Joan Rivers gets denied boarding — can you say “DYKWIA?”

Check out this clip from Larry King Live, as Joan Rivers discusses her recent denied boarding on Continental:

My first observation is how entitled she sounds, suggesting they should call the captain because he would know who she is. This is an interesting situation, though. On one hand if logic prevailed she could have been allowed to board. Ultimately she was no threat to security and I think we can reasonably say she wasn’t trying to scam the system.

But she was in the wrong. She suggests the issue was that she had two names in her passport, yet halfway through the interview points out that her boarding pass really said “Joseph.” So she had a boarding pass with the wrong name on it. If I showed up for a flight with a boarding pass that had the wrong name on it (let alone a name of the other gender) I’d almost certainly be denied boarding as well. The gate agent was neither a moron nor idiot as Joan suggests, although she was definitely “by the book.” She also suggests that she was let through several “checkpoints” before getting to the gate. Well Joan, in case you didn’t catch on, that’s why they have several checkpoints. Now I wish everything would be checked just once as well, but that would require a competent workforce.

So while logic might not have prevailed, I’d hardly call the gate agent an idiot…

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  1. The name Joan could easily be mistaken for Joe. If the booking was made over the phone, then the agents enters it as Joseph. It is her OWN fault for not checking the name on her BP. Why did the whole family leave grandma by herself?

  2. @ Martin — Good point, although when you book a flight the full name is required. Joan sounds like Joe, but not really like Joseph. She should have checked her ticket, which is the lesson we can learn from this. And I’m wondering why they left her behind as well. Although based on the amount of botox she has had I won’t call her grandma — that might just cause her to run out and get more. 😉

  3. I think they came and got her off the plane and the rest of family had to stay onboard. thats’s my guess,there’s more in to it that we don’t know.
    poor Joan.

    I’m guessing soon they will not allow people to fly without a reason ie:MR?


  4. At 4:55 in the interview she says that her family left half an hour before her flight.

    What about the racial joke she makes near the end – ouch.

  5. she is a liar… first she said her family left only hour half before her flight. later she fabricated this story about how wonderful these people were. driving 6.5 hours to San Jose airport. what a bitch!

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