Amazing: $1,000 La Compagnie Roundtrip Business Class Fares

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La Compagnie is the all business class transatlantic airline that started flying in mid-2014. The airline operates flights between Newark and Paris Orly, as well as seasonal flights between Newark and Nice.

While the airline initially flew 757-200s with angled business class seats, they recently took delivery of new A321neos, featuring a much improved (and fully flat) business class product.

La Compagnie A321neo

If you’re interested in traveling to Paris and want to fly this product, La Compagnie has some spectacular fares at the moment, among the best I’ve ever seen on them.

La Compagnie Business Class Fare Sale

At the moment La Compagnie is offering $1,000 roundtrip business class fares from Newark to Paris. The fare sale seems to be valid for travel between January and April 2020.

Dates are pretty wide open. Fares are mostly valid for outbound travel Wednesdays through Saturdays, and availability is best in February through April.

You can use ITA Matrix or Google Flights to pull up these fares. They’re not always showing directly on La Compagnie’s website, but if you click through to an online travel agency from Google Flights, you should see the fares.

La Compagnie’s New Business Class

Not only is this one of the best fare sales we’ve seen from La Compagnie, but it also comes at a time where they have two A321neos in their fleet, featuring a new business class product.

La Compagnie A321neo business class

La Compagnie business class seats

I recently reviewed La Compagnie’s A321neo business class on a flight from Paris to Newark, and was blown away by the value I got — the seats are comfortable, they have free high-speed wifi, and the food, service, and amenities were good when you consider the price.

La Compagnie business class dining

La Compagnie business class dining

I’d fly them again in a heartbeat, and especially loved the feeling of flying on what almost felt like a private jet.

Bottom Line

$1,000 roundtrip for business class between New York and Paris is an incredible deal. I enjoyed my recent flight on La Compagnie, and if I were based in New York and wanted to travel to Paris in the winter or spring, I’d book this in a heartbeat.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this great La Compagnie fare?

(Tip of the hat to Meghan)

  1. at these fares you gotta wonder how profitable this business model is…. many others have tried and failed and seems they are still holding out but not necessarily successful

  2. Do they use LCC pricing (by segment) so this is available both ways or is it sold as a return from New York ?

  3. @Mike

    Yes all the 757 are totally out of the fleet now.

    The airline had huge unexpected maintenance costs on these in the summer, and is very happy to not have them anymore.

  4. Am I the only one turned off by the idea of the A321LR? You are intrinsically going to have a worse experience than a jumbo jet because you have:
    – less bathrooms (enjoy walking all the way to the back of the aircraft to go pee and then standing in line in the aisle with your crotch in someone’s face)
    – I am assuming a smaller plane means a smaller “kitchen” area so therefore less ability to make a well crafted meal
    – narrower plane means narrower seats and no direct aisle access for everyone
    – less comfortable ride
    – less cabin pressurization
    – less overhead space
    – less “special” feeling when you get a proper jumbo jet experience

    Personally, I will avoid any A321LR routes that supplant a proper jumbo jet.

  5. jeez, I bought a ticket last week and now the same one is hundreds of $ cheaper. Do I have any recourse?

  6. No need for proper jumbo jet. They are daytime flights, better than premium economy and cheaper than all of them save huge deals

  7. Do you happen to know if they allow pets as in one small dog?If it’s an “emotional support” animal can it board the main cabin or must it go in the belly?

  8. @Corey they are only daytime flights in one direction, they are redeyes EWR-ORY. That being said, some of these complaints are rather silly. For one, rarely (if ever?) are business class meals actually prepared on the plane. The idea that the seats are narrower because the plane is narrower also doesn’t make sense, there are fewer seats per row. Lack of overhead space also doesn’t follow – sure there’s not a middle bank of overhead compartments, but there’s also not a middle bank of seats. The aisle access point is fair, in a way, but for the fact that many widebodies still don’t have all-aisle access business class.

    Some of the other points are legit. I can see only 3 bathrooms being annoying, the cabin pressure is definitely worse than new widebodies (though not legacy 777s), and the cabin overall feels far less spacious (although I loved the 747 top deck business class, so maybe this isn’t an issue).

  9. I know this airline has been around since 2014, but is there a chance they might vanish by next April if you book for then ?

  10. Everyone has been saying if you book with them you run the risk of them going out of business but so far I’ve not seen anything like that of any kind.

  11. @rob the flight back in the article leaves at 1030am and arrives at 110pm. I’ve done several similar flights. I lived in the UK for 3 days and took a similar trip to DFW from LHR (got back at 230pm). Stayed up till 8pm, woke up at 6am and transition to CST in 1 day with no jet lag till about 8pm the next day.

  12. Also 787/777/767 I thought all were crap versus all business top level 747. Flown it twice and loved it. I would love to fly this. Think I will wait till my kiddo is a little older and stays with the grandparents. Fly with just the wife in case we get a nightmare scenario. Their backup flight plans are horrific.

  13. @Corey Yes, that is what I said, it is only a daytime flight in one direction though and these are round trip flights. All westbound flights from Europe to the US are daytime flights, I routinely take them when I go back home (I live in France). The eastbound flights, from Newark to Paris, are overnight flights.

  14. This is the closest I’ve ever come to making my first business class trip and then I regained full consciousness and remembered why I’ll most likely never fly business/first. The economics simply don’t work for me.

  15. @rob my mistake. Still doesn’t seem too bad. I’d take that short flight over the 17 hours in Qantas business class. While nice it’s 17 hours and I slept maybe 2 hours.

  16. @Rob have you ever been on a jumbo jet…?

    Look at the seats AA puts in their A321T (Transcon) First. It’s almost the same as their international business class, except tighter because there is less room. This is not speculation, this is a known fact that the dimensions are smaller because of the seats not fitting on the narrower body of the A321. Also, jumbos have much higher headroom, and the wider cabin leads to a more spacious feeling.

  17. Don’t really understand those strange negative comments about the airline going bust.
    Please do some basic research before posting.
    This is an A321 – smaller aircraft but much more economic compared to the ageing B757.
    The B757 is a brilliant aircraft but not necessarily better.
    The jet is too small or the toilets “too far” – well, just book another airline operating bigger jets and charging you more. Simple.
    For a 1000€ RT long-haul business class in a brand new jet, what more do you expect? Massage?

  18. Re: Super’s comments on the A321LR v. Wide-bodied aircraft:
    I mostly fly long-haul business class, however I have flown the 787 4 times in economy (MIA-SCL, DOH-MAD, LAX-SYD and AUH-FRA). While the other business class flights that I have had on this airplane were great, I have to say that in long-haul economy class this is one of the most miserable travel experiences you can have. Arms and legs of tall passengers spilling out over the armrests and into the aisles, no room to squeeze by other passengers when traversing the narrow cabin, and on the Doha flight, a complete malfunction of those stupid electronic window shades. My trips in economy on the 10-abreast 777W on Emirates, Qatar, and AA were about as bad. Who cares about the 787’s mood lighting and ‘lower cabin pressure’ when your seat is only 17″ wide? An A321 has an economy seat width of 18.1 inches, which translates into several cubic feet of extra space per passenger along the full lateral length of each seat in the cabin. And nowadays, your crotch is in others’ faces while waiting to pee if you are not in business class, wide-bodied aircraft or not. Finally, your mention of inadequate galley facilities in narrow-bodied planes is a carrier-specific issue, our QR flight NAI-DOH had wonderful food.
    So, in all fairness, the return to narrow-bodied A321 planes across the Atlantic is pretty much of a wash in business class, and actually an improvement over economy class in the atrocious Boeing 787.

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