Lyft’s Newest Partner Is… Taco Bell?!

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Over the past couple of years we’ve seen travel providers introduce all kinds of creative new partnerships, ranging from the one between Starwood and Uber to the one between Delta and Airbnb. These travel brands recognize that people who fly often are also more likely to need a place to stay, or to need rides to and from the airport.

So I’m always curious to see what the next innovative partnership is… and that’s exactly what Lyft has announced today.

Lyft is teaming up with Taco Bell to create a new “Taco Mode” option for late night rides.

This concept will first be rolled out on a limited basis in Orange County, California, on July 27-30, and August 3-6, 2017, between the hours of 9PM and 2AM. The plan is that it will then expand to other markets throughout the year, and nationwide by 2018.

Now, I can definitely see the merit to this partnership. I imagine there’s a big overlap between people using ridesharing apps between 9PM and 2AM, and those craving Taco Bell between 9PM and 2AM. But how will this actually work? Here’s how Lyft describes it:

Lyft is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Taco Bell providing passengers with a unique ride-thru experience. The partnership brings to life a first-of-its-kind offering — Taco Mode — that will delight consumers by bringing them to a Taco Bell drive-thru in a Lyft ride.

Taco Mode is an in-app option for Lyft riders, providing passengers with the ultimate Taco Bell experience — including a free Doritos Locos Taco when you ride-thru Taco Bell on the way to your next destination.

As of now the details are limited. The good news is that drivers will have the option of opting it, so this won’t be forced on drivers who don’t want their car to smell like a fast food joint.

The biggest challenge that I see here is how the drivers will control people eating in their cars. Something tells me that someone getting Taco Bell at 2AM in a Lyft won’t exactly be very good at following instructions, like being asked not to actually eat in the car. So while this sounds nice in theory, I’m very skeptical as to the execution of this, or how many drivers will actually want to participate in this long term.

What do you make of Lyft’s new partnership with Taco Bell?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Of Life)

  1. I live in Orange County!! This is great! Thanks Ben looks like lyft is gonna be seeing more business from me.

  2. The guy who beat the Uber driver in Orange country worked for Taco Bell Right >? lol

  3. @When I Travel The World
    Wow What a surprise, I did not expect to see you here James!

    On a completely related, but unrelated note, Ben you should seriously consider YouTube videos for all your flights. It takes effort but the amount of premium cabin you travel you have no idea how much money you would’ve made through google by now

  4. I agree with RD ^, even just posting more regularly on Instagram would up his media impressions like crazy. Insta storying the whole trip and multiple posts with links to his online reviews would expand his business model and interaction with US!!!!!

    Consider that @lucky !

  5. Not to be a buzzkill, but primarily animal-based diets are killing us AND our planet. This isn’t going to help lower chronic diseases/deaths and the destruction of our earth.

    I’ve been watching too many Netflix documentaries 😉

  6. >Not to be a buzzkill, but primarily animal-based diets are killing us AND our planet. This isn’t going to help lower chronic diseases/deaths and the destruction of our earth.

    You do you, Gerardo. I don’t really believe in lesbianism or veganism or whatever you crazy kids call it these days, so I’ll stay with my carnivore diet.

    In terms of Taco Mode – I guess there must be a demand that hasn’t been met. Or rather, it’s potentially been awkward for drivers with riders who want to go to a fastfood place.

    This a) concentrates demand at Taco Bell rather than at whatever place comes first (let’s face it, if I’m tipsy and hungry I’ll happily substitute a taco with a big mac) and b) aligns expectations between drivers and riders. Don’t want people eating in your car? Don’t opt in to Taco Mode.

    I think it’s clever.

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