I want to give Glenn Tilton a big hug!

You won’t hear me saying that very often, but it seems like United has finally woken up, and no, it’s not April 1, I already checked the calendar. Based on this WSJ article, United is considering a huge order of up to 150 planes.

I gotta hand it to United for this one. They might be crazy enough to hedge oil at a $120+/barrel, but they sure know when to buy planes! This has long been my biggest complaint when it comes to the short sightedness of the current management team, so at the very least I can scratch that complaint off my list.

I can’t wait to see what United picks up at the garage sale.

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  1. Given that UA outsources all their RJ flying, I doubt we’ll see any of those. I’m guessing they’ll want to slowly replace their 747s, 757s, and 767s, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a longhaul aircraft replacement (like the 787 or 77W) as well as a domestic aircraft replacement (maybe some fancy new 737).

  2. With all the investment they’ve just put into the 747 and 767, i don’t see them going away in the next 8-10 years.

  3. @Sam: well, frankly they aren’t likely to get their hands on a A350 or a 787 in any number for the next 8-10 years either.

    Right now, probably the only aircraft that they could get (for a relative) song would be the big boys, either 748s or A380s. Airbus is desperate to crack the North American VLA market and United is probably their only shot. Boeing is just desperate for any VLA customers. And who knows – maybe the new biz/first seats are transferrable? Just rip them out and throw them in the new birds.

  4. Oh please, please, please let it be some A380s to Asia!! Pretty please! I’ll take back everything I ever said about you, Glenn!

  5. This is great, I just wish the FT thread was not such an exageration. No planes have been ordered.

  6. I am glad to hear this news, as it is about time. I gather UA would examine the 787 and the 748. The A380 is an excellent plane, but many airports are unable to accomodate its size.

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  8. Somehow I think that they will need to replace the ANCIENT 757’s before anything else – I think 737-900’s fit that bill. Also since they are retiring all of their “old” 737’s maybe those need replaced as well. Has anyone actually ordered ANY passenger 748’s from boeing? Boeing might be really desperate to unload some of those, but doesn’t seem to fit the profile of the planes United needs to replace most desperately. I hope they dont’ buy any more airbuses. It’s would be really sad if they did given United’s history of formerly being boeing’s own airline. Same goes for the pratt and whitney engines they haven’t been buying (except on the 777’s)

  9. I hope they get the 787 and 748 to replace the 757/767 and the 744s. I mostly agree with “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going” for the widebodies, since the 747 has proven that it can survive pulling 5G’s, albeit with slight damage. On a more superficial note, the A380 just looks too ugly IMHO…

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