InterContinental San Francisco adds milestone awards for frequent guests

While hotel loyalty programs as a whole do a great job of recognizing frequent guests, individual hotels often don’t. It’s always disappointing to check-in to a hotel for the 50th time and be asked at check-in whether you’ve stayed with them before. I’m sometimes tempted to say “look in the computer, I practically live here.”

That’s why I think it’s pretty awesome that the InterContinental San Francisco (coincidentally one of my favorite hotels in the US) is adding the following milestones for frequent guests, per USA Today:

  • 10th Milestone Stay: Your room will include a picture frame holding a favorite photograph. You’ll get an upgrade to a Junior Suite based upon availability.
  • 25th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, plus an “I” logo pen, plus a plush, monogrammed InterContinental bathrobe that can either stay at the hotel or be shipped to your home.
  • 50th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, plus a pair of monogrammed slippers and a digital picture frame pre-loaded with your selected photos. For the upgrade, you’ll get to stay in one of the hotel’s luxury suites such as the Presidential Suite.
  • 75th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, a personalized iPod to keep in the room, including the extra-nice upgrade.
  • 100th Milestone Stay: Expect the above, plus a complete linen sheet set that is embroidered with your initials. On future stays, your bed will be made with your personalized sheets.
  • 250th Milestone Stay: All of the above, plus the hotel will name a suite after you (after all, you probably already “live” there!). The hotel would actually place a plaque outside the door with your name on it.

Having a suite named after you? I’m not gonna lie, that would be pretty awesome…

Regardless, it’s just nice to see a hotel recognizing guests that are especially loyal to one hotel, as opposed to just the chain.

(Tip of the hat to GeeEmm)

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  1. “Expect the above, plus a complete linen sheet set embroidered with your initials. On future stays, your bed will be made with your personalized sheets.”

    I can’t wait for the first screw up where some random person ends up with your linen set.

    Also I wonder if the counter starts now or they take into account all your previous stays (not that it would do anything for me as I live in SF already).

  2. I also wonder if previous stays will count, and also stays booked through sites like Priceline/Howire or using a BOGO (a stay is a stay, right?)

  3. I wonder if prior stays count? I need to start staying there more often so I can get my name on a suite before you, Ben! Only 220 stays to go…

  4. Easier and cheaper to make a name plaque and put it on the door of your room after check in. They would probably leave it on the wall for a month at least before they notice.

  5. Only if Sheraton would do the same. I have been at the same Sheraton for 175 nights now since last year

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