Amazing Deal: $1,000 La Compagnie Roundtrip Business Class Fares From New York To Paris

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La Compagnie is the all business class transatlantic airline that started flying in mid-2014. The airline operates flights between Newark and Paris Orly, and this summer is also operating a seasonal flight between Newark and Nice.

I reviewed La Compagnie back when they first launched operations several years ago.

La Compagnie’s $1,000 fare sale

At the moment La Compagnie has some of the best fares I’ve ever seen them offer. You can currently fly roundtrip business class from Newark to Paris for just $1,000.

Availability for this fare is quite good, and it’s valid for travel between August 31, 2019, and the end of the schedule, so it’s great for a fall or winter trip to Paris.

You can find these fares either directly on La Compagnie’s website, or you can use ITA Matrix or Google Flights to pull up these fares.

As I’ll explain below, what makes this deal better than ever before is that La Compagnie’s new A321neo is now flying, offering a great new business class product.

La Compagnie’s one-way sale

While I’ve written about this sale before, I might as well throw in a reminder in this post about a great one-way fare as well.

Historically La Compagnie had high one-way fares, as you’ll often find from airlines selling international tickets. That’s to say that the cost of a one-way ticket was almost always more than you’d pay for a roundtrip.

At the moment La Compagnie has attractive one-way business class fares originating in Europe. I really appreciate this, since I’m sure I’m not the only one who may be starting or ending a trip in Paris, but wants to fly from another airport in the other direction using miles.

So, how good are the fares? You can fly one-way business class for under 600EUR from Paris to Newark, which is pretty darn good.

Unfortunately in the other direction the fares aren’t as good, at $1,000 one-way, which is the same as they’re charging for a roundtrip ticket at the moment.

La Compagnie’s new business class

What perhaps makes this especially interesting is that La Compagnie has just introduced a new business class product.

Up until recently La Compagnie has operated two Boeing 757-200s featuring angled seats. While that’s not the best business class product, it does represent an excellent value, as they have lower business class fares than any other airline in the market.

However, this week La Compagnie began service with an A321neo, meaning one of their daily flights is operated by this plane. The A321neo features free high speed wifi and fully flat beds in business class.

So if you are considering booking this fare, I’d definitely recommend booking the A321neo rather than the 757-200, as the experience should be considerably better.

Bottom line

$1,000 for roundtrip flat bed business class between New York and Paris with free wifi is an incredible value. Not only is this one of the best fare sales I’ve ever seen from La Compagnie, but it also coincides with the introduction of their new business class product.

I can’t wait to try La Compagnie’s A321neo.

Anyone plan to take advantage of one of these great La Compagnie fares?

  1. It’s not an amazing deal because they’ll likely cancel your ticket at the last minute. La Compagnie is the biggest scam in the airline industry.

  2. I was looking at the ORY to EWR flight for early July. On every date I looked at the 757 flight priced at 595 Euro, but the 321neo price 100 Euro higher.

  3. You can also get it for $851 through some weird third party websites but considering this is a special fare and you would have to pay $500 anyway to change it. I usually strictly avoid third party websites because in the case of a flight change they are very difficult to deal with but in this case I don’t see a big problem with booking third party for a $150 discount.

  4. A lot of people have said they frequently cancel their flights. Any data on cancellation rates?

  5. Bill — flightaware doesn’t seem to reflect many cancellations EWR-ORY or ORY-EWR in the last two months.

  6. For leisure travel, if you really worry about flight cancel, you might as well consider you can pocket 600 euros, which brings your ticket to less than basic economy.

  7. Curious how they make money on these flights? There are only 74 seats, so if the flight is 100% full, that is $74k RT, so $37k each way.

  8. They canceled my flight once, back when they flew to London Luton, because they stopped service to Luton entirely. They were VERY nice about rebooking me on their EWR-CDG flight and providing me an onward connection to London on BA. I enjoyed the flights, and although connecting in CDG is always a drag, it was overall a much more pleasant experience than the coach class alternative.

    I don’t think they’re “the biggest scam in the airline industry.”

    @Michael – Not all their tickets are that cheap. But it’s still a good question. Do they make money, or are they hemorrhaging cash like most new airlines? They’ve been around for 5 years or more now, so perhaps they’ve found a way to be profitable.

  9. Good, timely info for me. I have been looking for a return for my family of four from Paris to NYC in early January. Best option thusfar has been Air France for 57,500 points + $350 taxes and fees per person. I’m a bit nervous about La Compagnie’s viability, but fewer than 45,000 points per person and no fees booking through the Sapphire Reserve with 1.5 points/dollar seems pretty good to me. We won’t be expecting a lot, but thanks for the info!

  10. Just booked a round trip for two for mid-September for just less than $2k. Interested to try the product but more so, it was an incredible value, especially with one segment on the 321!

  11. I paid $1515.73 for a one way ticket on La Compagnie flight 0102 from Paris to New York on June 30. They swapped out the plane for a sub-economy charter without saying anything until I was on the plane, despite eight separate opportunities. They would not let me off, and have ignored all phone calls, emails, and direct requests to their gate agents.

    DO NOT FLY LA COMPAGNIE……they are a Flying Fyre Festival!!

  12. Their website is very buggy. I booked via Chase but have not been able to manage my booking. The wesbite doesn’t allow me to select seats; it won’t responds to clicks. NOt will it allow me to enter passport and known traveller ID information. I have called their 800 number and twice been disconnected with after 10 minute holds with a recording telling me to email them. I am getting worried about this, especially given others’ comments here.

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