Let the panic begin….

There’s not a whole lot of info yet, but it appears like UA903, which was scheduled to fly from MUC to IAD, has been diverted to BOS because a passenger was complaining of flu-like symptoms. While we don’t have enough information as of now to draw any conclusions, it wouldn’t surprise me if this were just a passenger that had a normal cold. Let’s face it, we’re all more “alert” about being sick due to the swine flu. Considering the millions of people that fly daily, I’m surprised it took this long for someone to say “Oh, I’m sick” on a flight.

It’s also interesting to note that The Boston Channel seems to have their facts wrong, since they say there were six crewmembers aboard. On a 777? I think not. Of course that’s kind of irrelevant, but those are the types of things I pick up on.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see this story unfold. I’m still planning on flying as usual.

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