Lufthansa Cabin Crew Could Go On Week-Long Strike

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I don’t envy European airlines when it comes to their labor relations (not that the US carriers have great labor relations either, or that the Middle Eastern airlines, have, um, any labor relations).

In the case of Lufthansa, their pilots have gone on strike ~13 times in a 16 month period, most recently in September. Apparently these strikes cost the airline somewhere to the tune of 320 million Euros. As far as I know there wasn’t a single strike in all of October, so I guess the flight attendants are taking the role of the pilots this month.

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Per DW, Lufthansa’s 19,000 member cabin crew union, UFO, has announced that they plan to go on strike next week:

The decision to conduct the one-week strike from November 6-13 was announced in a press conference on Monday by the head of UFO, Nicoley Baublies.

Baublies added that the strike could still be called off if Lufthansa management countered with a more amenable offer by Thursday afternoon.

The union called the most recent proposal from Lufthansa “completely unacceptable.”

In turn, Bettina Volkens, Lufthansa’s board member in charge of human resources, saw UFO’s decision to go on strike as “unreasonable.” The company said it would consider all available legal measures to prevent the strike, including the resumption of talks or arbitration, according to a spokesperson.

Hopefully they can come to an agreement, as a week-long strike could cripple operations. Presumably not all cabin crew would go on strike, but rather just select crew in a way which maximizes the disruptions to Lufthansa’s operations.

The disagreement is largely over pensions, and based on what I can gather, it seems like management and the unions are still a long ways from coming to an agreement.

Bottom line

I wouldn’t count on a strike just yet, though if you’re booked to fly Lufthansa over the next ~10 days and absolutely have to be somewhere, it can’t hurt to make backup plans.

  1. I hope for the sake of solidarity they wont strike again. Its so frustrating to see staff of certain airlines go on strike almost every month (AF,LH). While staff of other airlines face the same issues, either dont strike or at least do it in such a fashion to minimise impact for consumers.

  2. But if there are no FAs on the plane, who will rudely tell me I can’t have another Diet Coke because I already had one? (Yep, happened in paid Business SFO-MUC.)

  3. Wow, my mum is flying on the 5th of November, hopefully she’s not affected with Lufthansa. Might as well not fly Lufthansa if they plan to literally tear the airline’s reputation apart (UNLESS their cause is justified in Lufthansa is being cheap). But it still sucks for the passengers.

  4. I’ve previously escaped unscathed from LH strikes, but this week-long strike falls right on my dates heading to-and-from Europe, with a number of intra-EU flights with them too. I’m nervous about getting to my destination on Fri 6 Nov. For the first time I can see why people book their travel with other airlines simply due to the constant striking.

  5. @Lucky I’ve booked an award using United miles on LH for Nov. 10th. If they do strike and it affects my flight, who’s responsibility is it to rebook the flights?

  6. United will take care of you! Since they are star alliance and you are using miles , they will book you probably in their flights, just contact them!

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