Etihad Cutting Jet Airways US Flights Earlier Than Expected

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Several days ago I wrote about how Etihad Airways will be cutting Jet Airways operated flights to the US by later this year. Etihad owns a stake in Jet Airways, and for years has been leasing their planes and flying them on select routes.

Jet Airways first class

The problem is that the Jet Airways planes aren’t the same quality as Etihad planes. The planes are really worn down and don’t feature wifi, unlike the rest of Etihad’s longhaul fleet.

I had reported that Etihad would stop flying Jet Airways 777-300ER planes on their US routes as of October 30, 2016, when the following adjustments would occur:

  • EY100/101 (between Abu Dhabi and New York) will be operated by an Etihad 777-300ER rather than a Jet Airways 777-300ER
  • EY182/183 (between Abu Dhabi and San Francisco) will be operated by an Etihad 777-200LR rather than a Jet Airways 777-300ER

That plane adjustment can’t come soon enough… and it seems Etihad agrees! Etihad has now moved up the dates as of which they’ll stop flying Jet Airways aircraft to the US. Via, the changes will occur with the following timeline:

  • As of June 1, 2016, Abu Dhabi to New York will be flown by an Etihad 777-300ER in place of a Jet Airways 777-300ER
  • As of April 23, 2016, Abu Dhabi to San Francisco will be flown by an Etihad 777-200LR in place of a Jet Airways 777-300ER

That’s exciting news, as it means you can expect a better onboard product (and wifi!) on Etihad flights as of earlier dates.

Not a bad office view on Etihad!

Etihad first class continues to be a great use of AAdvantage miles pre-devaluation, so this presents even more options to redeem American miles on “true” Etihad flights.

Etihad 777 first class

Bottom line

It’s exciting that Etihad is finally taking the Jet Airways aircraft off their US routes by the middle of this year. This will make the product offering across Etihad’s US routes a bit more consistent, which is great news. What I’m most excited about is that these flights will have wifi, given that these are partly ultra longhaul flights, and Etihad has an excellent onboard Wi-Fi offering.

Are you booked on an Etihad 777 flight out of New York or San Francisco in the coming months?

  1. They are putting the Jet Airways aircraft on Sao Paulo route now.. I wonder if anyone is travelling on that route.. But frankly for economy class, it does not make any difference!

  2. Don’t understand the constant Jet Airways plane bashing. Yes they don’t have Wi-Fi, but the First Class suite is significantly wider than the rest of Etihad’s single deck fleet…

  3. Always try really hard to avoid Virgin Australia planes on Etihad bookings. I like most things about Etihad apart from the customer service outside of the planes. Not too worried re Wifi when in the air scared by the cost! Put my money to work on Etihad Business Class.

  4. @Miles Down Under. Seat Guru shows a difference of .5 inches of width for first class seats (29.5 vs 30). How did you come up with your conclusion?

  5. @Ted – by flying both numerous times. To be clear this is the width of the suite, not simply the width of the seat cushion.

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