New JetBlue “Just Alright Doesn’t Fly Here” Ads

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JetBlue has just launched their newest ad campaign, called “Just Alright Doesn’t Fly Here.” As you might expect based on the name, the premise is that the airline is taking a stand against mediocrity in air travel and reminding travelers that they don’t have to accept the bare minimums that have become the standard in the industry.

Elizabeth Windram, JetBlue’s VP of Marketing, described this campaign as follows:

“JetBlue has always believed that travelers deserve better, and going above and beyond for our customers has been an integral piece of JetBlue’s DNA since day one. This campaign is designed to shine a much-needed spotlight on the complacency that’s become an all too common part of the airline experience and show those who haven’t traveled with us before that there’s a better way to fly.”

To kick off the campaign, JetBlue has released three 30 second ads, each highlighting something that makes the JetBlue experience unique.

The premise of these ads is pretty witty. They talk about how the Wright Brothers took flying to new heights, and how the fictional “Alright Brothers” have taken airline customer service to new lows. They highlight the experiences that many other airlines offer, and contrast that to JetBlue’s offerings, including personal televisions, snacks, decent legroom, and more.

I appreciate how relatable they’ve made the campaign. They only highlight the economy flying experience, and don’t even talk about the Mint experience.

Here are the videos:

In many ways the campaign isn’t unlike Emirates’ ad a while back, starring Jennifer Aniston (though of course the Emirates inflight experience is a bit different than JetBlue’s).

This is a brilliant campaign on JetBlue’s part. I really think airlines like JetBlue, and in particular Southwest, don’t do enough to promote the ways in which they aren’t terrible, unlike their competition. I’m a huge fan of JetBlue, and love this campaign.

What do you make of JetBlue’s new ad campaign?

  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t translate to their lousy frequent flyer program or I would be flying them!
    Very mediocre not even alright! Poor value
    Their bag of potato chips didn’t make up the difference 🙂

  2. Ironic since majority of their planes still have the early 2000s interior with seat-back monitors that look like calculators. Even the TV quality on their “new” A321s are pretty below average. Their free snacks and drinks are nothing special, their on-time performance is worse than most airlines including ULCC, and finally while Mint is an exceptional product, their ground experience especially at JFK and BOS is a step above the Port Authority and Penn Station.

    After over 50 flights with them in the past three years, I also found their service unmemorable if not downright rude. Especially New York based flight attendants. Mint is an exception of course.

    This is my biggest gripe with JetBlue. Their marketing is wonderful: they promise all of these industry-leading product and service when in reality, majority of the experience will still be in rapidly aging A320s, poor IFE, rude service, lackluster on-time performance and terrible ground service.

    At least their WiFi is pretty decent.

  3. Unfortunately, doesn’t translate to operational performance, well functioning app/website or competitive frequent flyer program.

  4. My last 2 flights on JB were no better if not less enjoyable than AA or DL.
    More legroom is definitely the big plus here however both flights were delayed, both aircraft on each trip were not clean, seatback screens scratched and dirty. trash left in seat back pockets, Unhappy and unfriendly ground staff and flight crews. Not the “Jet Blue Experience” as it used to be.

  5. Totally agree with @J. Most of their interiors, and in particular their monitors, seem so old and are clunky.
    Flying with them is not bad, it’s just meh…
    I think they’ve benefitted hugely off of their image and the fact that they were one of the first to offer monitors at every seat. In most people’s minds, they were/are the fun airline that treats you well. That may have been true back in the 2000s, but far from if nowadays. I don’t avoid them, but I absolutely prefer Delta if I can. DL is often cheaper, too.

  6. This ad campaign would’ve been fantastic about three years ago. At that time JetBlue was destroying the competition with their economy product and these ads may have (correctly) pointed out that it’s worth spending x% more to fly JetBlue instead of the competition.

    Unfortunately, today JetBlue is merely a good–no longer great–airline. They’ve made several moves that have brought them down:

    1. A320 reconfig that packed an extra 12 seats into the plane (at the expense of less legroom cost for all customers), while also adding the truly awful SpaceFlex bathrooms.

    2. Replacing Coke with Pepsi products, eliminating mini bottles of water (despite adding bottle holders on the new A320 & A321 refresh) and reducing some snack options. Basically saving a few pennies per customer instead of realizing how important (and how much more $) customers are willing to pay for premium drinks & snacks.

    3. Replacing the E190 (with 2×2 layout) for A220 (with 2×3 layout). Yes, I know some people swear by the A220, but the E190 is an amazing plane. Best legroom of any plane in USA economy and no middle seats.

    4. Not allowing their FF points or elite benefits to be used with any of their partner airlines.

  7. If jet blue changed to Pepsi products ,then why can’t I get aquafina water instead of that no name water they tried to give me the last time I flew out of JFK

  8. Wow. Lots of complainers here. I fly JB a lot and the extra leg room throughout coach is far superior to other airlines. And the snacks can’t be beat. Good selection, unlimited available throughout the flight. They are more than just alright.

  9. Also Jetblue charges for bags to Colombia while UA/DL/AA don’t. So much for Jetblue being a better airline that doesn’t nickel and dime you.

  10. I have to say while I do fly JetBlue at times, it is my last resort before Southwest. I just do not appreciate the product. Mint I find just OK, but that whole thing of “here is a bag of potato chips, enjoy” I find rather pedestrian. I think the planes are dirty, the seats are worn, and someone mentioned the charge for luggage. They are ridiculous if you are over. I had to pay $150 because I was 4 pounds over – I used my Ritz Carlton Card on that benefit – But Delta and United always let something like that slide.

  11. They are all similar, drama queen FA’s mechanical problem delays and seats that have aroma…

    B6 threw me off a flight because I complained about a “emotional dog” sitting near, I said it smelled like ass, can I please move to a empty seat a few rows down? instantly booted off

    I was a security threat?!?! btw I have a dog, I like animals but not when they smell on a 3.5 hour flight

    Google flight check my route, see the options then I book, could be any airline I’m not loyal anymore

  12. “Just Alright Doesn’t Fly Here.” until 2015

    JetBlue became just alright whey they start charging checked bag fees.

    JetBlue became just alright whey they start having bunch of delays.

    JetBlue became just alright whey they stop updating their old planes.

    Comment above and below mine can attest to that.

    Without Mint saving grace it would be much worse, yep right now JetBlue is just alright.

  13. I am a HUGE fan of Jet Blue. I fly frequently as dies my daughter between San Jose, Costa Rica and Florida (Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando). I have NEVER had ANY unpleasant experience at all. From making and sometimes changing reservations to checking in, to the actual flight, to landing, customs and groubd crew. I have always been very impressed with the kindness, professionalism and customer service agents that I have dealt with. I won’t fly with any other airline (if Jet Blue serves that area). Keep up the amazing job, Jet Blue. I’m a fan for life!!

  14. I’ve only ever flown B6 in Mint (2x to JFK and 1x to BOS) and have to say they have a solid product upfront and its priced aggressively. I also noticed that on each of those flights the FAs were outstanding, and while my sample size is small, compared to AA I on the routes I took (ex-SEA) there’s no comparison.

    As to the videos, while FFs might nitpick their FFP or other changes, I think that from a marketing perspective they are pretty good.

  15. Jetblue has also started looking to save money at the resort of terminating tenured employees. They look for reasons to fire the same people that were there in the tough times while they grew with a thanks for getting us here bur you coat to much to keep so lets fire you and hire 2 new hires cheaper. High delay rate is from having 90% of flight in bos and jfk. When theres a cloud in the sky. Your dealyed by atc. Pay for bags and crap snacks. Time to go else where

  16. I ran into huge delays at PBI the last time I flew B6. I knew i was on the wrong airline when they had a Local Police officer stand by and unholster her firearm to keep people in order when they announced further delays.
    never went near B6 again.
    And, yes, unholstering a firearm when not in danger is a big no-no in most Cities.

  17. JetBlue has been my favorite US domestic airline for a while. Though, I do wish they flew to the Midwest and I wish they had a better frequent flyer program.


  18. Gonna have to disagree with some of the comments saying they’re about the same as AA/UA/DL. On a bad day sure, but the 3 US legacy carriers are way worse.

    I had the (mis) fortune of flying AA out of PHL for a transcon and it made me realize just how much better B6 is. I don’t know where to begin- on AA the check-in line was ridiculous (40+ minutes and of course no priority line at their friggin hub), most of the self-serve kiosks were broken, the agents clearly weren’t happy to be there. Of course, there’s no IFE or power outlets – even in F on AA’s A320 despite it being refreshed.

    The return flight on B6 was night-and-day difference. Even on JetBlue’s oldest planes (which are getting tired, they need to finish the refreshes), you still get crazy good legroom and wide seats.

  19. The jetBlue space is so much better than the legacy carriers. Regular economy on AA or United is so cramped, but on JetBlue I don’t feel cramped in the same way. And their even more space seats, the space is better than just about any other carrier. I loved JetBlue in the old days, and although the planes are getting long in the tooth, in my view they are still greatly preferred over other carriers. I have received many free JB flights with points, and we are so happy to be headed to SEA in Mint later this week with points.

  20. @Alpha

    AA does have priority line at PHL did you look close enough?
    The rest I assume you are comparing B6 AA First Class or Mint between them. Well B6 are good but not close to DL good. But here, the ad campaign, it is about B6 in general and flying coach.
    But to be fair, PHL is a mess and a relic of the early jet age just like LGA, LAX, IAD.

    Just compare those to the design DFW or DEN or ATL. Those built with the future in mind.

  21. @Eskimo
    They do- it was closed at 6pm on a Friday during heavy travel hours (bonus for having no sign indicating as such so people were actually queued at the priority line with no-one helping them.) They had about 6 people checking in about 200 angry travelers in the regular line and the handful of working kiosks alone had a line of 20+ people deep to use them. This wasn’t anything functionally wrong with the airport, it’s just AA didn’t bother to employ enough staff and keep their machines running in an entire terminal. I’ll also say the staff got into a shouting match with PAX at several times too- just reflective of the garbage service they can get away with at a captive airport.

    I was comparing them to flying coach- but it’s sad a fresh F seat on a refreshed AA A320 has less features than a new Y seat on B6. Not to mention B6 provided nice little features like an eye mask and ear plugs for the red-eye back.

    DL has a bit more parity (they’re usually my go-to legacy carrier) but JetBlue still has a much better coach product (not a huge fan of the CRJ900’s) , better terminals at JFK and LAX, better WiFi, better coffee (DL’s coffee is VILE), and a worlds better premium transcon product.

  22. @Alpha

    If this was recently, write up to AA for some extrAA miles.

    Not really much excuse for a Friday evening at a hub.

    At a non hub, I even seen DL have similar issue few times for non priority line, can take up to an hour. At least SkyPriority was notmal. I saw it, guess what, at PHL and DFW. 😛

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