Living in Seattle(ish), Day eight(ish): regret in a screenshot

On day three of living in Bellevue I shared 10 things I learned in my short time on the west coast. Then a couple of days ago I shared my frustrations with pacific time.

Many say regret is a feeling deep inside of you, one that can be tough to express. Nope, in this case it’s on the screen of my iPhone.

Florida, I’m sorry I left you! Take me back and I’ll never leave you again!

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  1. Your iPhone battery went down by 3% in 6 minutes? :O

    One thing about Seattle weather – we get seasons here. It’s quite nice, actually, and makes you appreciate the various weather patterns.

  2. This is what happens when you make snap decisions. You seem mature and well grounded for someone your age, but honestly, your snap decision to move was pretty surprising.

  3. @ Brian — Being mildly tongue in cheek here. Don’t regret my decision, but just seems convenient to bitch about the weather. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Wait until Washington implements a state income tax; then, coming from Florida you might have something to really bitch about. However I’m sure that was not a factor in choosing Bellevue over Los Angeles…

  5. Give in to the weather and it will be kind to you. Buy the best umbrella on Amazon and a nice coat from REI. Get used to lots of cozy evenings indoors until next June. We do cozy right.

    Or take up skiing, because THAT we definitely do better than Florida by a long shot.

  6. I loved the Pacific Northwest (we lived in Portland), but they do get the rain. Plus, this is fall so the temps will go down — kind of how it works. Look how far north you are.

    Give Seattle a chance. The cooler weather makes for wonderful book store and coffee house haunting. Plus, there is a vibrant art and performing art scene there that eclipses anything available in Florida. And then there’s the microbrews. Try Hales Pale Ale. Yumm.

    In other words, see how the locals enjoy their town and follow suit. When we moved to Ecuador, we were given this piece of good advice: Enjoy what is here. Do not compare — either positively or negatively. You will be happier that way.

    [So Cal is OK, but we preferred the Bay Area. There is a winter there, but it is softer than in the north. Plus, San Francisco is an amazing city.]

  7. @bmvaughn – As an Aussie who never had seasons, I agree that they’re awesome… but Seattle barely qualifies. “Seasons” require sweltering summers evolving into snowy winters. The Northwest is just cyclically glum.

    @Lucky, move to the greatest city in the world.

  8. As a lifelong NW resident, all I can say is when you go back, PLEASE tell everyone you see how horrible it is here! Repeat what you say twice if you’re talking to a Californian. They’ve infested the Puget Sound region like cockroaches.

  9. Bitching about weather is what most ppl do around here. Seems nothing else to talk about. Oh the damn weather, lol!
    And told you so. You didn’t listen.

  10. Keep breathing, Bro. I’m in Orlando, and yes the weather’s nice, but in Seattle the culture and food are extraordinary, the people know how to connect and converse, and there’s so much beauty to explore. You are at that brilliant age when you get to sample the miracles of life, and get to enjoy them for their own sakes, rather than have to consider the needs of a spouse-lifepartner, and/or children. Relish it, and even if it sucks, don’t worry, it’s not a mistake; it’s education, exploration, life.

  11. I bitched for a year when I moved here. I learned to spend my time in windowless bars. After about year three or four I had a few positive things to say. But I still agree the weather sucks here. You’re lucky to have three days of sun (two with highs over 50) on that forecast. Wait a month or two and you’ll go weeks without anything that good.

  12. Speaking of getting away, when can we look forward to your next report from somewhere exotic? I discovered your site a few months ago and subsequently read all the 2008-2012 trip reports. I’m now going through withdrawal, (however, my productivity at the office has rebounded.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Hang in there on the weather. It makes you really appreciate sunny days when they’re not the norm.

  13. Bemoaning the weather already? Keep that up and no one will know you’re weren’t born and raised in the PNW.

    Next thing you’ll tell us is that you bought a Starbucks card. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. @ Peter — LOL, should have a big trip in the next week or two now that I’m all moved in. Leaning towards Korean Air and China Southern first class, though still not positive. Hang in there, help is on the way. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Dude, I could have told you. Rained a bit last night but a glorious day here in Marina del Rey (LA).

    Years ago a bunch of different friends sold their houses and moved to Portland and Seattle. Most were back within a couple years. When you are used to lots of sunshine it is a hard adjustment to make.

    Then again, I may in your boat because a move to Vancouver (BC) is not out of the question for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Take your fancy rental car for a drive to the other side of the mountains. Leavenworth is beautiful this time of year. If you get on the other side of the Cascades, the weather changes to sunshine and not so wet.

  17. was a bit surprised you moved there in the winter. given your mobile occupation, why not live in the sun belt in the winter and up north in the summer?

  18. I know you’re (somewhat) joking, but it pains me to see anyone write “Florida, I’m sorry I left you!” I have family there, and but if I didn’t, I would work as hard as I could to make sure I never set foot in that state again for the rest of my life. Unless you’re within 50 yards of the beach, such an ugly state…cookie cutter gated community next to cookie cutter gated community next to strip mall, laid out in a grid, flat as a pancake, rinse and repeat…just awful.

    Appreciate the fact that you now live somewhere with character/culture and geographic diversity.

  19. One thing about Seattle (and the NW in general), as beautiful as the nature you have about 270 days out of the year where you won’t see the sun. That’s why they have such a coffee culture there (why do you think Starbucks was founded there:)

  20. Move to the bay area where you get winter weather driving 3 hr north and summer(ish) weather 2 hrs south.

  21. Have you been out to the Peninsula and Olympic National Park yet? Port Townsend? Sequim? Vancouver? Vancouver Island?

    There is just so much to see and do in the Pacific Northwest. I envy you that you moved out there. Enjoy it while you are there!

  22. Seattlites get out during the good days in Summer and mostly stay inside between now and March, when suddenly everyone shows up outside one day.
    Not to say the traffic during these 270 days is pretty bad.
    Enjoy its fun side though. Maybe meet up with your readers? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. I left Florida for NYC in October a few years ago…should have waited until the spring. It made getting settled a bit harder (not to mention I didn’t own socks or appropriate clothes!) but all in all leaving Florida (orlando) was a great decision. You can always go home…but I bet you won’t want to…good luck!

  24. Hi Ben,
    I’m in Seattle. Even worked for Starbucks for most of the 90s. Can I urge you to try some other coffee here? Caffe Ladro’s beans and baked goods are exceptional. On Capitol Hill, try Vivace. At the base of Queen Anne Hill, there’s Uptown Espresso (U.E.s baked goods are also very good.)
    There’s a coffee festival next month – I’ll be volunteering there on Sunday morning. I went as a consumer last year and really enjoyed it – it’s not Coffeefest, which is a trade show, just a small gathering of local, indie roasters, artisans, chocolate makers, etc. Last year Tom Douglas’ people were there too, making everyone little pulled pork sandwiches – SO appreciated after downing three lattes in a row!

  25. Florida is way too humid for me. Scottsdale I do miss greatly. Maryland, well it sucks big time- taxes, expensive, traffic and weather. And I am a native although I hope to return to AZ eventually.

  26. China Southern First Class Hahahahahahahah as in the 757 wifi “you crazy” pack a lunch and PJ’s in your size!

  27. Get into climbing! I live in Florida and go to Seattle every year to climb Mt Rainier. Can’t wait to go back next year.

  28. I find Seattle fascinating but deeply depressing at the same time. I have never been able to understand that feeling.

    Something about that area of the world. And this includes Vancouver.

  29. I’ve lived in Bellevue (Eastside Area of Washington) my whole life. You honestly get use to the rain/cloudy weather, if you stay active. Running/Hiking/Biking in Summer OR Skiing/Snowboarding in Winter. Plus, once summer hits (our true summer is 7/5 – 10/1), you will be truly thankful you live here. Now sit back, relax and get use to seeing rain for the next 6 months ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. “just seems convenient to bitch about the weather”

    And so it is…. especially in front of tourists and visitors! It’s also the case that: if you wait for good weather, you’ll never do anything! Golfing in the drizzle (usually called “Oregon Mist”), hiking, fishing — whatever outdoor thing you wish — IS done without really considering the weather (other than mountain-gear/clothing if that’s your thing! Don’t get caught ‘up’ and freeze to death!)

    (And whoever suggested an umbrella?! Must be an out-of-stater!! No Washingtonian / Oregonian carries an umbrella — it never rains hard enough to need one!)

    A good bumper sticker (mental concept towards tourists and Californians) to keep in mind:
    Welcome to Washington! Now GO HOME!

  31. There also used to be a “Lesser Seattle Chamber of Commerce” — that was dedicated to keep Seattle SMALL! (Well, smaller…)

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