Is The New “Lyft Pink” Membership Worth It?

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Uber and Lyft compete fiercely for business — not just trying to gain market share from other forms of transportation, but they also have to compete against one another. As a result, we constantly see them offer all kinds of promotions.

In the meantime, we’re even seeing rideshare loyalty programs, as well as partnerships between rideshare platforms and other travel companies. Well, shortly Lyft will be launching a new membership that some might be interested in.

Lyft Pink Membership

A membership called “Lyft Pink” has launched (added as a Chase Sapphire Reserve perk as well), which oddly doesn’t actually have a pink logo?

As it’s described, Lyft Pink is a membership program that offers an elevated Lyft experience with preferred pricing. Lyft says that this is intended for riders who take two to three rides per week, or more, and who are looking to make the most of their time and money.

Lyft Pink Membership Cost

A Lyft Pink membership will cost $19.99 per month. The membership will auto-renew every month, but you’ll also be able to cancel at anytime. You can also pause once per billing month.

Benefits Of Lyft Pink Membership

So, what are you getting for $19.99 per month?

  • 15% off unlimited car rides
  • Priority airport pickups
  • Relaxed cancellations (they’ll cover three cancel fees per month)
  • Surprise offers (“seasonal discounts and exclusive savings”)
  • Waived lost and found fees
  • Bikes and scooters (three 30 minute bike or scooter rides per month, in select markets)

How To Sign Up For Lyft Pink

You can’t yet sign up for Lyft Pink, though you can enter your email address here to get early access. That way you’ll be the first to know when it goes live, which should be soon. It will initially only be available in the US.

Is Lyft Pink Worth It?

On the most basic level, you’d recoup the ~$20 monthly membership fee if you spend at least ~$133 per month with Lyft, based on the 15% discount. That assumes the discounts don’t work in a way that prohibits you from taking advantage of other deals, which is a big “if.”

How do you value the other benefits, though? Everyone will have a different take, though:

  • I’m not sure I’d put much value on the “priority airport pickups” benefit
  • Cancelation fees vary, but I believe are typically $5-10; the value of this also depends on how often you cancel
  • Lost and found fees are usually $15; the value of this depends on how often you lose things
  • It’s tough to know what kind of “surprise offers” they’ll have
  • It seems like Lyft scooter pricing varies by market, though if it’s something you use then this could add even more value

For the frequent Lyft rider — especially someone who frequently loses things or cancels rides — this seems like a solid deal to me.

Bottom Line

Lyft will be launching a new membership for ~$20 per month. It will include a 15% discount on all rides, waived cancel and lost and found fees, and more. I’d say this could be worth it for the frequent Lyft passenger.

Ultimately this is a way Lyft is trying to get people to be loyal to them over Uber, and as a passenger you may just come out ahead.

What do you make of the Lyft Pink value proposition?

  1. Ben-

    Even if you have zero interest in Lyft scooters, I’m sure some of your readers utilize it. It would be helpful if you actual presented the potential value of that benefit rather than just not talk about it.

  2. “On the most basic level, you’d recoup the ~$20 monthly membership fee if you spend at least ~$133 per month with Uber, based on the 15% discount.”

    This should say “with Lyft”

  3. Odd – but this is not the only Lyft program – I’m under a monthly plan now for 14.99 which gives 10% off (nothing else). It’s worth it to me so discount alone, this new one seems solid. Guessing that was a beta program as it was not widely released.

  4. As an Uber Platinum or whatever with their priority airport pickups, I can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference. On rare occasions, I will be matched with a nearby driver, but I’d say about half of those times the driver is not given sufficient heads up time, misses me, and has to circle back around through the airport. It’s a real problem and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been resolved yet.

  5. @ Ben — I avoid lyft. They have horrible customer service. Even with proof, the only way they will ever adjust an overcharge for me is by forcing me to submit a credit card dispute. I avoid lyft except when they charge much less (>25%) than uber.

  6. The only way a rideshare subscription based price is worth the money is if they guarantee no increased fares based on prime time or you don’t own a car and you use rideshare regularly at least 10 times a week.

    The extremely minimal discounts seem greater than they actually are. Some of the things you only learn later is the discount is capped at a certain milage or amount and then you pay the difference in overages.

    Don’t been fooled by any TNC company throughly research all points before committing.

  7. There is also a bike benefit that gives you free citi bike in NYC. Probably worth $0 to you but for those who pay for citibike, would be equal to their cost.

  8. I say find YOU a solid private driver whose willing to cut your total monthly bill with both bullshhh rideshare apps. If you’re paying $600 a MONTH let him drive you for $400 …($200 savings) $800 a month? Knock it down to $600 a month. ($200 savings) you get the picture…leave them foolish apps alone. GO WITH A PRIVATE DRIVER…calvin-g

  9. Am a subscriber to their previous Smart Savings plan.

    Just got an e-mail saying that it was “upgrading” to Lyft Pink on my renewal date.

    What’s nice is that they are giving “loyal subscribers” the first month (next Month) free as a previous subscriber.

    5% more is nice… but I Still wish I could pay a set amount per month and get a decent amount / unlimited rides.

  10. Correction — Looks like the transition is in December for me.

    So that’s likely the timeframe for new folks “approved” too.

  11. At first glance I thought Lyft Pink might be a new division catering to its gay market. Haha.
    Now that would be cool!

  12. @CALVIN

    Where can you find a driver like that.
    Will you drive for me $400 a month? Or should I leave them foolish comments alone and use the app.

  13. They are structuring this wrong. Lots of people use Lyft for work and getting a discounted ride doesn’t help. Instead of 15% off they should give you 15% back in lyft cash or some type of credit that you can use on personal trips. That would get tons of people to sign up. It’s the same way frequent flier miles work.

  14. I use Lyft a ton as a person with no car living in Atlanta. That said, I have only ever spent more than $133 once, and that was when I traveled somewhere where the altitude made it so I couldn’t walk more than a few blocks and so was taking Lyft even short distances I would normally walk. If you spend $133 a month you’re breaking even. It only becomes a deal if you’re spending more than that on Lyft in a month. The other benefits won’t mean much to the average rider either unless maybe they’re using a lot of scooters. I wish Lyft would come out with something to benefit frequent riders like myself who are spending probably $20-100 month on Lyft.

  15. This program isn’t very exciting and I wish they came up with something else. The previous savings plan I saw as even worse with a 10% discount only.

    I would also be really interested in paying a flat fee for say 30-50 rides a month.

    I think to get me excited about a % off discount it has to be at least 20% especialy since I’m paying this membership fee.

    It would be fun to do a test at airports with a pink and nonpink member (same as Uber) to see if the priority pickups is real or not.

  16. Deceptive Advertising: Even though Lyft says the 15% discount applies to ALL rides (their language), it does not automatically apply to business rides. You can only apply it to a business ride if you go through a few steps, which don’t always work, in between the end of the ride and submitting your driver rating/tip. I rarely get it to work. Lyft, this sucks, either offer the discount or don’t but don’t make it so complicated to try to use, it just creates a ton of customer ill will. I use to like you guys, now I tolerate you

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