LAX Airport Shuts Down Due To… Well, We Don’t Really Know

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A couple of weeks JFK Airport shut down after gunfire was reported at the airport. As it turns out, there wasn’t actually gunfire, but rather the chaos and confusion may just have been caused by people cheering on Usain Bolt’s Olympics performance.

Well, LAX has shut down tonight, and we don’t yet know why. Initial reports indicated that there was an active shooter within the past hour, which has led to a massive evacuation.

However, it’s now looking like that may not have actually been the case, and that this was instead a hoax or miscommunication. The LAPD is saying that the reports of shooting have been proven to be “loud noises only,” and that no shots were fired.

I imagine we’ll find out more in the coming hours, though in the meantime the airport is closed and there’s a ground stop in effect.

However, the footage of people evacuating is pretty insane, both landside and airside (where we see people being evacuated onto the tarmac):

There’s also a video of a man in a Zorro costume with a (supposedly) plastic sword being arrested at gunpoint at the airport around the same time:

While I can’t imagine he triggered the evacuation, at the same time that would be a bizarre coincidence.

Man, what a world we live in. Here’s to hoping no one was hurt, and that this was a hoax or miscommunication (as frustrating as that is for travelers). Regardless, even if the airport is reopened, it’ll likely be several hours before everything is back to normal, as passengers will have to be screened again. This will also lead to further delays down the line, as planes scheduled to fly to/from LAX tonight will have some time to make up.

Was anyone flying out of LAX tonight who witnessed the chaos?

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  1. Fly out of there tomorrow night. Tried to find a flight for tonight but found better pricing for tomorrow. Will be interesting to see how that impacts operations there tomorrow.

    Can’t even imagine being stuck on Century trying to get to the airport. The local news shows Century 100% gridlocked.

  2. Holy crap! Just flew out at around 8pm tonight (caught an earlier flight than the one I was supposed to be on). Seems like I got tremendously lucky.

    Hope everyone else flying tonight gets out quickly and safely!

  3. I missed my earlier flight from SFO to LAX and ended up on UA 222. We landed just as the nonevent unfolded. Been sitting in a tin can driving around the airport for two (!) hours with no end in sight. How can this crap happen?

  4. Wow… I was on the 5:30 (PM) flight to Sacramento and things were calm (as calm as LAX can be, anyway)…

    I hope everyone staying safe!!

  5. Landed around 8:30 PM PST into terminal 3. Luckily, was able to get to the gates before the full shutdown. Didn’t notice any communication to until I was told at the cab line that I wouldn’t be able to get a taxi since they were shutting down traffic. Slowly meandered out to Sepulveda to hail an uber.

    Given the non-event, no real harm, but I was a little concerned with the lack of communication.

  6. Another example how terrorism wins. The overreaction, the panic caused by pack mentality. If I arrived at the airport today with a handful of helium balloons to give to my friend on arrival and one or two popped. The whole place would shut down. We need to grow a pair. Stop letting them win. Please.

  7. I had just left terminal 7 and was waiting for the rental car shuttle on the lower level. Tons of cops pulled up and ran in and then people started running away. No one was telling us to run that I could hear and there was a mixture of people running and people standing around filming so it was all very confusing. Even so, I noped out of there to Terminal 1 and eventually just walked to the rental car place since no vehicles were being allowed in. I feel for anyone who had to go back through security.

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