I’m addicted!!!!

As frequent flyers I’m sure many of us enjoy shows like “Airline” and the like, whereby we can laugh about a subject we’re interested in or at the very least be entertained. Well, last night I was introducted to a new type of airline series, which, while based on a fictitious airline and totally unrealistic, has me absolutely addicted! The show is called “Mile High” and is about “Fresh Airlines” and is just so well done, in my opinion. Just all around amazing, and that’s rare coming from someone like me that really doesn’t like TV shows in general. While it’s far from accurate, I think many of us would enjoy this type of show and get quite a kick out of certain parts. Lucky for us it’s available on YouTube, which is what I’ve been watching it on for the past nine hours (that’s what weekends are for, right?).

Don’t say I didn’t warn you, this show is ADDICTIVE! I’m just about ready to order season two on DVD since YouTube only has the first season. Now that you’ve been properly warned, here it is:


While a few parts are left out (especially in the first two episodes), it should be pretty easy to follow. All episodes have six parts, and they’re all uploaded by the same user. I recommend just following the videos in his profile since that’s the easiest way to not get flustered trying to find the next video. Please note that some scenes are NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK, so I recommend watching this at home.

It takes a few “parts” to really get into it, but it gets better and better. Enjoy this hilarious, fake drama.

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  1. Introduced a few weeks ago by a co-worker….I am addicted and and currently in the middle of a second season marathon. I have have now hooked someone else. Does that make me a pusher? I believe DVDs were purchased through Amazon. (Seasons 1 and 2) You have summed up the show perfectly. Great job on the blog!

  2. Ahh.. Mile High!

    The Low Cost Carrier with funky music and the dream of what EasyJet and co could had been.

    You can get the DVD’s (R1’s) from Amazon… and its delightfully silly fun.

    Not that I recommend visiting http://www.mile-high.co.uk at all (especilly if you like the theme).

    And on a previous post… Pam Ann is a LOT funnier when you have Mesa employee on stage 😉

  3. Just ordered it on DVD! Now I have something to do for the 50,000 miles of flying in the next six weeks!

  4. For those who live in the UK (or if you can pick up Sky 3 by hook or crook), its on at 22:00 on Sundays, Repeated during the week too.

    Wait till you get to the second season Lucky… you’ll meet some of the new victims of Fresh!…

    Although I *swear* I had Janice like CSD on a SEA-ORD leg once…

  5. Ugh, what have I done.

    Hey, I just introduced you to it…I didn’t hold a gun to your head and make you watch it hahahahaha. Glad you’re enjoying the show.

    Now, think about who (on FT or in real life) each character reminds you of 🙂

  6. Ben,
    Glad you like the show! I’ll save an extra glass of Krug for your next flight on Fresh! There’s talk of a re-union episode…with your good looks, perhaps they’d feature you as the “rookie” chap ‘fresh’ from the US (like I was, mate, in our first go at it)
    (Tom W.)

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