Woman Misses Flight, Claims She Has Bomb In Checked Bag

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There are some Tweets going viral from @katiehinsen, who was on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake City, which was delayed by over 3.5 hours due to an extremely entitled passenger.

PSA: Don’t Claim You Have A Bomb If You Miss Your Flight

All of this involves American flight 648 on Friday, January 24, 2020, which was operated by an Airbus A320.

As Katie describes the situation (I’ll share the text rather than the Tweets as such so I can blur out some of the language):

My travel to @sundancefest has been delayed because of a privileged white lady who pulled some *s&%#*.

Plane was closed and about to leave when woman approached the gate. She’d been chilling in the lounge and missed her flight. Was told she would be on the next one her bag would meet her in SLC. She was NOT HAVING IT.

She’s apparently an elite member and frequent flier. She demanded her bag be taken off the plane or she be let on. She was told “no”.

Someone wasn’t used to being told no.

She threatened the gate staff. They wouldn’t budge. @AmericanAir staff were great- they were not taking #whitelady bullsh&t.

She had one move left. She knew it would work. She mustered all her drama and said the words “there’s a bomb in my bag.”

So her bag was indeed taken off the plane. She was perp-walked across the tarmac to the cop car. The plane was cleared. Bomb squad had to sweep. TSA, bomb squad, cops had to do the whole safety routine.

F*&% privilege.

She thought having her bag on the same flight as her was more important than the 100-something other folks with places to be. The family missing a funeral. The folks missing career ops at @sundance

I hope she goes on a no-fly list.

Apparently they then evacuated a part of the terminal, and even closed shops and restaurants, delaying quite a few flights.

She shares the following picture of the police being involved.

The 53 year old lady in question was arrested for false emergency reporting, a class one misdemeanor, and for making a false terrorism report, a class three felony.

My thoughts on this…

I have a few thoughts on this.

First of all, it blows my mind that anyone could possibly think this is a good idea, especially someone who is apparently a frequent flyer. You simply don’t joke about having a bomb on a plane, and you should know that.

How did she see this playing out, after she claimed to have a bomb? “Oh, okay ma’am, if that’s the case, let me go ahead and get your bag off this flight, and we’ll put it on the next flight with you. I’ll even make sure it still has a priority tag.”

I know the police has to take situations like this seriously, though at the same time it seems like such a colossal waste of efforts. Clearly she didn’t have a bomb:

  • People who have bombs don’t say they have bombs
  • What would the logic be in her wanting the bomb on a flight with her, rather than a separate flight?

I totally get they have to investigate, but it sucks just how much time was wasted over something that was so obviously a false, idiotic threat.

Lastly, I was a bit surprised by how much this was made into an issue of “white lady privilege.” The attempt to delay flights (or something similar) with bomb threats happens several times per year around the world, and people of all races, nationalities, genders, etc., seem to do this. Based on my following of these stories, it doesn’t in particular seem to be a “white lady” phenomenon (or even a “white person” phenomenon).

Here’s Katie’s explanation of why she called out the “white privilege” here:

You can make of that what you will, though I think it’s only fair to at least share her explanation of why she mentioned that.

(Tip of the hat to @Hanwarrior)

  1. Ridiculous. She won’t learn a lesson. She won’t get any punishment because she is a middle aged white lady. Selfish upper class snob

  2. Yes, white privilege exists, but I’m ambivalent about white people being the ones to call it like this.

  3. Something is not right here.
    One of the airlines procedures is to remove all checked bags for any passenger not on board, so I believe that’s more to this story than being said.
    This Katie Hinsen might have been looking for her 5 minutes of fame.

  4. Do they not do “positive bag match” on US domestic flights? If someone doesn’t board and they have checked baggage…..the bag is removed….which may or may not delay departure a bit.

  5. So AmericanAir can be cleared for takeoff with someone’s bag is onboard while its owner is not?
    What an American Airlines!

  6. cancel plans and go home: no brain
    wait for next flight: small brain
    rent a car to drive to destination: big brain
    fly a competitior instead: galactic brain
    claim to have a bomb in the bag: A S C E N D E D

  7. Hmm this is textbook “white privilege”. That it happens elsewhere in the world doesn’t make it less so.
    I’m not surprised that someone white would fail to see that.

  8. Part of white privilege is being either a) blithely unaware of how quickly things can go sideways in situations like this or b) aware, but confident that you’ll suffer no meaningful punishment.

    A black man who had pulled this stunt would have been tased and possibly shot. A Muslim man would be on his way to Gitmo as we speak.

    People of color don’t have the luxury of misbehavior in front of law enforcement.

  9. “How did she see this playing out, after she claimed to have a bomb? ‘Oh, okay ma’am, if that’s the case, let me go ahead and get your bag off this flight, and we’ll put it on the next flight with you. I’ll even make sure it still has a priority tag.’”

    This line made my week. Thanks, Lucky!

  10. Not sure what #alwaysplaythevictim and #alwaysbedevisive have to do with this story. This is a classic story about perceived entitlement and stupidity which can be played out by people of all colors, religions, sexes and ages.

  11. “An AA elite status = white privilege”?????
    Many African Americans have AA elite status so they became white people with white supremacy like Michael Jackson?????
    This KATIE really needs to go psychology doctors for mental treatments.

  12. What is it with these racist comments about “ privileged white “ She then alluded to elite status being a white privilege
    The colour of the person who caused the incident is irrelevant however idiots like Katie hinsen want to make it an issue

  13. The tweeter sounds as sick as the bomb threat lady. Why do some people have to make everything into a racial issue?

  14. They don’t usually have positive bag checks on US domestics. If the bag is on board and the passenger isn’t , it may still travel

    Back to white privilege, I’m aware of dozens of incidents with POC causing delays and disruptions. If the colour was mentioned everyone would claim racism.

    There are also thousands of POC with elite status

  15. It’s somewhat common for the US airlines to consciously uncouple bag and person during IRROPS on domestic tickets. Ex- I’ve had Delta send my bag ATL-GRR as it was originally tagged on a later flight on that route when I missed a connection due to thunderstorms (followed in their app) because it was easier than trying to retag and there was cargo space. But lack of seats on a non-stop flight that day meant my rebooking was ATL-DTW-GRR

  16. The white privilege part is being able to say this and not get shot or have other acts of police violence committed against you. Just a little friendly walk to the police car instead of being dragged like Dr. Dao.

  17. This definitely is an example of white privilege in American society! While there are people of color who are rich and have elite airline status…they would never, ever, in a millions years, think they could claim there was a BOMB in their luggage and things turn out o.k. ONLY someone who has lived their whole life in a society where every rule, every institution, every use of power, exists to make their life easier…ONLY they would possibly think that using the word BOMB at an airport will let them get their way! Talking about white privilege is NOT a discussion about race in and of itself. It is about power. In other societies this same privilege exists for those at the top, like Brahmins in India for example.

  18. I’m asking this in all seriousness. What exactly is white privilege?

    The fact she was some yahoo who thought the agents should bend to her will because DYKWIA is white privilege? So black people don’t do this? Asian people don’t do this? Strange as I see this type of shit time and time again in Asia. Not specifically saying you have a bomb but just being a typical rude ass.

    Is there discriminated in America? Absolutely. But calling every asshole who happens to be white white privilege is actually reverse discrimination. It’s not white privilege. It’s being an asshole.

  19. So we should call out the race of every black person that does something stupid? Not going to be a nice world.

    For those talking about police violence against whites versus others… bring your study. Every one conducted, including by a very famous black economist at Harvard shows white people get shot the same or more. BRING THE STUDY. There have been many done.

    Dr. Dao? He did not leave, he had to be physically removed. Resisting arrest or other actions puts you in a tough spot.

  20. Ray is correct. POC get shot by police on suspicion. She knew it wouldn’t happen to her.

    Though I’ll add she is probably insane.

  21. What a load of hooey some of these comments are. It downplays true examples of white privilege and calling people racist because they don’t agree with you shows you really don’t have a cogent response.

  22. Shouting “white privilege” is the same as those who immediately shout “racist”, “sexist”, “xenophobe” or whatever the du jour is at that moment, and accomplishes little more than to display your ignorance.

  23. Katie Hinsen seems like a true gem to be around as well as the bomb lady. Her twitter is nauseating… it must be exhausting to be so opinionated and on your high horse all the time.

    Sip your PDB and relax.

  24. Based on my understanding of “white privilege” -as someone who is of that criteria- the status is inherent. I.E, if you’re poor and white, you still have it. If you are white and you are humble and kind to others no matter their race, you still have it. If you’re white and are insane or just a complete ahole, you still have it. And it is reflected not so much in your actions but in the consequences to your actions.

    If the point of calling out white privilege is to drive awareness and understanding when it is apparent, then to just blurt it out at any random event for the sake of attention and controversy is a disservice.

    Those of us who are well versed in the travel world would not call this particular instance white privilege, but would call it DYKWIA.

    The argument that her white privilege is evident in how she was handled by police holds maybe a little more credibility, but is a premature supposition given there is no information to describe how she was initially handled by police other than that after they arrested her, they took her to the police car. And the white privilege claimed by the OP was not about her treatment by police but the literal entitlement.

  25. @ All — No bag match is required, and what the hell does race have to do with the situation? This woman was obviously not in her right mind, probably drunk from her visit to the lounge.

  26. Hopefully she loses her status and miles as well.

    As to the white privilege, I’m not sure what triggered that issue but as a white 50s guy who is currently living in Scottsdale, there is a ton of people in this area that think they are special because they have a few $ in the bank.

    Sorry but because you drive your Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, etc. it doesn’t make you more important than the next person.

    It is one reason I’m strongly considering moving elsewhere.

    Just spend some time around Gainey Village, Kierland Common, Scottsdale Quarters and you’ll see what I mean.

  27. This post reminded me of a super popular mathematical urban legend.

    (For the non-mathematicians, the story hinges on the fact that in algebraic geometry the terms “blow up” and “plane” have completely different meanings than they do in everyday language):

    A graduate student is in the airport standing in a security line. He is coming back from a conference, where he presented some exciting results of his Ph.D. thesis in Algebraic Geometry. One of the people whom he met at his presentation is also in the line, and they start talking excitedly about the results, and in particular the clever solution to problem X via blowing up eight points on a plane.

    They don’t notice other travelers slowly backing away from them.

    Less than a minute later, the TSA officers descend on the two mathematicians, and take them away. They are thoroughly and intimately searched, and separated for interrogation. For an hour, the interrogation gets nowhere: the mathematicians simply don’t know what the interrogators are talking about. What bombs? What plot? What terrorism?

    The student finally realizes the problem, pulls out a pre-print of his paper, and proceeds to explain to the interrogators exactly what “blowing up points on a plane” means in Algebraic Geometry.

  28. White privilege? Really?

    If it was a black woman who did it and we were saying “stupid black woman!” you’d call us racist!

  29. American Airlines’ pilots manual used to read that in Latin America, Latinos call in false bomb threats if they are late. There was an uproar and it was removed. This was about 25 years ago.

  30. putting a spotlight on low-hanging controversy is starting to be the hallmark of this blog. wish i could filter these from my feed.

  31. I’m sure American will give her 5000 points as a good will gesture and apologize for the inconvenience.

  32. Oh, wow. You peeps have it all wrong. Its OK. Katie H can call out white privileged because “some of my best friends are white.”

  33. If just one PoC agreed with the denials of White Privilege, I wouldn’t be so depressed by these comments. The reason why educated people outside the US are witheringly pessimistic about Race in America is that whites too often don’t see the point of view of others.

    I’m liberal, white, over 50, and I know for sure I’ve survived some scrapes that would have gone very differently if I’d been black. I read the denials of White privilege above and they’re just silly. Non-whites also act badly sometimes? Irrelevant cheap debating tactic. Not everything is about race? Irrelevant cheap debating tactic. The woman did a next-gen DYKWIA and (here comes the white privilege, see if you can follow the logic) didn’t get tasered/bloodied/disappeared/shot. “Acting Entitled While Black” or “Saying Bomb in an Airport While Black” leads to a much darker place.

    I wish people would debate on the merits, like grownups. America, run by whites mostly, mostly treats blacks worse than whites. Prove that wrong with actual data. As if…

  34. For those people on that flight who reside in the Phoenix area (I’m saying that simply becausse it makes the logistics easier), a small claims lawsuit seems like the best thing to do.

    This woman’s intentional act has damaged all of them, from lost time up to and including intentional infliction of emotional harm for missing a funeral. A fast internet search said the dollar limit for small claims actions in Arizona is $3,500, which multiplied by 100 is $350,000. No attorneys are involved in small claims, and she has an arrest record for a felony and a misdemeanor. The arrest record will give her identity and any other information for bringing the lawsuit.

    Mass small claims lawsuits seems like a remedy when people act like this, with a judgment like size being able to be paid out of bank accounts, investments, and selling her house.

  35. @DenB “(here comes the white privilege, see if you can follow the logic) didn’t get tasered/bloodied/disappeared/shot. “Acting Entitled While Black” or “Saying Bomb in an Airport While Black” leads to a much darker place.

    I wish people would debate on the merits”

    You wish people would debate on the merits, but you are not. The original claim is that her action of entitlement is indicative of white privilege. The argument was not that how she was treated by police was what showed her white privilege.

    If you want to change the argument, then fine. But if you want to argue “acting entitled while black”, then you’re just going back to basics. “Wearing a hoodie while black” “driving while black” “walking while black” “living life while black”… You say that the “not everything is about race” argument is a cheap debating tactic, but if you’re going around making everything about race, then some self-reflection is needed. It sounds like you’re trying to widen the divide instead of bridging it.

  36. She calls it like she sees it?

    What she saw was an entitled person behaving like a fool.

    Maybe if she stuck with the facts and not focused on the skin color and her bias from a book she was reading she would have seen it for what it was.

    The women may have been having a nervous breakdown from stress from her job, situation that made her think she had to be on that flight and that was the best way to go about it. She clearly wasn’t thinking right.

    The OP really doesn’t know what was going on because she was on the flight and she only heard the rumors from the other people on the flight who were not privileged to what happened behind the doors of the terminal.

    She may have seen a woman taken away in handcuffs and then filled in the blanks from the whispers and the book she was reading.

    Making a bomb threat is not a misdemeanor. Her behavior that cause the staff to call the police in the first place may have been. Then as a parting shot she said what if I had a bomb in my suitcase, could I have gotten it back then!? Which prompted the protocol. It was not a direct threat just a comment.

    This is more going on here but the OP only saw what she wanted to see based on the skin color of the person.
    I would have just said this person acted like she was entitled. Entitlement is not a white privilege.
    White privilege would have been someone else got in trouble for her actions because she was white they didn’t want her to be in trouble so they found someone else of a different skin color to be blamed and punished.

    That was clearly not the case here. No one else was to blame. Her sense of being a frequent flier made her think she had a right to special privileges. That is entitlement.

  37. Besides the stupidity of this woman,

    Why it’s always about race? I mean, idiots come in many colors.

  38. What I notice in those tweets is that Ms. Hinson sees people as their demographic group rather than as an individual.

  39. Ok so I’m understanding what some of you saying. So some of you are saying the police would have handled it differently if she had been black or Asian? Maybe. Who knows?

    Dr Dao isn’t the only person to have been dragged off a plane. He was just the most publicized.

    It’s not white privilege. It’s racism and yes it’s alive and living in America. But to call out every dykwia scenario which involves a white person white privileged is none sense. Now if the GA had said why yes let me have the pilot pull the plane back up to the gate, that would be white privilege.

  40. The number of fragile white people commenting on this post is astounding. You would not survive one day of the microagressions people of color regularly have to deal with in the U.S. Of course this is an instance of white privilege, a person of color claiming to have a bomb would have not been dealt with as nicely as this lady.

  41. It’s just the perfect way to start a lovely Sunday morning: reading all these sad little men melt like snowflakes at the smallest reference to their privilege.

  42. “The number of fragile white people commenting on this post is astounding.”

    What’s more astounding is the number of idiots commenting about the number of fragile white people.

  43. “You would not survive one day of the microagressions people of color regularly have to deal with in the U.S.”

    Fair. But neither would you.

    “Of course this is an instance of white privilege, a person of color claiming to have a bomb would have not been dealt with as nicely as this lady.”

    As I mentioned to another commenter, effectually then you can make this argument with any crime committed anywhere. Guy murders somebody: that’s white privilege. Guy rapes somebody: that’s white privilege. Guy sprays graffiti on a wall: that’s white privilege.

    If that’s the crusade you want to be a part of, go for it. But it sounds like the boy who cried wolf. Nobody’s going to take you seriously when you declare “white privilege” and it actually counts for something.

  44. The 53 year old lady = idiot.
    katie hinsen = racist.

    BUT WAIT!!!!!!!
    If black people can use the N-word and not be racist, then why a white person use the white-privilege-word is suddenly a racist.

    I guess black people using the N-word should be called racist too.

  45. “white-privilege-word is suddenly a racist”

    Well, she’s not really racist for using “white privilege”. But to apply the term is a stretch.
    Just like a black person using the n word isn’t racist (lest they do so with racist intent).

  46. “White privilege”…
    Why is everyone assuming that she will get away with little or no punishment? Do you all know more?e fact that she did this does not necessarily mean she gets away with it.
    Isn’t the more likely outcome that there will be no privilege and that this lady was just incredibly dumb and will pay a hefty price for her stupidity?

  47. Anyone who uses the term “privilege” reveals him or herself to be ignorant and a shill for anti white hatred. If you want to talk privilege talk about how blacks commit a disproportionately high amount of violence everywhere they are in the world but mainstream media and academia downplay it or excuse it.

    This is a case where a woman allegedly made a comment to get a point across which in no way, shape or form was a threat. Often in these cases cops and government agents instigate and escalate situations. To bring up the term white and privilege is really low and bigoted as around the world all different types of people have actually made direct threats of violence to flights, most are black or Arab Muslim, yet no one mentions privilege.

  48. This isn’t privilege, this is a woman who is a complete selfish bitch and should, for the rest of her days, be banned from flying on any airline…she should be in prison.

  49. You know what is real “White privilege”? Being able to use the word “White privilege” as a way to virtue signal instead of using it to explain why the people who look like you are struggling to succeed.

  50. I’ve always found the term “people of color” somewhat problematic. As if everyone non-white can have their experiences lumped together into the same group. That surely of itself is the ultimate expression of white privilege.

  51. I may have missed something but Honestly I don’t have it in me to read this again, so I’ll just ask: How did the Tweeter have such a detailed account of what happened, when she was on the plane and this happened at the gate?

  52. why would a bomber want to be on the plane with it ? hell bombers blow themselves up along with other poor souls all the time think suicide vest . as for the comment about white privilege it does not matter what race the person was . but it does appear that you have issues over race

  53. Looks like Debit is back and using my name. Funny I never thought in my life someone actually will imitate me. This is awesome or could there be another actual Endre? Hmmmm.

  54. Katie has a chip on her shoulder and should get over it before it consumes her. Apparently the white privilege card didn’t work at all if they refused to open the door, or off-load the woman’s bag.
    Maybe it wasn’t even present.
    I’m sick of all the Katies around these days!

  55. @Conway, “Talking about white privilege is NOT a discussion about race in and of itself…” On Jesus Christ! !! You just contradicted yourself in one sentence. Pot, meet Kettle.

  56. I hope the woman spends a few days in prison (not community work). It should help her learn.
    As a person of color, “white privilege” does exist, but in this case, her skin color doesn’t matter, except that if a person of color were to claim there was a bomb on the plane, he/she will not be treated with as much dignity (maybe cavity searched, tasered, put in a jail cell with several felons, delays in calling her lawyer, etc).

  57. I don’t see why so many get so excited over the use of white privilege. The woman making the claim clearly took advantage of her race knowing she would get a slap on the wrist. POC know they are going to face the full penalties allowed on the scene, in court, and from the public. Stop being an ostrich, pull your head from the sand, and acknowledge it is a real thing. Yes, all races create crimes. But this isn’t some dude pulling a gun and robbing a store. There is a quick, and possibly subconscious, evaluation of the penalty and a decision was made. I am white. I am not offended by the comments by the posts. I get it. I try not to exhibit the WP or use it. Can’t say I am perfect. But I know it exists and am aware people rely on it. Can you even imagine the comments on a news feed if this was a POC? Not going to be pretty. Face where your country is today and change it. Stop covering it up with ridiculous arguments and justifications.

  58. No positive bag match on US domestic flights? Really? So anyone can just check in whatever in a bag, cross their fingers that it won’t be detected, never board the plane, and let disaster unfold.

    But we still have to take our shoes off at TSA screening because “security first”. Wow.

  59. This lady’s Tweet reads like it’s a first hand report of what happened at the gate after the aircraft closed up and ready to go. Yet she herself was a passenger on that flight so couldn’t possibly have witnessed any of the conversations.
    While the outcome of the situation is evident, how do we (or more importantly, does she) know exactly what was said?
    It does appear that she is trying to deliberately stir things up…..

  60. Echoing William’s Q: how could Katie have firsthand info about the gate conversations when she was already onboard and the gate closed? Calls her whole account into question. Did she even see the woman??

  61. @Eve-I commend you for admitting it exists but when you say “except that if a person of color were to claim there was a bomb on the plane, he/she will not be treated with as much dignity (maybe cavity searched, tasered, put in a jail cell with several felons, delays in calling her lawyer, etc).” doesn’t that exhibit white privilege? Now granted, not prior to the arrest, I think there are other factors showing white privilege prior to the arrest.

  62. Of course this is white privilege at its best, other scenarios this would be all over the news and POCs be either tasered or shot or whatever… while this entitled (which I assume she looks like one) was walked to a police car.
    People who don’t see it need to wake up and face the reality.

  63. How in the hell did this become a racial issue….She broke the law and should be in prison for a very long time…She is so stupid she should not be allowed to fly…EVER AGAIN…

    Who cares what color she is….I’ve seen very arrogant black people at the gate, far eastern people who act entitled and push ahead of everyone else (and don’t tell me they didn’t understand the announcements.

    What she did was so VERY wrong I hope her punishment is severe, but I would hope that would be the case regardless of the race or religion of who was so incredibly selfish and stu[id.

  64. Frank, you should be proud of whatever race or religion you are…It doesn’t matter that there are monumentally stupid people of all colors and religions out there….

  65. The event was stupid. Glad she got arrested..HOWEVER… brining the race card into this is yet another example of identity politics and division. She was a self entitled b**ch. Enough said.

  66. I’m a little confused by this. How does Katie know anything about the conversation between this dumb passenger and the gate agent? Wasn’t Katie on the plane already at this point?

  67. @Joe I guess this thread is old but I appreciate your critique. I was initially in angry troll mode at your disdainful tone but remembered, just in time, that mine was the same.

    You make good points, although I’m not sure it’s totally fair to dismiss me by claiming the “original” complaint was only about the woman’s behavior before the authorities got involved. To me that’s hairsplitting, if not outright incorrect.

    Still, I’m not persuaded about the broader issue. If I could be born in USA and choose my race, I think one would, in fact, give me an advantage. So I’m saying that White Privilege is a thing; it exists. Is it entirely irrelevant to the story at hand? You seem to say it is. I’m unpersuaded.

  68. @DenB
    Apologies for the disdainful tone.
    Yes, it exists. I’ve lived it. With 85% certainty, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.
    What is the line where it is really relevant and applicable to a story? Personally I don’t think this has crossed into that territory. If every act of entitlement by a white person and every peaceful arrest of a white person classifies as “white privilege”, then would you even be commenting on this event instead of trying to keep up with ten thousand other cases a day? And if so, why? What differentiates this case from any other white person entitlement?
    Or IS every act of entitlement and every peaceful arrest of someone white “white privilege”? And if so, what is the goal of calling it out every time- to raise awareness or to create conflict?

  69. I don’t disagree with the “white lady” terminology. I work with plenty of customers every day of all races. most of them are hispanic. If someone has a complaint, you can bet they are white.

  70. That is absolutely ludicrous. I hope that woman does time in prison (no just jail, PRISON). What she did was criminal.

    As for the Twitterer continually calling what she was doing “white privilege” and then her explanatory tweets – I call her racist. Let’s just call a spade a spade.

  71. @Joe: my take on it is it does need to be called out simply to address the disparity of treatment. Not conflict. Conflict solves nothing.

    @Misskellyp: just a pathetic comment. Of course you would see it as racist and it simply solidifies the case regarding white privilege. Please go back to watching your hero’s impeachment.

  72. What a pile of racist crap this Katie person is!

    What the idiot did was be an idiot and her skin color has no bearing on the situation.

  73. Call me the oddball but this has nothing to do with Katie or if the offender was a man or woman. It has nothing to do with race, creed or color. What this boils down to is quite simple!
    You can not fix stupid!
    Take it one step further. Fingers crossed the judge she appears in front of was at the airport and was delayed by her actions! Could we be so lucky?

  74. Regardless of race, she broke the law. Period. Full stop.

    It is clear cut.

    I feel so sorry for all those people stranded because of such a selfish action, as well as for the security officials who had to deal with this, and the airline staff. The safety for everyone on the plane is at the forefront and for people who wanted to get safely from A to B.

    I hope that law enforcement officials and courts take all measures in their control to prosecute the woman.

    Lucky, thanks for the post.

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