Jetsetter’s amazing $75 off hotel promotion

Via Deals We Like, Jetsetter apparently has a promotion code for $75 off a hotel stay for bookings made through 11:59PM EST on Thursday, October 18. The promotion code is jetset75, which can be entered at the time of check-out.

This seems to work out for one night stays for the most part, so can be quite the deal. For example, The Palms Place Las Vegas is available for as low as $79 per night, so you’re looking at pre-tax/fee rate of $4 per night.

There are taxes and a resort fee, so in the end you pay $37, which is still extremely cheap.

Anyway, there are lots of available hotels, and a $75 credit is pretty tough to beat, especially for a short stay. If you don’t have a Jetsetter account you can sign-up for one using my referral link and I’ll get a $25 credit for referring you, or feel free to post your referral link below. I do have some reservations about Jetsetter, but this seems to be pretty straightforward, so I wouldn’t hesitate to book through them in this case.

If anyone sees any great finds using the code, please let me know below!


  1. I booked a 1 night stay at the Palms Casino Resort 1/20/12 for $15 total incl taxes after $75 off code. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hey guys, use this code to get an $75 off a one night stay. Plan together to book two separate nights and get $75 off each night.. I’ll email details later. Just use this link to set up your free account with Jetsetter

    code….. jetset75

  3. I’d prefer to think I’m doing something wrong here, but I’m getting an error whenever I try to apply the code for any dates at the Palm in Vegas. Is this deal already done?

  4. A $20 (plus tax) resort fee per night will be collected upon checkout from Jetsetter.

    Is that included in the taxes quoted or do they mean at Hotel checkout time?

  5. I’m having the same problem as Grand. “Promo Code Cannot Be Applied To This Order”

    Anyone have ideas on why?

  6. Jetsetter was shady last time and they are shady again, please don’t promote their offerings as they don’t seem to have any interest in honoring promotions that they themselves created.

  7. Ben, I have to agree with Darren and the others. This deal was killed before the deadline and, when I called to inquire, I was told in a surly manner that this is their right and that, if I read the T&C’s, I would know that.

    Please don’t do them any favors in the future by promoting their non-promotions.

  8. Agree with Darren and Michael. Please don’t promote previously shady companies willing to manipulate this and and other blogs for just to gain more naive followers.

  9. Jetsetter just cancelled my hotel reservation for tomorrow night, less than 24 hours before checkin ! I have confirmation emails of the rate and confirmation number from both jetsetter and the hotel. This will be fun.

  10. i signed up through your referral to create an account though i am not sure whether i can find an appropriate hotel for a stay. you have worked hard to write daily message and you deserve to earn some referral credit.

  11. FWIW-Jetsetter is for sale by its owner, the Gilt Groupe, but no takers so far. According to the WSJ, analysts consider the business model “unprofitable.”

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