Mandarin Oriental Launches “Fans Of MO” Loyalty Program

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Mandarin Oriental has just launched a formal loyalty program, called Fans Of MO. The “fans” thing is in line with their typical branding, including their ad campaigns, where they have celebrities say that they’re “fans” of Mandarin Oriental.

While I can appreciate their desire for consistent branding, at some point this is all a bit confusing, because Mandarin Oriental’s proprietary travel agent program is called Mandarin Oriental Fan Club.

Anyway, as of now Mandarin Oriental’s new Fans Of MO loyalty program is pretty straightforward, in the sense that there are no status tiers or points. Rather you get benefits as long as you’re a member (it’s free to join) and book directly with Mandarin Oriental. Benefits include complimentary wifi, a welcome amenity, and access to exclusive member only offers.

On top of that, members can choose two exclusive privileges with each stay. That’s right, just for being a member you get even more. While the exact benefits vary by hotel, you can expect to choose from perks like early check-in, late check-out, daily breakfast, a dining or spa credit, a room upgrade, high speed wifi, a celebratory treat, or pressing services.

I signed up for the program and just to take a closer look at how the selection progress works, I went through the process of making a booking at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. On the page before you enter your credit card information, you’re given the option of selecting two further privileges. These includes the following (along with their descriptions):

  • Pressing Services — We’ll make sure you look sharp with complimentary pressing or laundering of your favourite item
  • Daily Breakfast For One — We want to give you the best start to each day, therefore, we are pleased to offer International Breakfast Buffet. Please note, À La Carte, Room Service and Breakfast are not included.
  • Breakfast For Second Guest — Enjoy a great start to the day with a second breakfast on us.
  • Dining Or Spa Credit — Indulge yourself with a THB 1,700 credit towards a relaxing spa treatment or an innovative dining experience. Please note, credit cannot be used towards spa products.
  • Celebratory Treat — Let us help make your celebration memorable.
  • Streaming WiFi — Download, play games and stream as much as you wish.

Some other random notes based on reading the FAQs:

  • There’s “currently no fee” to join the program, suggesting that there may be a fee to join in the future
  • You can receive the benefits for up to two rooms (but since there’s no cost to join and there are no points at stake, you can always just get additional accounts for people staying in other rooms)
  • They have an FAQ asking what the celebratory treat consists of, and they answer that by saying “our way to help you celebrate in style with a one of a kind treat for your special occasion,” which is officially the least helpful FAQ ever; c’mon, if you’re going to write the questions… 😉

Bottom line

The new Fans Of MO program by Mandarin Oriental is more about recognition than about loyalty, given that there’s no points currency and no status. That being said, as far as benefits of membership without any stay requirements go, I’d say this is pretty compelling. All members get free Wi-Fi and a welcome amenity, and then you can select from a list of amenities.

Well done on this, Mandarin Oriental.

What do you make of the Fans Of MO program?

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)

  1. Friends of MO, yet, you made a booking at Peninsula Bangkok?
    Am I missing something here?

    On another note, when I stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong last December, I received an upgrade to a suite, which was REALLY nice. (I originally booked a Harbour View room.) If you’ve never stayed at Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, I highly recommend it!

  2. @CR Not exactly. You get free breakfast if you sign up for the program, then book directly through Mandarin Oriental and, provided it’s offered, select it as one of your two benefits

  3. If the wifi is complimentary through the program, what is the streaming wifi ‘complimentary privilege’?

    If you get the wifi for free and then two other benefits, this shapes up to be highly rewarding, although I suspect booking through Amex FHR or Virtuoso will still often be a better overall deal, particularly on 3rd or 4th night free and/or one night stays.

  4. Well, I have never paid for wifi at MO so not sure how this is a benefit. At least in the properties I have stayed at. And normally they have special promotion rates anyway that include one of these perks or room credit for FB or Spa. Seems pretty shallow to me. My Four Seasons VIP card is pretty much the same shallow thing…nothing really different or unique as well. I actually prefer paying LHW for the red card and getting “real” perks like airport pickup, free night after each four stays, and actual upgrades and credits. And they present you with a local and interesting gift at each property that are sometimes quite nice.

  5. Bad deal. It’s just cheaper to book at Orbitz with the always available 15% off coupon.

    Or buy discounted gift cards for and book there.

  6. Is booking through the MO program really any more enriching than booking through Virtuoso? I dunno, it just seems that on the face of it Virtuoso gets breakfast for two either way (vs. selecting breakfast for one and then breakfast for two as the two benefits.

    @LMH Matt – I believe Ben meant to type “Mandarin Oriental” and made a mistake. And I think the MO HK is one of the best properties in HK, it’s just not discussed a lot, I’m not sure why.

  7. I choose celebrate in style. I just won Olympic Gold medal. I want a free upgrade to the presidential suite and complimentary 2nd-7th night at the property.

    Gold medalist DYKWIA

  8. Did you mean Mandarin Oriental Bangkok? You said Peninsula Bangkok. Also agree FS has a similar invitation only VIP program but it doesn’t get you much. Some hotels don’t event recognize it. While others like the Beverly Whilsire Four Seaosons go above and beyond and meet at valet and do in room check in, prioritize early check in, room upgrades when available, etc.

  9. @CR you get a free breakfast after shelling out $400+ for a standard room!!!

    No, thank you! I’ll pay my $150 a night room rate and buy my own breakfast 🙂

  10. Why not book through Virtuoso or similar. You get breakfast for all the guests, space available room upgrades, potential late checkouts, spa/dining credits? Seems you get more from that than booking direct.

  11. I checked Virtuoso for Mandarin Oriental Singapore. On 17-21 March I got on MO website 374SGD++, about 440SGD, with 4th night free.
    Virtuoso offers no such thing, and four nights are 540SGD per night, not sure whether it includes taxes.
    So even if Virtuoso has taxes incl, i save 400 SGD and still get upgrade and one breakfast.
    I will lose early/late check-in/check out, glass of champagne and 1 afternoon tea, well not worth 400 SGD for me.

    In one-night stays Virtuoso may ofcourse still come out ahead, when you will use all the benefits, but on longer stays, especially if one is alone, Virtuoso has lost its value.

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