Redeem Starpoints To See Justin Bieber In Concert At The O2!

I’ve written in the past about SPG Moments, which allows you to redeem Starpoints for tickets to sold out events, including concerts, sporting events, cultural activities, etc.


This really isn’t a gimmick. SPG Moments not only represents a great value in many cases compared to what you’d pay for a similar experience in cash, but can also get you VIP access to otherwise sold out events. This is because SPG sponsors many events, and also has “suites” at several arenas/stadiums, which gives you almost unparalleled access to things. I’ve experienced a few SPG Moments, from the SPG Suite at the US Open, to the SPG Suite at a One Direction concert, to the SPG Suite at an Adele concert, and enjoyed them all immensely.

Well, some new SPG Moments have just been loaded, which I imagine will be very popular. You can redeem Starpoints to see Justin Bieber from the SPG Suite at The O2 in London. While I’m sure we all have different thoughts on Justin Bieber as a person, there’s (almost) no denying that his new music is catchy-as-could-be.


A pair of tickets costs 25,000 Starpoints, and as of now there are six packages (for two people each) available on the following four days:

  • October 14, 2016
  • October 15, 2016
  • November 28, 2016
  • November 29, 2016


Personally I love attending concerts from suites. Some people really don’t like it, since you’re a bit removed from the action, so you won’t be just a few feet from the performer. Personally I’d probably lose my hearing down there.

O2-Arena-Suite-SPG - 9
SPG Suite at The O2

I think it’s much more enjoyable to attend a concert in a suite. You get unlimited food & drinks, and have a “living room” of sorts where you can hang out, and then there are also seats facing the stage. You typically can’t easily buy tickets to suites, so this is a great opportunity to get access to one without paying thousands of dollars.

View from the SPG Suite at The O2 when I saw Adele in concert

Bottom line

If you’re a Justin Bieber fan and plan on being in London over any of the available dates, this is an incredible value. 12,500 Starpoints for a suite with free food & drinks to what should be a great concert represents an excellent deal. If you’re interested I’d recommend redeeming for these tickets soon, as I doubt they’ll last.

Is anyone redeeming Starpoints for this SPG Moments package?


  1. Why in the world would I want to be in the same building as him? And a bunch of his fanatics? I know many will play victim and label me a ‘hater’ because that’s the easy way out of sheer ignorance. But give it 10 more years, and he will be a washed-up has-been. Mark my words. Then in another 10 years he will be starring in commercials for Ensure and Viagra.

  2. Oh wow. You hate Bieber? I hate Bieber!! Let’s go listen to Two Door Cinema Club with all the rest of the unique snowflakes!!

    Yea, i dont think i’d take advantage of this, but as i’m sure tickets are $100 a piece plus you get food, drink and a unique space to view a concert its def a great use of points.

  3. Given the secondary market for his tickets, this is a good deal. One of you haters should take your teenage girls and their friends to his show and watch them light up when he comes onstage. He happens to put on a terrific show. He’s not my cup of tea, but many of you sound like grumpy old men waiting to die.

  4. @Geoff – if you’re going to tell people they sound like grumpy old men waiting to die, you probably shouldn’t sound like a grumpy old man waiting to die.
    Just sayin’…

  5. C’mon y’all don’t have to be dramatic about this.

    Yes, I’m sure most OMAAT readers are not a Belieber, but there’s at least a few who will find this valuable, whether it’s for themselves or to treat their teenage children. As Geoff said, this is a fantastic value for those who are interested (same for OneD, Adele, and the US Open).

    I don’t really like Beiber given all his antics but his songs can be rather catchy.

  6. Okay… I’m no fan of his, but spg moments has some of the most ahmazing!!! Offers!!! Last year, I could have done something really epic.. But I cherish my points for travel. This is a neat entrance to unique stuff IMO. Im going to go look at their website now since it has been awhile. Thanks Lucky!!!

  7. @GringoLoco You know that can probably be arranged 😉 haha

    His current tour is due to gross $250 million in ticket sales alone, he is globally massive!…and the dozens of full frontal nudie pics “leaked” online probably fuels sales haha.

    Soooo with that said, I would only go if he is performing 100% naked, and I have the best earplugs money can buy. Oh, and the ticket needs to be free!

    Otherwise, I’ll pass!

  8. Thanks for flagging this Ben. I’m now taking my 12 year old daughter to see him! A few hours of pain for me, but she’s incredibly excited!

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