Lack Of American Saver Award Availability Is A Glitch

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A couple of days ago I wrote about how American seemingly stopped releasing all saver level award space for travel starting in December. While there’s no denying there has been a trend the past several years whereby American is releasing less and less saver level award space, I was convinced this was a glitch. I don’t know of any airline that has ever stopped releasing all saver level award space across the board, and I wouldn’t expect American to be the first.


And I was correct. American has confirmed that this was a glitch as a result of a huge schedule change which was loaded over the weekend, which was related to the rebanking of flights at their Chicago and Dallas hubs. Apparently award availability should be fully functional again by late Wednesday.

  1. I noticed the lack os saver awards for December from one day to the next, so I bit the bullet and bought the tickets retail (ouch!)

  2. I’m seeing some Business Class availability for February to/from South America, so it looks like things are starting to go back to normal.

  3. @ Denise — Wouldn’t count on it, unfortunately. They’ve long not released much transatlantic premium cabin award space. šŸ™

  4. Trying to be positive. I managed to snag two Bus. Class savers, LAX-LHR, on AA for our outbound. I was then able to grab one Bus. Class saver, LHR-LAX, on AA, for the return. Perhaps “lightening will strike” again! Keeping the faith for one more tix! šŸ™‚

  5. I recently booked some tickets to LHR from ORD with AA points and I could only do AAnytime because MilesAAver was not available, will American put the difference in points from AAnytime to MilesAAver back into my account because of the glitch?

  6. @ Patrick — No, they probably still wouldn’t have released saver space, so unless you can find the saver space now you won’t get the difference in miles.

  7. @Ben – Are you able to get official word from somebody at American on wtf is going on with this still not being fixed? I’d like to know officially if it is a glitch and when it will be fixed. I’m sure you have some contact that you could get a statement for, right?!


  8. @lucky
    no sAAver for MIA-MAD on AA metal after May, 2015.
    do you think its a matter of time before AA will load more sAAver space?

  9. I am looking for October 2015 for ORD to FCO on AA metal and with a few days in March, it’s zilch all the way to the end of October 2015. I wonder if it is really a glitch?

  10. I keep thinking there is a glitch between SGF and DFW/ORD, but maybe they finally just caught on to me. BOO! Where is my space AA!

  11. I find that United isn’t releasing economy saver awards on its European routes at present. All seats on their planes 338 days out are available but no saver awards are open, just standard ones or partner connections.

  12. @ Jay — I’d keep monitoring, there’s a very good chance they’ll open more space as the departure date approaches.

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