Video: Passengers Walk Through Water As LaGuardia Terminal Floods

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Well here’s something you don’t see every day!

Some airports have purpose built water features inside the terminals, such as Singapore Changi building a 40 metre indoor waterfall in “The Jewel,” which is set to open later this year and is connected to Terminal 1.

Jewel Changi Airport

2019 will be an exciting year for us because of the opening of Jewel Changi Airport. Here’s what it's gonna look like!

Posted by Changi Airport on Saturday, June 3, 2017

LaGuardia Airport in New York meanwhile, does not have a reputation for spectacular water features. But passengers can at least stay dry as they walk through the terminal.

But earlier this week, a faulty sprinkler accidentally created an indoor water feature dubbed ‘Lake LaGuardia’ in the airport’s new Terminal B concourse, though it was not one passengers wanted to experience.

Whilst the majority of the boarding areas remained dry, passengers proceeding to baggage claim were faced with a ‘lake’ of water up to six inches deep which they had to wade through to exit the terminal.

Here’s the video of a passenger’s experience.

Somehow I doubt the security guard’s advice to wait ‘just a couple of minutes’ would have only been that long.

I do like the intuitiveness of the woman in the video who seems to have duty free plastic bags on her feet to wade through the water — that is smart!

A witness told Gothamist:

You couldn’t not go through it: there was no other way to get through the arrivals area and actually get to your bags or get to ground transportation.

In LaGuardia’s defence they were able to offer a solution by bussing passenger from the arrivals hall to the baggage carousels so that they could collect their luggage while avoiding ‘Lake LaGuardia.’

Bottom line

Occasionally unexpected weather may cause certain airport terminals around the world to receive a bit of water, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a lake in a major terminal before!

Have you ever encountered conditions like this within an airport terminal?

  1. Haha my friend saw this and he texted me a picture of it. Looks like this was the only way LGA could even be compared to Singapore.

  2. They could have put up walkways as they do in Venice Welcome to trump’s America. 44000 air traffic controllers unpaid. 4000 aircraft safety workers unpaid Flooded terminals.

    Understand this could happen anywhere. Even Changi. However this makes the US a laughing stock when you add the dotard whose running the country and the government shutdown to the mix

  3. Already pipes bursting in the new terminal?

    I just changed my pipes 5 years ago and it’s still fine (knock on wood).

  4. @dwondermeant thanks for the laugh. That was good.

    Lga is better than EWR in my opinion. That’s not saying much though..

  5. I reminds me of a time I went to LGA and buckets were everywhere to collect the water falling from the ceilings. One day they’ll get it together.

  6. In the UK they would never have allowed people to walk through the water.
    They would have closed the terminal so people missed their flights/had to have their baggage delivered the next day.
    The same probably goes for Germany and most of Europe.

    Which approach is better I am not sure.

  7. “In LaGuardia’s defence they were able to offer a solution by bussing passenger from the arrivals hall…”

    If they were actually bussing the passengers, I expect a swarm of sexual harassment lawsuits to be filed soon 😉

  8. The tradition at LGA continues. The fact that it rains indoors at the gates during a rain storm still amazes me.

  9. Hahahahaha brilliant – good to know the PANYNJ tradition of excellence continues, even in the newly constructed wings of LGA.

    What else can we expect from, legitimately, the worst airport in the developed world? At least we have a glimpse of how “great” the new terminals will be once the rebuild finishes…

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