IHG Rewards Club Vegas Hotel Airfare Credit Promotion

IHG Rewards Club has a promotion for their Las Vegas hotels. It seems pretty lucrative, in that it offers an airfare credit when you make a stay at a Vegas IHG hotel, and then return later. The sooner you return, the bigger the airfare credit you get.


In theory the terms are pretty straightforward:

So little time, so much Las Vegas. Now you can do it all over again. As an IHG® Rewards Club member, we’re excited to offer you up to $350 off your return visit airfare to Las Vegas when you stay two nights or more at The Venetian® and The Palazzo®, an InterContinental Alliance® Resort. This is your chance to double down on Las Vegas and win. We’ve made it easy:

  • Register for the promotion before you book your first trip
  • Book a minimum of two nights with IHG between June 1 – August 30, 2014
  • After your first qualifying stay, you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to book your second stay with your earned flight credit up to $350
  • Book a minimum three-night return stay within 9 months to redeem your return airfare credit
  • Return within 3 months: $350 credit
  • Return within 3-6 months: $200 credit
  • Return within 6-9 months: $100 credit

Okay, fair enough — you register, you stay two nights at the Palazzo or Venetian, then you book a minimum of a three night stay at those properties within nine months, and you get an airfare credit.

But then I read the terms, and I don’t think they could be more complicated. Lets just look at some of the terms of the airline credit fulfillment:

1. You must register your Airline Credit Award at www.ActivateAward.com before using it. Only the person named on the Airline Credit Award notification email can register it and must be the traveler. The Airline Credit Award is non-transferable. Only one Airline Credit Award can be redeemed per hotel stay.

2. Your Airline Credit Award must be registered within 30 days of date of the Award notification email. Questions regarding this Airline Credit Award should be directed to [email protected], please include your product ID and serial number.

3.  Your Airline Credit Award entitles you to receive ONE excursion roundtrip airline ticket for travel between any major airport (an airport served by at least three major airlines) in the USA and Las Vegas, Nevada.  The base fare of the airline ticket provided by this promotion will be discounted according to the following schedule.  A return trip to Las Vegas that is completed within 90 days of Airline Credit Award registration will receive a maximum discount of $350. Return trips completed within 180 days of registration will receive a maximum discount of $200.  Return trips completed within 270 days of registration will receive a maximum discount of $100. In all cases, if the base fare exceeds maximum discount, the additional amount is the responsibility of the Award recipient. If the Award is redeemed for less than its full potential value, the Award holds no residual value for future travel.

4. The value of the Airline Credit Award will be applied to the base fare of the Airline Credit Award recipient’s ticket. Airline Credit Award recipient is also responsible for the following government taxes and fees, as applicable:  September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per enplanement at a U.S. airport (max $10.00 per RT). Passenger Facility Charges of up to $4.50 per segment (max $18.00 per RT). Segment Fee of $3.70 per segment. Ticket may include Federal Tax of 7.5% of the base fare.

5. Your return trip must include a minimum stay of three nights at Venetian or Palazzo, both located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Room rate will be calculated using the regular (non-promotional) rates posted on resort’s website at the time of booking. You are responsible for the cost of transportation between the airport and the hotel. Air travel and hotel stay dates must correspond.

6. The return trip (hotel and air) must be booked through ATG (CST# 2001330-10, Florida Seller of Travel Registration #35395) by calling the toll-free number provided when you register your Airline Credit Award.

7. 21-day advance booking is required. The office that will book your travel is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday, except holidays. To reach a travel agent during the hours the office is open, you may need to call more than 21 days prior to your intended departure date.

8. Upon issuance of airline tickets, passengers are subject to all rules and regulations of the issuing airline, including but not limited to refunds, exchanges, cancellations or changes of itinerary. The names of the passengers cannot be changed. Canceled tickets or changed itineraries are subject to a cancellation/change fee by the issuing airline and/or the travel agency. Do not book your trip until you are certain of your travel dates.

9. Taxes and fees on the airline ticket as well as the full cost of any additional tickets and hotel accommodations must be paid at the time of booking using a major credit card.

10. This program cannot be combined with any other promotional program.

11. ATG has sole discretion of air carrier selected. Travel may be either non-stop, direct or on flights that require changing airplanes. Flights will be roundtrip on a single carrier within the USA. No one-way, open jaw or circle trips.

Holy $hit, can I get a drink over here please?! And here I was thinking it would just be some sort of credit or something. Instead you have to jump through a bunch of hoops, including booking 21 days in advance, having them book your flights and hotel over the phone over Monday through Friday business hours, and you don’t get to choose your airline.

Thanks, but I’ll pass. Even among those that register and intend to take advantage of it, my guess is that the airline credit will only be fulfilled a tiny percentage of the time…

(Tip of the hat to Chris)

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  1. …and they proclaim “We’ve made it easy”
    Thanks IHG! Just imagine what it looked like before being simplified (PS – do they reimburse to have an attorney review the Terms?).

  2. Well, I suppose they will claim that their T&Cs are “easy” compared to, say, decoding ancient Egyptian texts or trying to get two premium award seats on ANA 😛

  3. I’ll bet a ride in an Etihad Residence Suite that ATG will charge you something over what you’d pay on the airline website or Orbitz/Expedia/whatever for those plane tickets.

    Anyone want to take that bet?


  4. @Lucky,

    So many Vegas posts, you should take a Vegas trip since living in hotels now and to get some extra cheap Hyatt nights at an MGM property. You do need to add some Vegas hotel reviews to your list. Plus, I think a little wild weekend for you is in order! 😉

  5. I have two trips to Vegas scheduled June 20 & July 9th. I was already planning on staying at the Palazzo. I’ve always recieved excellent service and amazing upgrades there with my Royal Ambassador status. So the credit will be lagniappe. I’m curious to see how it works out. I’ll let ya’ll know with a follow up comment.

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