La Compagnie’s Nice Flight Now On Sale: $1,200 Roundtrip Fares

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Yesterday I wrote about how all business class airline La Compagnie planned on launching seasonal nonstop flights between Newark and Nice in 2019.

This seems like a smart move for the airline (rather than trying to enter an oversaturated business market), given how much high-end leisure travel there is between New York and the South of France in summer, not to mention the festivals going on there.

Well, La Compagnie’s new flight is now bookable, for anyone who is interested.

La Compagnie’s seasonal flight between Newark and Nice will run between May 5 and October 26, 2019. The flight will operate 4x weekly — eastbound on Sundays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and westbound on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The flight will operate with the following schedule (as you can see, it leaves pretty late in both directions):

B0201 Newark to Nice departing 11:30PM arriving 1:50PM (+1 day)
B0200 Nice to Newark departing 6:15PM arriving 10:00PM

The flight will cover a distance of about 4,000 miles, and is blocked at 8hr20min eastbound and 9hr45min westbound.

While La Compagnie is taking delivery of A321neos with flat beds next summer, the airline will be using a Boeing 757 for this route, featuring 74 angled seats (this is the same plane I reviewed a few years back).

La Compagnie consistently has excellent fares, though they have especially good introductory fares, of $1,200 roundtrip. They say that this is the price at which they’re selling the first 1,000 tickets, though capacity controls apply, so not every flight will have these fares (especially those around the festivals).

But indeed there are flights throughout much of the summer that have $1,200 roundtrip fares, which are excellent.

For example, I picked that date at random because it was available, and pulling up fares the same day on Delta, they’re charging $1,550+ for economy.

This is a market where La Compagnie has the potential to be really disruptive. They’re offering more premium capacity than Delta, and this is a market where there’s definitely demand, especially among affluent leisure travelers.

While La Compagnie’s business class isn’t great, I’d in a heartbeat book a La Compagnie business class ticket for less than the price of a Delta economy ticket.

Anyone plan on taking La Compagnie between Newark and Nice this summer?

  1. I’d be really interested to see you give La Compagnie another go now that they’re more established. Definitely seems like one to look at again.

  2. Not this summer but I’m definitely interested for next fall as the flights carry on into October…
    Would be a fun way to position from NCE to NYC before flying say JAL first class using Alaska miles since I can’t do that from Europe…

  3. Nice! (pun intended). Its unfortunate the return gets in too late to connect to most places. Having to overnight in Newark? There goes the plan for a weekend trip

  4. @YOW – Actually if you drive about 40 minutes west out of Newark there is a beautiful lake and (mini) mountain region that is absolutely beautiful! Most people don’t have any idea that is there in NJ and just outside of NYC. It’s a great place to spend a weekend.

  5. It’s been nearly 4.5 years since you reviewed their inaugural flight. Given that they’ve outlasted your expectations, I think you owe it to them (and us) to try them again. At least so us readers can have some new pictures 🙂

  6. have they gotten better with flight delays that plagued them historically? (at least that was their reputation)

  7. Lucky: Would you choose La Compagnie over the Norwegian premium cabin offering which seems to be priced about the same?

  8. Anyone have any experience with IRROPS? I’ve read comments in the past that make it sound like they’re plagued by this, and that their IRROPS plans are well… poor to say the least. Appreciate any feedback – positive and negative.

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