Oh No: Justin Bieber Is Selling Hotel Slippers

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There are many things that I don’t understand about Justin Bieber (his recent marriage, newfound religion, and fashion sense, just to name a few). That’s fine, because I don’t pay much attention to him. However, in the past day he did something that I take serious issue with.

Justin Bieber has launched his new retail line, called “Drew House” (Drew is his middle name). I wouldn’t care much, except he has only put one thing on sale so far, and it’s problematic.

The first item that Drew House is selling is hotel slippers. They’re for sale for just $4.99, and are simply described as “cheap hotel slippers.” The slippers have a smiley face on them and say “DREW,” and are already sold out.

As they’re described:

new drew house cheap hotel slippers. super soft white slippers with the iconic smiley face design…perfect for drew house guests and anyone who enjoys slipping their feet into something cozy at the end of the day

made with plush lightweight coral fleece, comfortable padding and foam soles

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Now here’s where the problem arises. Justin Bieber tends to wear hotel slippers in public, so if he’s doing this with the intent of encouraging other people to wear hotel slippers in public, I’m going to be a very sad man.

It’s bad enough when people show up at a hotel breakfast buffet or club lounge wearing a bathrobe and slippers, but for the love of all that is decent, please don’t encourage people to wear these in public.

Also, the lack of originality of these slippers combined with them selling out almost immediately is a sad reflection of the age we live in…

Okay, I’m done hating now!

  1. LOL Lucky, indeed you’re ‘grounded’.
    But i totally feel you there. I just can’t with anything Bieber but i’m pretty sure not in the demographic he’s supposed to appeal to.

  2. Please don’t tell me the next thing “the youth” are going to give us is wearing slippers as regular footwear. I’m unhappy enough they wear socks with pool shoes (sliders.)

    As an aside, I don’t think his religion is “newfound” I think his mother is a born-again Christian who apparently tried to hold back his career as she wanted him to do Christian music, over whatever you call the music he does instead.

  3. If wrong were an adjective that admitted of degree, you would be maximally wrong. These slippers are awesome.

  4. Was just at an all-inclusive resort, with people wandering around in all sorts of states of dress, and the one guy who stood out as odd was wearing his room robe and slippers.

  5. What the hell do you care???? Very boring article.
    In Taobao, a Chinese shopping website, there’s even Royal Jordanian oneworld Emerald and Sapphire for sale (and it works at airport with guaranteed lounge access)

  6. On the upside, if you have a friend named “Drew,” there’s all of your gift dilemmas sorted 😀

  7. Well I do remember when you changed into PJs in a lavatory on Lufthansa 747 (a while back ago) *winky face*

  8. I’d want the smiley facing the other way so when I looked at them they’d be smiling back.

    Remember the good ol’ days in NY when the people shuffling around in bathrobes and slippers were people kicked out of the necessary mental health facility and had no one to make sure they were taking their meds and you knew to stay clear of them? Now they may be your run of the mill celebrity.

  9. OMG, this post is hysterical! And I totally agree with you. It just goes to show you how sheeplike people are when it comes to celebrities. The emperor’s new slippers!

  10. In all honesty have you ever been to a lifestyle shop at any of The Ace Hotels? You can’t imagine the crap they are selling. The millennials eat it up.

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