Touching Video: A Lion Air Captain’s Last Flight

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Lion Air Captain Sigit Wiranto operated his last commercial flight on July 2, 2019, from Makassar to Jakarta. There is some video footage from after the flight, and it’s touching — not because the airline did anything special, but because of how emotional he, his wife, and his colleagues get.

When I first saw this video and heard it was going viral I didn’t think I’d find it that interesting, given that I’ve seen quite a few pilot retirement videos, and I also don’t speak the language, so I assumed some stuff would be lost in translation here.

Well, I can say that absolutely nothing was lost in translation, and I may even have shed a tear.

Here’s the video (the first 90 seconds is passengers congratulating him, so if time is limited just start at that point):

Amazing! Congrats to the captain on his career, and all the best in his retirement (or whatever he chooses to do now)! I think the reason this touched me so much isn’t just because I’m an aviation geek, but also because it’s so inspiring to see people who love their jobs and have been doing them for a long time.

It’s very clear this guy loved his job, or else he wouldn’t have had such a reaction to his last flight.

(Tip of the hat to @roniwalakandou)

  1. Thanks! A nice diversion from all the other crap that is happening in this world these days.

  2. No words needed to be spoken. A man who was obviously dedicated to and loved his job. Got a misty eyed as well.

  3. That was incredibly moving. What a beautiful way to start my morning! 🙂 As a seasoned interpreter (of 15 years!) and first year rock-climbing travel blogger, I’d be lucky to experience reverence and fondness over my chosen professions at the end of those paths as this pilot certainly did. 🙂

  4. As the son of a former flight engineer (yeah, back when planes had flight engineers), this definitely hit a bit close to home. A wonderful and touching video.

  5. Thanks for posting this Lucky! Nice to see something positive about Lion Air also, rather than the usual trumpers bashing anything non-American and blaming JT for the 737max grounding.

  6. Yes ! For providing an Emotional
    interlude in a World full of emotional dispare..
    His Flight Family welcoming his temporary departure from the Clouds..
    An Honorable Way for an Honorable Pilot to deplane…
    Recalls the Irish proverb, “may the Wind be at your back….”

  7. Very moving video, very touching, and thanks for posting. he seemed wonderful and a good guy. But I could not help noticing how some of his fellow captains very very overweight, in some cases obese, by the looks of it. Makes you wonder how they are passing medicals and flying.

  8. Great, and touching video. You can only imagine the difficulty in knowing this will be his last flight, of a profession and passion that he’s truly grateful for.

  9. Plainly giving thanks to his god he got to retirement without being involved in a LionAir crash.

  10. Not strange for such warm hearted people like Indonesians… I’ll never forget a local wedding I had the pleasure to be invited to…

  11. Flight Completed The One Who Does And The One Who Still Doing It Have A Great Day Ahead Captain Sigit Wiranto

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