I’ve gotta stop sleeping on planes!

I was on a redeye from Seattle to Washington last night, connecting down to Tampa. Usually I don’t get a lot of sleep, but I slept really, really well on the Seattle to Washington flight for some reason. Besides the delicious, warm, moist cookie and the threatening purser (he used to be Paris based, can’t say I’m surprised — they shut down that base for a reason), I slept from takeoff to touchdown.

Then I connected to Tampa, and yet again I slept almost the whole way. The flight attendant kept plopping stuff down in front of me, and I constantly fell asleep. After my greasy omelet I got about an hour of solid sleep. What kind of freaks me out is the dream I had while flying.

In my dream I was flying a United Airbus 319 (same plane I was actually on) into LaGuardia and the plane started making noise on approach. I remember joking (in my dream) that they must be having gear issues, and not surprisingly the gear didn’t come out. Now this is a dream so of course it’s not realistic, but in the dream we had about eight missed approaches before actually trying to land, and that was our last shot, as the captain announced we would run out of fuel after this approach. What really, really freaked me out was that we touched down in Tampa the second we were about to make the final emergency approach in my dream.

Worst of all was that my seat was reclined, seatbelt wasn’t fastened, and headrest was up. Guess it was too hard for the flight attendant to wake me up. Here’s to hoping I wasn’t screaming during my dream.

While I usually have neck pain while sleeping on planes from my head constantly bobbing side to side, I typically stay away from airplane related dreams. Anyone elseĀ have weird dreams aboard a flight?

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  1. Last fall I had a dream that I was crashing while sleeping aboard a flight returning to MIA from Rio. The dream was very vivid and ended with the plane plummeting toward the ocean at which point I could see emergency boats with their lights flashing (somehow they knew we would be crashing). Then I woke up in a cold sweat. Two notes: I am not a nervous flier and I do not ordinarily remember my dreams.

  2. At least you wake up when the flight is over and not sleep for an additional 4 hours at the gate…;-)

  3. I have recurring dreams about being in an aircraft cockpit (a DC9-30 to be specific) on approach into Killeen, TX airport, but we have to go around due to poor visibility. The captain calls for TOGA power. Then a bunch of guys from Animal House come into the cockpit draped in bedsheets chanting “Toga, Toga…” and we crash.

  4. “neck pain… from my head constantly bobbing side to side”?
    I believe the two ends of headrest (in domestic FC) can be bent forward to cradle the head. Have you ever tried that?

  5. You think your dream was strange?

    I read your post yesterday and had a dream last night in which I was traveling from point A to point C via point B by train — yes, you read right, by train — and bumped into you while transiting at B. You helped me get to the right gate. I found myself upgraded to business class and had six feet of legroom. I kid you not.


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