Iberia Plus Offering 50% Off Award Redemptions

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Okay, the highlight of the Iberia Plus program was certainly last year when they offered a promotion for 90,000 Avios after booking 10 tickets.

For those who still have Iberia Plus Avios (or have access to them through other means, as I’ll discuss below), the program has just introduced a great promotion.

Iberia Plus is offering 50% off award redemptions ticketed through February 10, 2019:

  • This is valid for travel between February 1 and April 15, 2019
  • This is valid for economy, premium economy, and business class redemptions
  • This is only valid for travel on Iberia, and not for travel on any of their partner airlines
  • This is only valid for Iberia Plus members with accounts registered in Spain
  • There’s no promotion page, but rather you should see the discount automatically reflected if eligible

That Spain address requirement might seem like a major hurdle, though anecdotally if you change the address on file on your Iberia Plus account (it could be to a hotel or whatever), log out of your account, and log back in, you should find that you’re eligible for the promotion. At least that’s the case as of now for the accounts I manage.

For context, here’s the distance based Iberia Plus award chart for travel on Iberia (with peak and off-peak pricing):

One of the things that makes Iberia Plus better than British Airways Executive Club is that their carrier imposed surcharges for travel on Iberia are much lower than when booking through British Airways.

When it comes to earning Iberia Avios, there are a couple of practical ways to do so.

For one, you can transfer points directly from Amex Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, or Marriott Rewards, so this is a great use of points earned on an assortment of cards:

Earn Avios with many cards:

Furthermore, you can transfer points between British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus, but only if both accounts have been open for at least 90 days, and both accounts have had some sort of activity.

Bottom line

This promotion has the potential to be a spectacular deal. The one thing to note is that there’s not currently much business class award availability between the US and Spain, though otherwise this could be pretty useful, for travel regionally within Europe, to Africa, or for flights to Latin America.

Anyone considering taking advantage of this excellent Iberia Plus promotion?

(Tip of the hat to Travel With Massi)

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  1. Either they blocked the address update or my account has an issue. I click on personal details and it kicks me back to the login screen and says I can’t update my name.

  2. I can’t wait for the traveler who shows up at the airport and is asked for ID to confirm their Spanish address, and responds that a blogger told me to be deceitful about my address.

  3. Also, dont change your address because then you will not be able to transfer points back to BA since there will be a mismatch in address. I know you could in theory change it back, but I remember it being a hassle to change it back and forth to match my BA address.

  4. I was able yesterday to snag a RT Mad-JFK for 320€+5100 miles that seemed better value than 160eu in taxes+22500 miles

  5. I was able yesterday to snag a RT Mad-JFK in Premium Economy for 320€+5100 miles that seemed better value than 160eu in taxes+22500 miles

  6. * in premium economy

    I was able yesterday to snag a RT Mad-JFK in Premium Economy for 320€+5100 miles that seemed better value than 160eu in taxes+22500 miles

  7. Great deal at any time , let alone 50% off. I always fly ex Madrid, to JFK even though I’m in London. It’s a no brainer with the substantial, and I mean substantial, savings in ‘taxes ‘ to be made. Coupled with BA’s RFS to connect I save a small fortune every time.

  8. Can you confirm where it says that it must be a Spanish registered account as there is nothing on the T&C about it that I can see on the Spanish page.

  9. @Geoff, I agree, publish a FALSE own address to get a point redemption is similar to tax fraudsters that say they live in Monaco, but in the miserable way 🙂
    A bit cheap for someone that always say:
    ‘Krug or Dom?, what a choice!’

  10. No need to change your address, it appears. After logging in, on the language tab at the top of the home page change the country to Espana and the language to English (or Spanish, or Catalan, if you prefer). The promo then appears on the home page and the reduced award values appear on the flight calendar.

  11. JFK-Madrid economy tickets in March/April are going for less than $400 USD roundtrip on Iberia, not even worth transferring points to redeem. Might as well just pay the fare.

  12. OK, my two cents:

    First penny: Whoever is running the Iberia FF program should be fired with a cannon. From the buying 10 tickets brouhaha to this easily manipulated promo, a third grader has more brain cells.

    Numero dos: Yes, the game of points and miles are full of loopholes that people often take advantage of. But advising readers to change their address to one in Spain to game the system is beyond the gray area. This has the potential to cause serious repercussions such as getting membership cancelled.

    Lucky, I strongly suggest taking this entire post down. You probably don’t want the airline to come after you.

  13. I’m certainly not changing my address…I logged in as usual, and changed to the Spanish page, to English….and did a couple of dummy bookings….no problem. Whether having been a member since day one makes any difference I don’t know, but looking forward to our S American trip shortly, thanks to last year’s exceptional deal which my wife and I took part in.

  14. All the airlines have good deals at times I’d never want to travel (ie winter in Europe). Must be for business travelers.

  15. “Lucky, I strongly suggest taking this entire post down. You probably don’t want the airline to come after you.”

    Load of rubbish.

  16. So I purchased the groupon spanish avios points package for Iberia today bc all the blogs I’ve seen say you can only transfer BA points to Iberia AFTER you have had some activity in your acct but I can’t get any activity without flying…I tried to transfer my Amex points to Iberia but the last names don’t match on the two accts so I couldn’t find another way to get points into Iberia account and figured 54 euro was worth it bc I have a large BA balance that thus far has been useless in trying to get to Europe in biz class without paying nearly $3,000 in fees! Has anyone had any success with using this to transfer points from BA to Iberia Avios?

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