Fly Business Class Between New York And London For $1,250

La Compagnie is the all business class airline operating flights between Newark and Paris, and as of April, flights between Newark and London. The airline launched last July, and has no doubt had some “growing” pains as they ramped up operations, despite being run by two seasoned airline executives.


The way I see it, they offer a sub-par business class product (compared to the other airlines in the market, which mostly offer flat bed products) at truly a fraction of the price. In many cases, La Compagnie business class is priced similarly to the competition’s economy class prices.


With that in mind, La Compagnie once again has a heck of a business class fare sale for travel between New York an London. It’s not quite as good as the sale they had when the route was first announced, but is still very good.

La Compagnie New York to London sale

La Compagnie has two versions of the sale between New York and London.

La Compagnie is charging $2,500 all-in roundtrip for two tickets between Newark and London, bringing down the cost to $1,250 per passenger.


Meanwhile if you’re traveling solo, the roundtrip business class fare between Newark and London is $1,500 all-in roundtrip.


Those are amazing fares, especially when you factor in that they include all taxes, including the hefty ~$221 UK Air Passenger Duty.

In both cases the rules are as follows:

  • Must book between August 1 and September 30, 2015
  • Must travel between August 1 and December 15, 2015

Assuming you meet those requirements, availability using that fare is wide open through December 15, 2015.


This is only marginally more expensive than the lowest coach fares being offered by the competition.

Word of caution

While I think La Compagnie offers an incredible value, it’s also worth noting that they’ve been extremely unreliable in the New York to London market so far. Since launching the route:


I would expect La Compagnie will be more operationally reliable going forward since I believe both of their planes are in service now. That being said, I do think I have the obligation to at least mention the operational unreliability they’ve experienced in the market so far.

Bottom line

If you’re traveling as a pair between New York and London, $1,250 per person in business class is an incredible value. When you book, just realize that La Compagnie has a somewhat sub-par business class product, and has also been extremely unreliable with their schedule. So I guess to some degree you get what you pay for…


Do you plan on giving La Compagnie a try with these low fares?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)


  1. Ben -you have created a monster. After reading your blog for several months and liking it ,trusting you so there is no way in hell I would do this. They are extremely flaky. Nuff said. Thanks for a great read Ben

  2. Hi Ben,
    I havn’t flown yet on La Compagnie, but follow them on Instagram. It seems their newest B757 our outfitted with Lufthansa old angled lie-flat seating. Check them out on Instrgram and you’ll see!

  3. For what it’s worth, BA’s OpenSkies service, which many compare to La Compagnie given its history as a stand-alone all business class service originally, has been pretty unreliable of late as well. They are relying on a chartered aircraft for some of their rotations, and have had a number of cancellations recently. has some details.

  4. To be fair, the real cost of my trip should also include the cost of hotels and last minute air fare I will need to book when La Compagnie realizes that they don’t actually have a plane to fly the route on the day of my ticket right?

  5. +1 on all these comments re: La Compagnie. I can’t imagine why Lucky would endorse these clowns, even if he’s being paid.

    ps- totally right about OpenSkies. My July 24 flight to ORY was cancelled with very little explanation :-/

  6. Here’s a crazy question. Given that it’s not actually business class, and given that the planes don’t always fly, and given they swap in other planes randomly – point being this airline isn’t reality-based – why don’t they call it First Class? Why not shoot for the stars?

  7. Flew three R/T with them to CDG and it was flawless. Such a great value. If you’re lucky (lol) enough it’s so worth it since the alternatives are either paying much more for a slightly superior experience or flying premium economy. If you can find a similar fare on legacy carriers I would not use La Compagnie but otherwise so worth it. Thank You La Compagnie!!

  8. I’m with @Neil S. on this one. Aim high:

    “La Compagnie The Residence Caviar Concorde Class”.

  9. Right now Openskies in offering business flights in August for ~$2000 from NYC to Paris, and that’s before the AARP discount (which I think works for OpenSkies as well as mainline BA?). I’d take that over La Compagnie any day—even including the Eurostar trip to London—since there are so many more rebooking options with BA/AA if an openskies flight has issues.

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