Lufthansa Improves First Class Ground Services At Washington Dulles

Earlier this year Lufthansa expanded their “personal assistant” concept for first class passengers at all of their non-German longhaul outstations. Previously only HON Circle members (Lufthansa’s top tier elites) would have a meet-and-greet service upon arrival as a rule, though I’d still received the service on occasion as a plain old first class passenger. It’s nice to have this be an official benefit, though it’s worth repeating this doesn’t apply in Germany.

Having an escort is of varying use depending on where you are. In Asia it’s almost always extremely valuable, as they usually help you cut just about any line. Meanwhile in the US, the escorts that meet your flight can’t actually fast track you through immigration, so more or less just keep you company while you’re waiting in the immigration queue. Admittedly this has become a bit of a moot point for me anyway since getting Global Entry.

Anyway, a reader emailed to tell me that he flew Lufthansa first class from Frankfurt to Washington Dulles on Wednesday. The arrivals experience at Dulles is usually less than desirable, given that on arrival everyone is shoved into a huge people mover (“moon buggy”) which drives to the immigration hall.


Per the reader, Lufthansa is apparently providing a car or van for first class passengers so they don’t have to take the people mover as of a few days ago. He explained the van used was similar to the one on this website. The van apparently drops off in the arrivals hall just a few feet from the Global Entry kiosks.

That’s an awesome development!

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  1. If this is true, then it’s very cool. I guess you’ll have to find out in person for us if it is, Lucky 😉

  2. Although some time away, I will be able to confirm this in late december for my FRA-IAD (LH418) flight.

  3. Lucky, I’d be interested in a post about where you recommended collecting Star miles for aspirational redemptions going forward. UA took themselves out of the running, and US is likely to leave. What foreign carriers do you recommend crediting to for redemption purposes?

  4. I flew Air France First Class (La Première) from Paris-CDG to Washington Dulles this past March. They provided the same type of bus for first class passengers. Interesting to see that Lufthansa just got it.

  5. Nice, as there will be a massive drop in LH F passengers come February at IAD, as only a crazy person will redeem UA miles for LH F.

  6. @adam: silly as it may sound to you, many (most?) f pax pay cash. The cabins will be that much nicer without UA ff moochers.

  7. I was on that 10/30 FRA-IAD flight in F. Its true – we were greeted upon arrival by someone from LH holding a sign with our names on it. We then boarded a black Mercedes van and escorted all the way thru immigration and customs (I tweeted a pic of the bus.) It was very nice not to have to ride with the masses in the people movers. According to the LH greeter, the service started the day before (10/29.)

  8. Well, I arrived on the FRA – IAD flight on the 29th in F. To my surprise, I was greeted by a personal assistant, but he directed us right into a Moon Buggy. So I was wondering what that “service” was all about. Apparently they are still getting it all together.

  9. EY does the same at Dulles for the F class pax as well.
    I missed it in my first ride, as I got on to the people mover fast, then discovered the other F class being led away.
    The next time I stayed with the masses of other 11 F pax and got the van (along with most of the crew).

    EY does not have many crew members to greet the pax as they get off. (It could also be that the crew after being holed up in AUH are in a rush to see the good ole US of A.)
    LH always has enough people greeting the pax as they depart and I think it is more professional.
    I suspect LH added the van service as an option probably after paying Dulles Airport Authority.

  10. @Billy,
    I am sorry to disagree with you. Most of LH F is with full fare Bz upgraded and less often paid F class. The DTW flights that were full are history now.
    In fact the CEO of LH has gone on record commenting on how the lie flat Bz class seats have destroyed the paid F class base.
    The same is true for UA and AA. (not that the F class compares)
    you can always get F awards as the seats do NOT sell.

    It used to be the same in LH F with 16 seats, hence the “right sizing” and standardization even in the old 747s. I personally think they should have kept 8 old F for the moochers and put in 4 new suites at the front of the plane.

  11. I didn’t think Dulles had people movers any more after they put in the new AeroTran which goes to all gates and moving walkways…

  12. I am due to fly LH First next month, FRA-IAD.
    Does this new service take F class passengers to immigration who have connections on United?

  13. @ OLD SR FAN — Yes, they drop you off at the immigration hall, though you’ll have to make your own way to the United terminal.

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