I love AwardWallet.com!

Yeah, I’m way behind on this one, tell me about it. I’m not much into technology if there’s an otherwise easy way to keep track of things. Last year I posted about my frustration with tracking miles and points. Little did I know there were sites out there that could help with tracking them for free. I started using MilePort.com but eventually gave up. While it was somewhat useful, it didn’t cover enough programs and often couldn’t update the balances in some accounts. A tracking tool is rather worthless to me if it’s not complete, since I’ll have to worry about which program is updating correctly and which isn’t.

Just recently I discovered AwardWallet.com, which I now use religiously. What impresses me most about the website is how many different programs it tracks, and also the ability to track multiple accounts of the same program, making it easy to keep track of the miles of family members. Anyway, I don’t need any fancy stuff, but I’ve found this to be really, really useful. I no longer suffer from checking all my balances 100 times a day. Now I just check AwardWallet.com ten times a day. 😉

And what’s most frightening to me is my current balance between all programs:

Now I realize that’s nothing compared to many of you, but I’m an earner and burner. Having miles and points sitting around is like having money in a bank account not collecting any interest. They devalue over time, so my goal is always to have the lowest balance possible. So I guess that means it’s time to start burning, which I have no problem doing! 😀

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  1. I, too, just finally got around to doing this about 2-3 weeks ago, and now I check all my balances only twice per day instead of the 1,000 log-ins! This frees up extra time to obsess over some other travel-related thing! 🙂

  2. They’re really responsive, when a website changes format they update their system quickly so it doesn’t fail. They’ve added programs at my (and other users’) request. I think the bottom-line total feature was also at my request, at least I requested it and then they added it. Very responsive!

    A little slower than Miletracker, but I’ll take it in exchange for the reliability.

    I don’t really use their TripIt-style features of trip management, but it’s an interesting concept as well.

  3. Interesting tool, but can’t say I am too keen to provide all my account numbers and passwords to them. One data breach could be very very bad news for the Gopherblue household.

  4. In regards to “One data breach could be very very bad news for the Gopherblue household.” we allow you to store all of your passwords locally on your PC, so if you are concerned about that stuff feel free to not store your passwords with us, it would pretty much rule out completely any risks associated with hackers.

    Co-owner of AwardWallet.com

  5. When clicking the link of suggested sites in IE8, a link to award wallet appears, so it looks like IE8 offers users the potential for links to good sites.

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