Jewish Passenger Beaten & Choked On Ethiopian Flight

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Via The Times Of Israel, a man was flying on Ethiopian Airlines from N’Djamena, Chad to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, when he was beaten by another passenger.


Here are the highlights of the story:

The suspect reportedly beat the Israeli man, identified by Ynet as a 54-year-old named Arik, with a metal tray and shouted “Allah is greatest” and “kill the Jews” in Arabic on the flight from Chad to Ethiopia’s capital on Thursday.

The Israeli man told Ynet that just before landing in the Ethiopian capital, the passenger behind him “identified me as Israeli and Jewish,” then started choking him, then beat him over the head.

“Only after a few seconds, just before I was about to lose consciousness, did I manage to call out and a flight attendant who saw what was happening summoned her colleagues,” he said.

After he was pulled free by airline employees, he said his attacker tried to rally passengers and crew to “finish me off.”

Apparently the Sudanese attacker has remained in custody since the incident.



  1. Absolutely disgusting, racist and barbaric! These people think they’re doing Islam a favour, while they actually are breaking Islamic concept and are destroying its image.

  2. Indeed disgusting .. if it’s true.
    Always two sides of the story we just need to wait for it to emerge before deciding how disgusted one should feel.

  3. @H.T.,
    Always true that you need to hear both sides of the story.
    However, can you imagine a situation in which “started choking him, then beat him over the head” would be justified, no less on an airplane?
    Let’s see it for what it is.

  4. What is interesting is some media outlets are referring to the victim by his nationality while also referring to the attacker by his religion…

  5. Anybody else wondering how much this had to do with something like reclining his seat all the way back during the flight?

  6. Shocked. Shocked. If I were Israeli, would I….?

    My friend has worked as a flight attendant on charter flights for the Hajj. Some pilgrims are nomadic people who haven’t been on airplanes before, in one case urinating in the aisle. The embarrassed man was led to the lav and it worked out okay. My Vietnamese friend boarded a domestic flight HAN-SGN on which a woman wore a bicycle helmet in her seat. Recently a story in Canada described an executive from Blackberry, in AC J, bigging it up while intoxicated. He ended up handcuffed to his lie flat cell, lest he continue assaulting the flight attendants and passengers. Should we vilify Canadians, executives, Muslims, Vietnamese, men, women? If we’re going to denigrate groups because of bad behaviour of a single person on a plane, I’ve got twelve stories about citizens of the United States of America and Her Majesty’s United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that will convince you, beyond any doubt, to ban them from airplanes and maybe begin bombing London and Tulsa. Obviously those countries aren’t civilized enough to visit my country and they should be kept out at the border.

    Islamophobia isn’t an efficient way of addressing the problem illustrated by this story. Lots of us aren’t safe in lots of places. Lucky, or I, can’t hold hands with our partners in plenty of countries. Jews aren’t safe in many places in the Arab world. Women need to approach public places differently in Saudi Arabia from what they might do in Malibu. Or Watts, if you’re white. Or, if you’re black…

    I feel sad about the assault story and my sympathies lie entirely with the victim of the violence. But it doesn’t lead to silly generalizations about “Muslims”. If it did, I’d have to reexamine my relationship with my sincerely Muslim Saudi boyfriend.

    Everything in nature is beautiful, even the snake.
    But you don’t hug the snake.

  7. @YYZgayguy,

    Your sjw cognative dissonance is impressuve. Just don’t complain one day if the caliphate decides to stone you and put it on youtube.

  8. Hey YYZgayguy and abdelrahim abdallah:

    How is what happened “not islamic” vis a vis what is mentioned in the koran re: the jews?

    Explain the difference between islamophobia and questioning islam?

    What is a sincerely muslim Saudi boyfriend and how does that relate to attempted murder?

    good luck with that

  9. @YYZgayguy: did you read the story? Missed ‘and shouted “Allah is greatest” and “kill the Jews” in Arabic’?

  10. Stirring the pot of religious hatred for attracting more traffic? And the dumb morons on this blog take the bait.

    If you are going to be fox news, you will have to hire good looking anchors. Some hot blondes maybe?

  11. you guys need to read the entire story from news as it goes into more details of the incident. The socking details of the story comes during the attack was as with most stories involved Islamic crazies, that the majority of the flight passengers are Muslim yet yield to aid during the attack. only toward the near end of attack does the attendant saw and One passenger stepped in to help. How incredible is that, would a US bound flight have similar outcome from passengers, no, only in the Muslim world.

  12. @credit:

    There was no stirring of hatred in this post. Seems like you don’t like news that makes you uncomfortable or doesn’t agree with your point of view.

  13. @YYZgayguy – lol, nice try! Ben posts embarrassing stuff about U.S. passengers making a fool of themselves all the time and just yesterday I believe posted a story about the group of African Americans booted from a plane and they felt it was racist. There is nothing wrong with sharing the information about the person, especially when said person clearly makes it a hateful, religious, racial attack.

    & yes, it is disgusting. They’re just following the corrupt Quran though, which does say you should kill the infidels, and 99% of the people here are all infidels.

  14. Is it written in the same place as the Bible and Torah that says it is acceptable to stone to death a woman on her period who commits the sin of speaking to a man?

  15. All the passengers were deaf-and blind?- I know they are dumb- NOT ONE!!!!thought it was wrong to try to kill a Jew -Hitler would be proud of them

  16. @john cocktosin:


    Lots of people unhappy with what I wrote. Obviously my feeling is that since I’m right, the problem must be that I didn’t write as well as I wished I had. Or maybe others can teach me something, as my Muslim boyfriend has.

    Of course the incident was barbaric. Obviously the assailant identifies himself as Muslim. One more whackjob on the fringes of Jewry, Muslims, Christians, Survivalists, the NRA, FLQ, the Conservative Party of Canada, Greenpeace and PETA.

    My basic point is that if one’s private feeling about this incident is “wow Muslims are worse than other groups” one misses the point. Generally mistrusting Muslims is like fighting terrorism by pulling over everyone driving blue cars, since a statistician proved that more terrorists drive blue cars than other colours. Even if true, it’s stupid to act on it, if 99.9999999% of blue cars are driven by ordinary people.

    Muslims by and large don’t commit violent acts upon others, even Jews. Never mind what their holy book says, they still behave well. The same is true of Christians, Sikhs, Jews, agnostics or atheists. All holy books contain nonsense and @David you know that perfectly well. But every holy book contains the Golden Rule or a very close version of it. Do unto others…

    “Start with the Muslims; I don’t trust any of them” is not a winning strategy for making the world safer. Focus on extremists.

    Our security services already know this, which is why you see lots of Muslims in airports worldwide. “They” is “Us”.

  17. @aafdsfsdf:

    Sorry I wasn’t clear. I wanted to highlight that when you say “Muslim” you’re including people who are peaceful, diverse, law-abiding and “imperfect” (according to most fellow believers, as in most religions), yet devout in his religion. I find many surprised to learn about a young gay Muslim person. So I included that reference in case it was an eye-opener for some, maybe an opportunity to see the thing a little differently.

    You never know, there may be someone who is interested in seeing things a little differently.


  18. YYZgayguy,

    You do realize the penalty for being gay (or lesbian or transgender) in Saudi Arabia is death. So I would hope that your boyfriend is more tolerant than most from Saudi Culture. Of course 90% plus of Moslems are peaceful. But it is the 7-10% that we need to worry about. Unfortunately unlike the West, in the Arab world children are regularly fought that Jews are lower than monkey and dogs, are evil and deserve death – ask your boyfriend. So the level of prejudice (that we all have to some extent) is much much greater than The US and Western world (we are far from perfect). But only yesterday the high sheik in Jordan after saying Moslems should not kill Jews except during war (a rare and newsworthy event) walked back calling Jews worse than monkeys and dogs and evil…the problem is that Islam has not gone through a reformation like Christianity and Judism. The cutural view points are not equivalent.

  19. @YYZgayguy – thank you for saying what needed to be said.

    Sigh. As a Muslim myself, I am saddened by reading the comments posted here.

    Clearly the story is disgusting and the man who did it deserves to face the consequences of his actions.

    That said the assumption that many commenters here is that this kind of behavior is part of the Islamic teachings, and this is just plainly wrong. Islam teaches that killing one soul is like killing all of humanity. Murder is an egregious sin. The Quran does not stipulate the killing of Jews, or anyone outside the context of war. (I don’t want to open a debate on this point here but I have studied Islam for many years from many scholars and this is a gross misunderstanding of casual readers of the Quran.)

    Now of course there is some deep seated hate the has developed over the last century between Jews and Muslims but this rhetoric really only began out of the Palestinian issue. Prior to that you can read about how the Jews lived in peace with Muslims in many places – Morocco is a great example of this where you still find Jewish communities there.

    In fact every culture, race and religion has had its fair share of madmen. Read about the Crusaders and what they did to not just the Muslims but the Jews as well – in that time period the Jews flocked to live with Muslims.

    Anyways, I could go on about this, but I just ask that everyone educates themselves a little bit before painting the religion of almost 1/4 of the worlds total population as extremists and terrorists who want to kill everyone in their sight. Think about it. Your doctor, co-worker, teacher, lawyer, cashier at the supermarket… One of them (if not many of them) is Muslim. Are they batshit crazy? No. Thank goodness for that. Because if they were we’d all be dead. And it’s because Islam (the canon) does not teach any of this. Cultural and racial grievances as well as classical Muslim rhetoric do… But let’s not confuse the teachings with the practitioners. And again. Think about 1.57 billion people in the world being Muslim. They’re not all out to get you. I know, because I’m one of them, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. I hate ISIS. I hate al Qaeda. I hate Bin Laden. I hate what i read about what this Sudanese guy did. And guess what, so do most of those 1.57 billion Muslims.

    – Still Love to Fly

  20. @wwk5d

    Last time i read through the entire torah i found no reference to the statement you purport is there? do you mind giving a citation

    You’re a perfect example of ignorance leading to hatred

  21. This is what you get for being the citizen of a murderous apartheid regime founded on mass ethnic cleansing which usurps US tax dollars to kill, oppress and ethnic cleanse on a daily basis. Zero sympathy from me to this Israeli or any other Israeli or their supporters who end up on the receiving end of hostility due to the Israeli government’s disgusting actions.

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