybe it’s appropriate). While I am currently Platinum with Ambassador Service, I welcome the new tier names as some get confused with multiple Platinum tiers. The ambassador service has gone downhill.

  36. I don’t even think Don Draper could sell the garbage that is “Bonvoy”. It’s a pure pander to millenials to come up with a non-trademarked, hashtag ready name. Nevermind it’s also got a double-meaning (probably intended) in that the point value “bon voyages” on Jan 1st as well with Cat 8 and Peak pricing. Agree with others that they should have just made it MPG.

  37. Pretty stupid sounding name, although at least they’re dropping Plat Prem. It’s definitely Hyattesque though in its rubbishness!

    Personally I wish they’d put more effort into decent CS and resolving the myriad of issues they’ve created with the merger and actually solving them. I like SPG before, the experience with Marriott so far has been appalling and I’ve been moving business to Hilton and IHG.

  38. @ Mjolnir22

    But Polonium has a relatively low number on the periodic table. You’d still be outranked by members with Radium, Uranium, Plutonium, Einsteinium, and Nobelium status.

  39. The reason the named changed is simple. A new ad agency or existing ad agency creative team got involved and no ad agency on the planet can take over a new account or project or client without changing things up and putting their own stamp on things, no matter how perfectly fine things are already.

  40. With ANY luck whatsoever, someone @ Marriott will see all the negative comments regarding WHAT A STUPID NAME(!) that is, and change it before it’s too late…

  41. Please please don’t call it Titanium. It’s cheaper than gold. American education clearly failed Marriott Executives

  42. Bonvoy? So stupid, sound like a joke.

    Price of metals today (11/25/2018):

    Silver $14.38 Gold $1226.15 Platinum $850.50 Titanium $5.92

  43. Sounds like Bonsoy, a brand of soy milk!

    It doesn’t jump out as anything to do with “Bon voyage” to me. I really hope it isn’t this. If they really felt they had to change the name – which they don’t – then surely all their high-paid marketing execs and agencies could’ve come up with something better. Marriott Dreams. Legends. Rollers. Some sort of relevant bird’s name. Global. Etc.

  44. I dont care what they call it what we all need is a reduction in points needed per night. Loyal customers are being hurt by this program make no doubt about it !

  45. Sounds like you’re saying Goodbye to Marriott. I’m sure some over paid genius believe this is the best thing since sliced bread. However to me it seems like you’re saying Goodbye to Marriott. Did they do any testing? Or just assume over paid marketing people never make mistakes.

  46. Somebody must have been higher than a kite thinking that name sounds good.
    They don’t seem to offer as many opportunities to get points as previously.

  47. Bonvoy is short for bonvoyage, which is what fellow SPG Platinums like me will be saying to the cheapskates at Marriott.

    Already a Hyatt Globalist in 3 months.

    Globalist = Always Club Level. No resort fees. Always free parking if in a hotel operated parking deck/lot. And you can guarantee your Suite Night Awards at the time of booking (for up to 7 nights) with just 1 award. Not the BS of waiting until 5 days before and hoping for a handout. Lastly, Hyatt is superior in terms of the points required per night vs Marriott’s over inflated rates. Even as a lifetime SPG Platinum – Bonvoyage!!!

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