Lufthansa strike…. how bad can it be?

I know this is old news, but since I’ve been pretty disconnected for the past week other than my daily updates, I figured I’d make a quick post on the subject.

The International Herald Tribune reports:

Frankfurt and Hamburg airports will be the hardest hit on Monday when 52,000 employees of Lufthansa AG go on strike, a union official said Sunday.

All other German airports served by Germany’s biggest airline will also be affected by the massive walkout, Harald Reutter, a Ver.di spokesman, said.

The union, which represents workers of Lufthansa ground crews and service personnel, sought a pay increase of 9.8 percent early this year. The union rejected a Lufthansa offer of 6.7 percent spread through February 2010, plus a one-time bonus payment, and the dispute has not been resolved.

The union and the airline were not in discussions over the weekend.

Ver.di has calculated that the strike will cost Lufthansa €5 million, or $7.8 million, per day, according to Bild newspaper. The strike is scheduled to begin at midnight.

Damn, 52,000, that’s a lot of people! I’m flying Lufthansa next week to Frankfurt and then to Malta, so I’m hoping it’s over by then. Can this really last that long?

This will obviously have a big impact on the operations of other airlines flying into Germany as well. Considering how many airlines contract with LH in one form or another in FRA, this’ll get really messy in my opinion.

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