Man, I love my Chase Sapphire card!

Last week I wrote about how the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is basically the poor man’s Centurion card. Many of you could relate, having only recently signed up for the card. For those of you that have no clue what I’m talking about, the card feels really, really cool. It’s a totally different material than most, much “harder,” and the front is basically blank. So it attracts a lot of attention and I assume people mistake it for an uber-high end credit card, which is why I have to share this story.

I just went to Starbucks and as I was paying the [whatever they call people that work at Starbucks nowadays] goes “oh my God, is this one of those cards? This is the first one of these I’ve ever seen before, you’re a total legend.”

Honest question — how do you respond to that?

a) “Yeah, it is one of those cards, and it came with my Maserati, which is parked outside. Wanna see?”

b) “No, I’m just pretending to be rich, the card doesn’t even have an annual fee.”

c) “Thanks….?”

d) *cricket*

Or any other responses?

Don’t get me wrong, having the card is actually a bit of a nuisance, since people are always commenting about it. But it’s oh-so-entertaining to see what people say/assume.

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  1. I have had only person comment on it. Maybe this card is common where I live, it seems to be treated as any other plastic I have.

  2. i have gotten the same reactions!

    i have never been asked to show ID when using a credit card at starbucks and this has now happened a few times using this card because they assume it is such a high roller card that it may have been stolen haha.

  3. I’ve been getting the same responses. I think it’s more down to my wild good looks and it just gives the person an excuse to talk 🙂

    Actually some rumors on FT the card may provide double points on certain categories like hotels meaning this could become a real serious contender for being a main card. As it stands haven’t used mine since making the initial 3k spend

  4. Same reactions for me as well. What I really enjoy though (I’m a manual laborer so some days I’m pretty dirty) when I pull out that card to pay I love the double takes I get.

  5. In Minneapolis, we have “chef trucks” around the downtown area at lunch time. As I went to pay at one, the woman taking orders freaked out when I handed her my Sapphire card. She called over one of the chefs to “check out this crazy card”. Completely straight-faced, he told her, “that means he’s REALLY important”. My wife claims the woman immediately did a double take on me as if to determine if I was someone famous she might recognize. The chef then added, “haven’t you heard? Credit limits are now being represented by credit card weight.” He then returned the card to me and immediately went back to his business.

  6. This post finally pulled me out of long-time lurker status. 🙂

    I’ve consistently gotten the same reactions, albeit not at the “OMFG you’re a total legend!” level (yet). However… there’s one really weird aspect to the card.

    I’ve been using it almost exclusively in Canada, thanks to the 0% forex fee. For some inexplicable reason, it triggers “French mode” in credit card readers here. All the post-swipe prompts and queries are in French. (Note: this is in Ontario, where English is standard). This baffles merchants more than anything else… particularly since neither I nor they can translate “How much tip do you want to leave?” from French.

    It’s fairly ironic that an *American* card triggers “I speak French” mode…

  7. Fwiw, people on Flyertalk and milepoint reporting the card now has double points in various categories (certain travel, dining, etc). Apparently this is confirmed via multiple CSRs but I haven’t seen anything in writing.

  8. @abcx, While it has gotten me some nice looks it has not helped in this area…at least with my wife

  9. I get lots of comments as well. One waitress asked me if this is one of those cards with a million dollar credit line.

  10. I actually started spending more on this card because of the double takes I get when I use it. It’s pretty sad how vain I am!

  11. It’s been in my drawer since I hit the $3k spend; I’m going to pull it out and use it for some low $ purchases to see what all the fuss is about!

  12. Yeah, I like how unique this card is. Just used it for the 1st time this week at a small restaurant. It was funny since I had full view of the register counter. The card definitely got special attention, as I saw it being passed around ALL the staff there! Quite amusing =) The second time I used it, “Dude, that’s a really cool card you got there…”

  13. Time to pull mine out of the wallet — don’t remember it being all that unique, but hey worth a shot. Frankly found the black United Visa more elegant.

  14. Now that OnePass is transferring to Mileageplus, will we still be able to redeem Sapphire points for continental flights?

  15. Does anybody get annoyed becoz this card carry extra weight in your wallet? At least that’s my first reaction when I received Sapphire in the mail 🙁

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