Last Minute: Mini Meetup At LAX

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Let me cut to the chase, since I realize this is last-minute, not to mention we’re talking about a weekday and I also know many people travel in summer.

While there were a few small OMAAT meetups last summer in London and Washington D.C, I’ve also been trying to organize a bigger reader meetup for quite a while. With the way readership has grown, I keep finding myself getting intimidated by the logistics, and it gets put on the back burner. That needs to change, but in the meantime I figure something is better than nothing, and summer is at least a nice time to get together weather-wise.

I’ll be at LAX this week doing some filming, the details of which I look forward to sharing soon. It’s all about miles and points and travel (though don’t worry, it won’t be anything too detailed). Rather than just making it about me, however, I’d like to do what I can to showcase the broad variety of people who love miles & points, and how much of a community this is. Even though I haven’t met most of you, I still consider you to mostly be friends & family (for better or worse). 😉

Anyway, the plan is to kick back and do some plane spotting at LAX. We’re looking at doing this either late Monday night or around lunchtime on Tuesday (I know these are terrible times, I’m sorry, the schedule is really limited at this point), and it would be awesome if some of you could join!

Since this is last minute and I realize the timing isn’t ideal, please let me know if you think you’d be able to make it, and if so if Monday night (after about 8:30PM) or Tuesday around noon would work better. I’ll work on getting details nailed down ASAP based on what works best for you guys.

If any of you can make it, awesome, and I do hope to have more gatherings regardless!

  1. Darn! Our flight departs from LAX at 8 p.m. on Monday. I’ll just miss my chance to meet you and thank you in person for all that I’ve learned through reading your blog over the past three years.

  2. Hey lucky! Thats awesome! Im currently in maui and would love to attend but wont get back until wednesday, i feel like i speak for a few people and if you could do wednesday or thurs night, thatll work for more people! Otherwise, great idea and hope u do another one for la again!

  3. Although we have met, I would still make a special trip to be with you if there was more advance notice.
    Good luck with your filming and hope it is as successful as you have been to me.

  4. Should do a small meet-up in your new home of Miami at some point. We can all complain about AA to one another and give you some tips/recommendations on living in the 305.

  5. Aw, shucks. We’re flying through LAX Wednesday evening. Otherwise, we’d join you. Thanks for all the insight you provide.

  6. Wish I could make it as a new reader. I’m bouncing around all summer but won’t be in LA this week. Actually in Miami this weekend. Hope others can join and look forward to post.

  7. I should be able to make it. I live close by in Manhattan Beach, Please keep me posted, or I’ll look for your next post.

  8. I live in San Diego but am happy to make a quick run up to LAX to meet with you. Either Monday night or Tuesday can be worked into my schedule. Please let me know. It would be terrific to meet you!

  9. Tuesday between 3-5pm at the IN N OUT. That’s also crunch time for the A380s. I’m flying out of LAX at 730pm. The soonest I can get to LAX is 3pm. I would love to meet some fellow OMAATS.

  10. @D3KingAmerican …….
    @ Ben (Lucky)
    3:00 pm (ish) is the way to go ….. IN N OUT…… gosh, wish I could be there with you both. Take pics and send them to us!
    PlaneSpotting! Jealous.

  11. PS: As much as I HATE British Airways, it was nice to see today the retro BA 747s at JFK….. saw the BOAC 747 and the past BA (1990s?) Livery (which I prefer over the current day version).
    Cheers- as they say.

  12. Flying through LAX during lunchtime Tuesday. How about a meetup at PF Chang’s for some priority pass sponsored lunch??

  13. I am in LA now and could make the afternoon after meetings on Tuesday. Regardless, you should try the “new” Proud Bird that revamped and reopened on Aviation blvd. It’s a classic plane spotting location.

  14. Would’ve loved to join. Though my EVA flight back home to LAX is among those cancelled due to the strike (was hoping to see a post from you about it) so I won’t be back in time . Please do have another one at lax in the next month/month.5 will definitely drive out from home to come.

  15. Monday night 8:30 sounds great.
    I shall be new to attend this meetup, please show location.

  16. I’m in Bali, flew F class on ANA for 93,000 Amex points (RT) from NY, then used Singapore Kris points for the rest of the journey. Sorry I can’t make it, but I love your site and appreciate all the tips!

  17. @Lucky – so what’s the decision on Monday vs Tuesday? Hoping to sync up Tuesday during my LAX wait.

  18. Wow, thanks so much for all the interest, guys! It sounds like most people are available tonight, so let’s plan on that. See more details here: I’m still finalizing my schedule for tomorrow, but might be able to do this evening and tomorrow during the day. Stay tuned, and thanks again for the interest — look forward to meeting many of you (hopefully)!

  19. In addition to plane spotting near In & Out some might find it interesting to cross Sepulveda to see medallions on the sidewalk honoring aviation and airline pioneers.

  20. Just saw this Tuesday morning @ 6:35 am. And being a little over an hour away from LAX, if a Tuesday meet up around noon (or even later in the afternoon) can happen, add me to the list of attendees as I would be thrilled to meet.

    I will check this page again in a couple of hours and hope to see some of you later on.

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