Awesome Deal: 25,500 Avios For A Transatlantic Business Class Flight On Iberia

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A few times a year Iberia seems to offer discounts on award tickets in select regions. They’re now back with a similar promotion, though it’s intended to promote their new online award search tool.

For bookings through March 18, 2018, the Iberia Plus program is offering 25% off economy awards between Spain and the Americas or Asia. The promotion is valid for travel this fall, between October 1 and December 15, 2018.

So if you were to book one of these awards you’d pay :

  • 12,750 Avios one-way in economy, and 25,500 Avios one-way in business class, if traveling between Madrid and Boston/Chicago/New York
  • 15,950 Avios one-way in economy, and 31,900 Avios one-way in business class, if traveling between Madrid and Miami

There are some surcharges on these tickets, but they’re minimal. A one-way economy ticket from the US to Madrid will cost you ~$90, while a one-way business class ticket from the US to Madrid will cost you ~$100.

This is a heck of a deal. Do note that the above is off-peak pricing, which applies during most of the period. The peak dates during the promotion period are November 7-11, 24-26, December 5-6, 11-15, so you’d pay more if traveling over those dates.

Before actually going through the process of using Iberia’s (annoying) website, I’d recommend using American’s website to search award availability, given that you can search availability for a month at a time. Just search availability from Boston, Chicago, Miami, or New York to Madrid, and select nonstop flights only. That will give you a sense of what availability is like.

As a reminder, British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus aren’t the same program, despite the fact that they both use Avios as their currency. So this promotion is only available through Iberia for travel on Iberia, and not through British Airways. Furthermore, it’s only valid if using Iberia’s annoying new award search function.

As Tiffany explained in a previous post, there are some things that make Iberia Avios unique, and fortunately they’re quite easy to accrue. You can transfer points directly from many of the major points currencies, so this is a great use of points earned on an assortment of cards:

Earn Avios with many cards:

You can also transfer points between British Airways Executive Club and Iberia Plus, but only if both accounts have been open for at least 90 days, and both accounts have had some sort of activity

Bottom line

Redeeming just 25,500 Avios for a transatlantic business class ticket is an excellent deal, as is redeeming 12,750 Avios for an economy ticket. Best of all, award availability is very good during the promotion period, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding availability. Iberia has a solid staggered business class product, which I’ve reviewed in the past.

This promotion can also be useful if you want to travel from Madrid to Asia, Central America, or South America.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Iberia’s excellent award sale?

(Tip of the hat to Ultima Llamada)

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  1. Iberia has the worst customer service I have seen. Last month, our flight IB 6888 was delayed for over 24 hours due to mechanical fault. The ground agents gave everyone claim form for compensation, but since then, Iberia has been using various excuses not to compensate. Looking through internet, Iberia is notorious for flight compensation.

  2. I was really hoping for a better redemption period. Last year they had a promotion which was valid for flights until throughout Spring until mid June. Do you think they will have that again?

  3. I just used this deal in March which I think is absolutely fantastic. Ord to Madrid brilliant. Customer service very tough to deal with although change fees very cheap!!

  4. Great deal but their website is kinda tedious. Screen captchas with every date change? Then it times out?

  5. I want to book this one-way to Madrid but I’m traveling with an infant child and the one-way Iberia fares are nearly $7K, 10% of that is not cheap.
    The roundtrip is half that price. I already have my return booked but I’m considering going rountrip on Iberia now.

  6. What/where is the new award search tool ? What I see is a tool that requires captcha validation for every date change, frequent timeouts, buggy airport/city field in the search and inability to search awards on non-Oneworld partners

  7. Can’t get the $#^&@ BA to Iberia transfer to work, from either site. Is it just me that is having this blasted issue?

  8. @Adam I found a date in October with the 25.5K Avios price for Business but a few days earlier it prices out at 37.5K per person.

  9. Dec 1-10, RT ORD/MAD Business 102000 avoid and $485, waiting for transfer from AmEx to Iberia book

  10. @Rob if you are UK/Ireland based and have an account, you can transfer points much more easily from Iberia to then to BA or vice versa (transfers are instant). The direct transfer is woefully unreliabile but I am (reliably) informed it is *possible*.

  11. Well that was good while it lasted. I’m not seeing any award space that works for me even if I managed to hack my way into Iberia’s site. In addition this wipes out much of the non-BA AA award space for the Fall for AA miles into Spain :i

  12. @lucky: are you aware that AA does not show the same availability as Iberia? E.g. Jul 29, MAD-BOS.

  13. I used your special Iberia link and search Chicago to Madrid on November 6th, it still showing 34000 Avios, have I missed anything?

  14. @Rob – I think there are some issues with BA transfer to Iberia or I have had issues trying to transfer from BA to Iberia the last couple days. I did a test by transferring Iberia to BA, they withdrew the point from Iberia but couldn’t credit into my BA and asked me to contact them to get the points added back, so don’t even try that. I tried a test on Iberia to Avios and that works fine too, but can’t do anything to and from BA, very frustrating!

  15. @Rob @Lucky: Lucky should do a post ranking the awfulness of airline award booking sites. Like seriously :).

    Other anecdotes you can include: BA upgrade fiasco of 2017 when they reversed dates for US searches? Lifemiles failed update last year that was rolled back over a week later?

  16. I found flights, but the pricing on Iberia is not showing the discount. (granted, I don’t have any Avios in the account right now. Tips?

  17. What have people seen as the time frame for transferring AmEx MR to Avios? This would be the first time I am flying with Iberia, my fear is that I initiate the transfer, and the reward availability will be gone.

  18. @Dan I initiated a transfer yesterday. After the transfer it says it can take up to 4 days.
    I keep checking every several hours to see if they post early. So far, the flight I’m trying to book is still available. I’ll comment again when the points post to give everyone an exact data point.

  19. Any way to know which of the Iberia MAD-JFK frequencies will get the A359 and the starting date? Tempted to book one in November 2017, but only want if it will be the new A359.

  20. Does this work for premium economy? Doesn’t seem like it.

    Even for economy i’m not seeing that it works – 37k R/T JFK-MAD? What am i doing wrong

  21. Dec 1-10, RT ORD/MAD Business 102000 avios and $485, waiting for transfer from AmEx to Iberia book

  22. @Giao Sadly, I am based in US. I was able to transfer couple times previously, so not sure what the issue is this time. Even the BA CS wasn’t able to process the transfer so YMMV.

  23. Giao, I had the same problem. Turns out they won’t transfer points until you have had activity on Iberia. I even tried moving some UR points to Iberia, and that didn’t work. Then they said if you don’t fly with them for activate your account, you have to buy points directly from that.

    I was booked on a 1 way from Lisbon to LAX but I ended up canceling. They always route through Madrid; the flight arrived almost at midnight and took off in the morning. I was originally told they would get us a hotel for free, but i was never able to confirm that or figure out how to arrange it. And if I was stopping over in Madrid I’d rather have gove a day earlier and checked out the city. They really need to clarify that overnight hotel thing.

    BTW I could never find anything on there website. It was actually someone great at BA who found it for me, but then I booked it direct for less Avios.

  24. MR to Iberia Plus transfer data point.

    My transfer posted tonight, it took about 30 hours.
    That’s not that long but due to so many people booking these awards right now, I had to settle for my 3rd choice of dates (for 2 seats).

    Not every Business Class seat prices out at 25.5K but I still see availability.

  25. Ben, your blackout dates are wrong. Frequent miler has the correct ones. I did get it booked once I knew the correct dates.

  26. The promotion is shown valid for all US residents (dosent matter if they are new) in all classes to MAD. It may not appear in the new seeker (if your are new) but should actually be in the old one

    is 25% off in all routes USA-MAD of US residents

  27. I just tried New York-Madrid return in business class for a random November 2018 week and got a price of 126,000 Avios for TWO people plus fees of $437.16

    That strikes me as excellent since — for example Lufthansa — charges close to that for one person in business class — so almost 2-for-1.

  28. Managed to get two seats, JFK-MAD in biz Nov 21-27 for 102K avios and 352 euros in taxes and fees. Not bad since AA would charge 115K miles for one person. Thanks for flagging this. Oh, and comments on a lot of the other chatter, could not get the BA to Iberia transfer to work, which meant I couldn’t use the ~20K BA avios I already had. Thankfully, I had plenty of Chase points to transfer directly, but it’s still annoying, and that was even after 20 minutes on the phone with BA. Also, yes, Iberia’s website does suck, but for the search I did not have to do a captcha at all. The only annoying thing was each time I clicked a new day in the search to see availability it reset both the outbound and return. I actually preferred it to AA’s search, but YMMV.

  29. Has anyone else had big delays when sending Membership Rewards points to Iberia? I initiated a transfer on Friday, and it still hasn’t posted (today is Tuesday). Did a transfer from Chase, and it was instant.

  30. Iberia seems to have increase their price for award bookings.
    MAD-MIA in business class is 62.5K Avios ( same price as Flying Blue )
    Economy is 35K Avios
    Seems like the sweet spot is gone now

  31. Anybody knows the discrepancy between Qantas, BA site Vs AA Site for Iberia award flights?

    Given dates, I’m seeing two Biz seats available from JFK to MAD in Qantas, BA sites but no seat is available in AA site. I Called AA award and two reps said there are none. 3rd representative found the available seat, but only 1 seat available.

    a few days later, I tried again for the available flights in Qantas and BA where I can see 1-2 business availability, but when I call AA, they said there are none available. How I can find available Iberia Seat via AA miles?

  32. I cannot find change fee for award/avios tickets on Iberia; anyone know cost?
    Worst website ever. Thanks

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